• Aug 30, 2022

[GENSOKISHI ONLINE] Introducing how to proceed efficiently in the early stages and how to collect mROND in preparation for the open beta

Details of the Gensokyo ONLINE Open Beta were released on August 15th, and some people say, "I want to hit the start!" If the game doesn't progress well, it doesn't motivate you. Therefore,Knowing how to proceed in the early stages and how to collect mRONDbecomes important. I have cleared all the closed beta quests and am now working on leveling. In this article, I'm sharing the know-how I've built up over the years for people who want to efficiently capture the early stages! By reading to the endMake a difference with the surroundings for the open betacan do. It's all about information that is worth knowing, so please take a look!

  • May 29, 2022

Dracoo Master Hosts First IDO Sale

Dracoo Master, the next generation Axie Infinity, is holding its first IDO sale on April 20. A $5 million DRA is available for IDOs, priced at $0.1 BUSD.

  • May 24, 2022

Blockchain Game Defina, Bi-Weekly Report Summary [4/1-4/15]

Online blockchain game Defina has released its bi-weekly report for April 1 - April 15. The report includes the following.  80,000th Hero NFT Created  Preview about Finaverse Land  Defina and Polygon collaboration officially announced  Defina Team Hosts AMA in Two Languages 



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