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Latest in September! 5 Blockchain Games Recommended by GuildQB

Sep 27, 2022

A Play-to-Earn model game that has been a hot topic for several years.

As the name suggests, it is characterized by “playing and earning”.

Certainly, it’s a dream story that you can get assets just by playing games for fun.

but still it is also true that you can see Voices of dissatisfaction such as “I can earn money but the game is not fun …” “The game is low”.

So this time, GuildQB carefully selected 5 games! “A fun blockchain game to play”

If you haven’t come across an interesting game so far, be sure to watch until the end!

[Full 3D Fantasy RPG] Stella Fantsy

Stella Fantsy is a fantasy RPG featuring real-time battles and full 3D.

According to the official, this game is classified as “Premium Character Collectible NFTRPG”,It is said that it will provide Highly polished gameplay with premium quality characters.

Actually, the game hasn’t been released yet, but it’s already showing its popularity with more than 13,000 followers on Twitter.

The goal is to “provide a well-made P2E game”

The reason why it was ranked as a really interesting game is that this game was developed with the goal of “I want to provide a well-made P2E game.”

Below is the foreword to the white paper.

NFT games are an advanced paradigm that allows players to own the rights and value of games, and are content that can be a powerful solution to various problems arising from conventional games.

However, many NFT games on the market today consider the “game” itself insufficient.

We aim to break away from the outdated graphics and overly simplistic gameplay mechanics that are prevalent in the existing NFT game market, and pursue a more complete and full-fledged game.

This is exactly the kind of game you need right now!

game flow

The game content is divided into three parts.

  • town management
  • battle
  • NFT Craft

town management

By owning private land, players Create NFTs, progress the main story, and acquire various resources

It is unknown whether private land will be NFT, but it may be possible for everyone to own it because it is related to character development and main story progress.


On the other hand, in battle, It seems that Battle each trained character and receive governance tokens etc. as rewards.

In addition to tokens, you can get items necessary for the game such as crafting materials.

There seems to be something worth raising for the characters.

NFT Craft

At the end, Crafting NFTs can be done by consuming resources from private land and rewards that can be obtained in the dungeon “Abyss Rifts”.

Crafted NFTs can be traded through the market or invested in your own team.

Various other functions are planned to be implemented, so if you are interested, please check the official website !

[Tactical card game] Castle Crush

Castle Crush is a blockchain game for mobile with over 75 million total downloads.

the player is While protecting your own castle, summon monsters called minions with cards to attack enemy castles.

Since the game is not turn-based, players will have to change their card choices and develop strategies according to the situation at the time.

All card types 68 types (as of writing)!

Make a deck with 14 cards while making a strategy and build the strongest deck!

game rules

There are two types of cards used in the game.

  • Minion card: A card that summons a monster
  • Spellcard: Cards that take effect immediately

When minions are summoned to the field, they will start moving toward the enemy’s castle.

If you reach the enemy’s castle as it is, it will cause great damage to the enemy, If there are enemy minions standing in your way, you must fight them.

On the other hand, spell cards can be used to destroy enemy minions or restore friendly minions. Cards that can change the tide of battle.

A new card is dealt every 7 to 10 seconds.

Players can hold up to 6 cards,Cards drawn with 6 cards will be burnedTherefore, it is recommended to put it on the field as soon as possible!

[Original P2E] Axie Infinity

It’s no exaggeration to say that everyone who plays blockchain games knows Axie Infinity!

A popular blockchain game from Vietnam released in 2018, and in 2021, when it became a boom, some people in Southeast Asia began to say that they were making a living from Axie Infinity alone.

In March of this year, we released an alpha version of Axie Infinity: Origin, a completely different game.

On August 12th, we announced Season 0, which will be the official release.

I want to read together

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Difference between old Axie Infinity and Origin

You can still play the previous Axie Infinity, but Origin is recommended for beginners and those who don’t want to spend the initial cost!

The difference is as follows.

oldAxie InfinityAxie Infinity: Origin
Initial cost3 Axies (hundreds of thousands to millions of yen)Distribute Starter Axie (free)
Axie partsMouth, dorsal fin, horn, tailMouth, dorsal fin, horn, tail, eyes, ears
card selectionsimultaneousalternate turn system
Energy and cardscarry over to the next turnreset every turn
critical hitcan benone

like this, a lot Became beginner friendly impression.

especially No more critical hitsandNo longer need to have an Axie first It’s a big point, too.

There are plenty of other elements that are different from before, such as the introduction of rune charms and design changes!

If you are thinking of starting Axie, we recommend Origin!

Axie Infinity: Origin Game Flow

Players must first organize 3 Axies.

It doesn’t matter which way you place them, but since the first (rightmost) Axie will attack you, we recommend placing the Axie with the highest health first.

Once the opponent is decided, First attack and second attack are decided at random.

Unfavorable Gives 1 energy to the player who attacks second will be

Once you have all the cards in your hand, the battle begins!

When you take a card out of your hand, Axie will act immediately.

When the turn ends, press the “end turn” button to endplease.

Reset cards and energyand the next turn begins!

It’s a little different from Axie Infinity, but the bad parts have been improved, and it’s pretty easy to play.

Whether you have played before or are a beginner, why not give it a try?

[Simple Brain Battle] BattleTabs

BattleTabs is an addictive blockchain game.

Compete in games of ingenuity like Minesweeper.

The number of Twitter followers is still about 200, and it seems that the popularity is still low, but it seems that the number of downloads itself has exceeded 1 million times.

game flow

When the BattleTabs start, first place your ship in your base.

This placement is invisible to the enemy.

Quote: Twitter

and Fire alternately with a turn-based cannon However, the placement of the opponent’s ship is no longer visible from here.

in short, Using the ship’s special abilities, guess the location of the opponent’s ship, fire the cannon, and attack accurately. There is a need!

Quote: Twitter

If all the ships sink, you lose.

It seems like a fairly simple rule, but when I actually played it, I had the impression that it was quite difficult.

Recommended for those who like Minesweeper games that use their brains!

NFT trading card

Although not yet released, the ship will be issued as an NFT card.

Each card seems to have a rarity, but the details are unknown.

It seems that it can be used for various purposes, such as creating special skins and exhibiting in a 3D sandbox.

In addition, the BattleTabs card is also a great feature that you can build it as you like without any operational restrictions.

For example, if you have an idea for a new game, you can use the same “shared card database” that the management uses!

In other words, it seems that you can also enjoy it by holding tournaments.

There are still a lot of announcements to be made, so I don’t know if it will make money, but it’s a pretty fun game to play!

[Featured MMORPG] Ninokuni: Cross Worlds

Ninokuni: Cross Worlds, aka Ninokuro, is a game that Guild QB can confidently recommend as “fun”!

What you can do in this game

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Raising and battling monsters called Familiar
  • Strengthening Weapons and Armor
  • strengthening one’s skills
  • character makeup
  • Upbringing of vehicles (pets)

etc., are very diverse.

Of course, you can also enjoy the story!

In the first place, the original game is a Japanese version called “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds”, A very popular MMORPG game that has sold 101.3 million dollars in 11 days since its release.

Until now, there have been many blockchain games that weren’t fun, but I think we can expect more from this game.

Magnificent view of the world & beautiful graphics

after all Beautiful scenery and graphics However, it is a big feature of Nino Kuro.

Just looking at the preview will draw you in.

The story begins when the main character enters a VR (virtual reality) game.

At first glance, it seemed as if I was in a game, but gradually I realized that I was actually in another real world…

story toowith full voiceSo, you can enjoy it while watching.

Moreover, Ghibli is cooperating in the production of characters and music!

If you like Ghibli, I recommend playing it once!

I want to read together

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These are the 5 games recommended by Guild QB that are fun to play!

Whether the game is fun or not is more important than whether it makes money or not.

The games I introduced are all fun, and I’m sure that anyone will be addicted to them once they play them.

Get started and find the game that suits you!


Stella Fantsy:
Castle Crush:
Axie Infinity:
https: //

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