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Sep 30, 2022

[Sweatcoin] Summary of how to receive SWEAT! Introducing necessary settings and apps

SWEAT of Sweatcoinbut finallyToken will be issued on September 13thwill be In addition,Launchpad at DAO Maker is also scheduled for…

Sep 29, 2022

[2022 M2E] What is Sweatcoin? Thorough explanation of how to install the app

Move to Earn app from London, UK, Sweatcoin. From around 2021, it became popular with the popularity of STEPN, but…

Sep 28, 2022

Sweatcoin reveals $SWEAT tokenomics

The move-to-earn app "Sweatcoin" has released part of the $SWEAT Tokenomics.

Sep 27, 2022

Latest in September! 5 Blockchain Games Recommended by GuildQB

A Play-to-Earn model game that has been a hot topic for several years. As the name suggests, it is characterized…

Sep 10, 2022

[Updated in August 2022] What is the much-talked-about Wing of Misadventure? Easy-to-understand explanation of how to get started and NFT

Wing of Misadventureis an MMORPG modeled after the world of Allyson SB's Misadventure. Making full use of characters such as…

Sep 9, 2022

[STEPN] Announcing development on LINE Blockchain! !

The popular Move to Earn app "STEPN" has announced that it will be developed on the LINE blockchain . It…