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[Sweatcoin] Summary of how to receive SWEAT! Introducing necessary settings and apps

Sep 30, 2022

SWEAT of Sweatcoinbut finallyToken will be issued on September 13thwill be

In addition,Launchpad at DAO Maker is also scheduled for September 5th.

But did you know that you have to do something to receive SWEAT?

This time, we will introduce the following contents about SweatCoin!

  • Overview of SWEAT
  • Preparing to receive SWEAT
  • Launchpad dates by DAO Maker

table of contents

SWEAT will be distributed on 9/13!

Until now, Sweatcoin only had the ability to collect in-game tokens.

I want to read together

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For a long time, I didn’t know how much I could earn by walking.SWEAT’s token issuance has finally been decided!

TGE (Token Generation Event) on September 13th… apparently …

At that time, it turned out that the in-game tokens that users had accumulated so far and SWEAT would be exchanged at a rate of 1:1.

The 1:1 rate was also stated as follows.

By all means, please get 1 SWEAT with the sweatcoin you have at TGE.

This 1:1 ratio will not happen again.

It seems that many users are looking forward to it because it is the first and last chance to get it at this rate.

It has also been revealed that a token sale will be held at DAO Maker on September 5th.

[September 13] Receiving procedure

In order to receive SWEAT at TGE, the following seems to be necessary.

  • Sweatcoin app
  • Sweat Wallet app

Moreover, it is said that these two applications must be linked.

If you don’t know, please follow the steps below and let us work together!

Authenticate with the Sweatcoin app

First, look for a banner like the one in the Sweatcoin app.

Once you find the banner, click “Sign up to claim”.

Then, the characteristics of SWEAT will be displayed, so please scroll to the right.

When you get to the last screen, enter your email address.

Check your email, put the code in the app, and you’re done with the Sweatcoin app!

Next, let’s download the Sweat Wallet app from the “Download the app” button on the completed screen!

Download Sweat Wallet

Once downloaded, click “Login with sweatcoin”.

Then the Sweatcoin application will automatically open and “Approve login” will be displayed, so tap it.

If you see a screen like this, you’re done!

In a Sweatcoin Twitter post,“TGE requires you to download the Sweat Wallet”So let’s finish it before September 13th.

How long SWEAT is locked

The official article states that the SWEATs to be distributed are rock drops.

The airdrop is really a ‘lockdrop’: the majority of the tokens will not be liquid, but unlock bit by bit over time.

For the TGE tokens:

・10% will be liquid at TGE
・90% will unlock linearly over the following 24 months

Quote: Supply of SWEAT

Airdrops are actually “rock drops”. Most of the tokens are not liquid and will be unlocked little by little over time.

For TGE tokens:

10% unlocked with TGE
90% unlocked over the next 24 months

Quote: Supply of SWEAT

90% will be locked, so it seems that it will not be all about selling.

Please check this image for other assignments and locks.

[September 5th] SWEAT token sale

On September 5th, the SWEAT launchpad will be held at DAO Maker.

This time, for DAO Maker, it will be the first time to do it with the completely different “Fusion system” than before.

As the name suggests, the Fusicon system combines two types of SHO.

  • Public SHO
  • Guaranteed allocations DAO SHO 

This time Sweatcoin will be allocated $1,000,000 to each.

Public SHO

Start 05. 09. 12:00 UTC
Winners announcement till 09. 09. 18:00 UTC 
Collection (FCFS) start: 10. 09. 12:00 UTC
Raise: $1,000,000

Guaranteed allocations DAO SHO

Start 06. 09. 12:00 UTC
Deadline: 08. 09. 12:00 UTC
Raise: $1,000,000 

Click here for the new mechanism .


Sweatcoin: Top 3 fitness app in the Google and App Store with 100M users to launch on DAO Maker!
Supply of SWEAT


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