Sweatcoin reveals $SWEAT tokenomics

The move-to-earn app “Sweatcoin” has released part of the $SWEAT Tokenomics.

The unique token $SWEAT will be issued on NEAR on September 13th of this year.

Points of this article

  • $SWEAT Tokenomics Released
  • Utilities such as rewards and staking
  • Buy & Burn details coming soon

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Users can get rewards by staking $SWEAT.

$SWEAT was designed so that the more you move, the more value you get.

The more tokens you stake or the more you move, the more rewards you receive.

Examples of rewards:
1. Coupons and discounts from leading brands such as Adidas, Amazon, and Nike
2. Tickets to participate in sporting events and concerts 3.
USDT or USDC stablecoins

Also, by staking $SWEAT, Unlock various wallet features Is possible.

For example, if you stake more $SWEAT, Priority access to premium features and NFT drops and various other functions are available.

Immediately after TGE, You can buy $SWEAT (and other crypto assets) with your card, also plans to implement a Fiat on-ramp feature.

In addition, there is a possibility that the fee will be reduced for those who have a large number of stakes.

NFTs & games

The new app, Sweat Wallet, offers a casual yet dynamic making an NFT game.

It will be released shortly after TGE, with the goal of “making the game fun and healthy”.

The content of the game is such Competition primarily influenced by daily steps, NFT level and gameplay skill.

However, the user must wager $SWEAT when playing the game.

The winner gets $SWEAT, and the Sweat Foundation collects a commission and burns it.

*Details about Buy & Burn will be announced at a later date.

About earnings

NFTs are meant to enhance users’ ability to earn tokens, and tokens are meant to upgrade and maintain NFTs.

Sweatcoin’s profit model does not rely on NFTs or Pay to Play.

User engagement (B2B) and transaction fees (B2C) are the two main sources of revenue.

Higher value for SWEAT means higher engagement, higher value to the brand, and better ability to reward.

Future plans

On September 12th of this year, $SWEAT will host a token generation event.

At this time, it seems that the Sweatcoin currently in the app can be converted to $SWEAT at a rate of 1:1!

However, this is the first and last time you can get $SWEAT at this 1:1 rate.

If you already have Sweatcoin, this is an event you definitely want to attend.

A Sweatcoin wallet is essential for this distribution event, so we recommend creating one before the event.


Source: https://medium.com/sweat-economy/demand-for-sweat-28a7af03010b
Tokenomics official website: https://sweateconomy.com/token

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