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[Updated in August 2022] What is the much-talked-about Wing of Misadventure? Easy-to-understand explanation of how to get started and NFT

Sep 10, 2022

What is Wing of Misadventure?

Wing of Misadventureis an MMORPG modeled after the world of Allyson SB’s Misadventure.

Making full use of characters such as knights and wizards,

  • Capture a dungeon with monsters
  • Compete with other players
  • Form a guild and join the battle

It is a game that combines various battle elements such as.

nameWing of Misadventure
game releasePre-release (but the non-P2E version is playable on Steam )
chainBNB chain
token$ MISAD / $ TAMAS
Official site
Official Twitter

Three features of Wing of Misadventure

Development track record since 2015 [Steam version is also available]

actually A game that has been developed since 2015

So, until now, it’s been a normal game that’s not P2E.

Games that have been in development since 2015 and announced in 2020 can still be played on Steam .


It can be said that it is a big feature of this game that it is an existing game with a long development track record.

[Prohibition of Pay to Win] Games that users can enjoy even if they are free


Wing of MisadventureProhibits “Pay to Win”.

In other words, the more you pay, the more you can get strong items and characters, eliminating the system that allows you to win.

In addition , we aim to build a Play to Earn ecosystem that both free and paid players can enjoy .

[Metaverse] In the future, we plan to build MISAD blockchain and develop multiple game titles


In the white paper develop multiple game titles in the future is written that it will build a metaverse that can freely come and go.

At that time, we are planning to build an ecosystem based on the $MISAD token, and we expect that the MISAD blockchain, which is a future plan, will also be involved here.

This project is expected to expand in the future.


I am also grateful that the white paper is available in Japanese!

How to start Wing of Misadventure / Gameplay

Playing the game is not yet released . The alpha test is scheduled to be released at the end of 2022.

Let’s take a look at what we know so far!

to play first Avatar Choose.

Currently, only three types of avatars are released, but looking at past works, avatars are likely to increase further.


Each avatar has 8 skills, 3 passive skills.


One of the charms is that the characters are cute!

Basically, you can play for free, but you can expand your options by using NFT, which will be described later.

[PVE Mode] Advance the story and defeat monsters!

In PVE, as you advance the story, you will defeat monsters and get items.

It’s a familiar system for those who have played existing games, such as strengthening the character with the items you got.

You can also pay $MISAD tokens to enter “dungeons” where you can get NFT and $MISAD.

[PVP mode] Battle with other players and guilds!

Currently, the following four types of PVP modes are assumed.

4 PVP modes

  • guild vs guild
  • faction vs faction
  • limaiTournament
  • companion vs companion

Guilds vs. Guilds:
Guilds can now be created by paying $MISAD and earning rewards from your land.

You will also be attacked by dungeon monsters and other guilds, so you will need to replenish your defense members accordingly.

Faction VS Faction : There are two factions
in this world, “Lillia” and “Toros”, and battles between factions will also unfold.

It is important to note that players from opposing factions will not be able to “join the same party” or “join the same guild”.

If you want to play with a friend or team, be careful with this faction selection.


However, it seems that you can change the faction by paying $ MISAD, so it is safe there.

3:3 player-to-player matches with rewards for top ranking players.

Companion vs Companion :
This is a battle mode between pets. Details are yet to be revealed.

3 types of NFTs (+α) from Wing of Misadventure

There are mainly three NFTs in Wing of Misadventure.

  1. Divine Remnant
  2. goddess equipment
  3. land

Let’s take a look at each.

① Divine Remnant


Divine Remnants are lifeforms that represent the will of gods and pets.

By owning it, you can enter the dungeon where NFT and $MISAD drop.

7 Remnant Elements

  1. fire
  2. water
  3. soil
  4. Wind
  5. light
  6. darkness
  7. beast

In addition, there are 4 types of rarity, and the drop probability of NFT and $MISAD will change accordingly.

raretwenty five%

Since the probability of the bonus fluctuates, it may be advantageous to have a rare or higher.

② Land: Land NFT


Land NFTs can grow fruits, raise pets, and fight monsters.

Advantages of holding land

  • Player visits always generate resources
  • Pet breeding training, NFT pet acquisition
  • Acquiring fruit, plants, food, and other types of crafting materials
  • Earning $MISAD

Also, the holder of the rand “defensive battle” will also be required.

Other players will attack, so place your own Remnant to defend.

The land in this case acts as a dungeon, but this land is customizable by the user.

In other words, landholders can also enjoy themselves as content creators for games.

There are four types of a rarity in the land, and the size also changes depending on the rarity. The larger the size, the more resources you can mine.

raritysize bonus

③Goddess equipment

The details of the goddess equipment have not been disclosed, but it seems that users can make non-NFT items in the game NFT by paying $ MISAD.

+④Misadventure Souls


This is an exclusive NFT avatar with various benefits.

Benefits of Souls

  • In-game bonus
  • Possibility of becoming an airdrop target in the future
  • Access to alpha and closed beta versions

A free Giveaway was also being held at the time of writing.


The access right is hot, so I definitely want to get it!

Tokenomics of Wing of Misadventure ($MISAD/$TAMAS)

There are two types of tokens in this game, “$MISAD” and “$TAMAS”.



$MISAD has a total supply of 35,000,000 tokens.
The distribution is as follows.

20%Development team
35%Play to Earn
14.90%ecosystem fund
5.1%initial liquidity
Ten%white list

Use Case

  • Purchase an item at the Wing Shop
  • Registration for championships and events
  • Fee for entering the dungeon where NFT is rewarded
  • Staking and Earning Rewards
  • Token usage in other games in the future
  • Such

Each $MISAD transaction will incur a 3% commission and will be burned.



This is a token with an unlimited total supply, and can be obtained by defeating monsters in the game.

Use Case

  • equipment repair
  • equipment upgrade
  • character upgrades
  • Various fees
  • Guild creation cost
  • Such

This is used as an in-game token for various functions.

I wonder how the price will change.

Wing of Misadventure Roadmap


The token sale has already started, and the staking function will be implemented from now on.

The game will have a closed beta in Q3 of this year, and an open beta in Q4.

It looks like you can actually start playing the game this year!

We also plan to build the Misad blockchain in the future.

It was not written on the roadmap, so it must be a goal after 2023.

We plan to use $MISAD tokens as a gas fee, and aim to provide a platform that allows game developers to customize their own.

Wing of Misadventure Update: About Staking

On Medium published on July 28, there was an announcement about the staking of “$ MISAD” and “NFT”.

$ MISAD staking

By staking $MISAD, you can earn $MISAD before the game is implemented. APY will fluctuate depending on the number of stakes and the market.

Remnant Staking


You can stake the NFT Remnant and get $MISAD rewards.

The number of items that can be acquired depending on the rarity changes as follows.

rarity$ MISAD/day
common2.5$ MISAD/day

land staking

Similar to Remnants, staking Land NFTs will also reward you.

rarity$ MISAD/day
common14.4 $MISAD/day
Divine104.2$ MISAD/day

Wing of Misadventure Links

Official site:
Twitter: wingofmisad

Guide to GuildQB Discord

GuildQB’s Disocord provides the latest information.

Join here ↓↓↓

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