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  • Nov 23, 2022

What is “Earth From Another Sun”?

The Web3 version demo play will start in October 2022, and the quality is extremely high and interesting! and the much-talked-about Play and Earn game, Earth From Another Sun (EFAS). This time, I will explain what kind of game this game is, what makes it interesting, and how to participate in the demo play, which is a little difficult to start!

  • Nov 11, 2022

[Play to Earn] Recommended trading card games (TCG) that you can play for free

There are many TCG (Trading Card Game) type projects in Play to Earn. Unlike the conventional TCG, the TCG type Play to Earn has the cards used in the game converted into NFTs, and it is common to earn money by buying and selling these NFTs. There are games that can not be played without purchasing paid NFTs, but there are also TCG-type Play to Earn projects that can be played for free. This time, we will feature the recommended TCG-type Play to Earn that you can play for free, so be sure to watch until the end.

  • Nov 1, 2022

BCG version of EFT (Tarkov)!? Summary of FPS “SHRAPNEL” !!

The quality of the graphics was so high that even BCG (blockchain games) had come this far, and the voices of admiration continued! SHRAPNEL is a topic that the content written in the white paper has something in common with Tarkov, which is famous as a hardcore FPS . In this article, we will thoroughly explain the outline of SHRAPNEL and how to earn money!

  • Oct 31, 2022

Zaif INO to hold first NFT sale

On the 26th of October, Kaika Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaika Financial) announced information on the Chain Colosseum Phoenix Genesis NFT (non-fungible token) pre-sale information. Chain Colosseum Phoenix's Genesis NFT "Summoning Book" will be released at the NFT marketplace "Zaif INO", which is scheduled to open soon and specializes in primary sales of blockchain game NFTs. Zaif INO supports multi-chains and is expected to be used for projects at the time of launching new NFTs and scaling up. It is said that the quality is guaranteed because it is a pre-screening system. Chain Colosseum Phoenix is ​​a Web3 (decentralized web) game app that incorporates Game-Fi (game + finance) elements. It is a product developed by METAVERSE.INC in the Philippines, which has received an official grant from the game-specific blockchain Oasys.

  • Oct 27, 2022

[AxieOrigins] Summary of important news pick-ups

AxieCon, the world competition, has ended, and AxieGreat excitement like never beforeI showed I think there are many people who started Axie after AxieCon. So this timeNotable Recent Newssummarized. Highlights of the latest newsPartially picked up and understood in a short timeIt is now possible. Please read all the way to the end, as all the information is essential for playing the game. Points of this article Axie's October Development Update Is Now Available Esports Grant 3 released! $2 million in prize money Google Cloud Officially Approved as Ronin Network Validator

  • Oct 21, 2022

Kyrie & Terra experience! It was amazing when you actually played the alpha version!

The alpha version of Kyrie & Terra, another world blockchain game that GuildQB is also paying attention to, has finally started. NFT holders can participate only. This time, we will explain how to apply for the alpha version and the impressions of playing it, with screenshots. I also manually investigated about Relationship between Celestia and dice, so please take a look to the end.

  • Oct 7, 2022

[5 million downloads] What is the popular P2E “OniGiri”?

Currently, a P2E project called OniGiri (OniGiri Metaverse) is attracting attention. Onigiri Metaverse is the Metaverse version of the MMORPG "Onigiri" with 5 million downloads . The official game release is expected in 2023, with NFT Mint scheduled for July 22, 2022.

  • Oct 6, 2022

Web3 Gaming Company Immutable Launches $500 Million Developer and Venture Investment Fund

Australia-based Web3 game company Immutable has announced the launch of a $500 million developer and venture investment fund . The funds will be used to support the launch of Web3 games and NFT-specific products on the Ethereum Layer 2 platform "Immutable X". This year's fund is divided into two categories: "venture" and "grant". "Venture" established an investment fund in partnership with BITKRAFT, Animoca, Airtree, King River, GameStop, etc. Applicants who successfully build a product based on IMX are eligible for additional investment opportunities.



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