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Jan 5, 2023

Is this really M2E? I played the beta version of DEFY!

On December 14th, DEFY, a move-to-earn app, launched in beta. In 2022, various STEPN-like M2Es were released, but DEFY is…

Aug 31, 2022

[Roman Frame] What is Crypto Unicorns? I will introduce the game without Japanese information in a little depth.

Speaking of horse games, many came out, and Crypo Unicorns is one of them. The official game genre is Digital…

Aug 30, 2022

[GENSOKISHI ONLINE] Introducing how to proceed efficiently in the early stages and how to collect mROND in preparation for the open beta

Details of the Gensokyo ONLINE Open Beta were released on August 15th, and some people say, "I want to hit…

May 29, 2022

Dracoo Master Hosts First IDO Sale

Dracoo Master, the next generation Axie Infinity, is holding its first IDO sale on April 20. A $5 million DRA…

May 24, 2022

Blockchain Game Defina, Bi-Weekly Report Summary [4/1-4/15]

Online blockchain game Defina has released its bi-weekly report for April 1 - April 15. The report includes the following. …