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[2022 M2E] What is Sweatcoin? Thorough explanation of how to install the app

Sep 29, 2022

Move to Earn app from London, UK, Sweatcoin.

From around 2021, it became popular with the popularity of STEPN, but it was actually released in 2016, before STEPN.

At the beginning of its release, it was distributed only in the United States and the United Kingdom, but now it is available in 58 countries including Japan.

It is now a very popular app with about 100 million users and over 600 partners.

Points of this article

  • Basic information about Sweatcoin
  • how to start and earn money
  • Tokenomics of $SWC
  • About the listing schedule

By the way, it’s a little rough, but it also supports Japanese. Recommended for those who are not good at English.

Please take a look at the end!

table of contents

3 features of Sweatcoin : free of charge, free gift exchange, reduced token amount


Sweatcoin includes features not found in other Move to Earn.

Let’s look at each in turn.

Sweatcoin feature 1: Free to start


Although you can make a lot of money if you start with the popular M2E STEPN, you need tens of thousands of yen as an initial cost.

In the past, when the popularity calmed down, you can start with tens of thousands of yen, but in the past, you needed at least 100,000 yen!

On the other hand, with Sweatcoin you can get started for free!

The big appeal is that you can earn money immediately after installing the app without needing NFTs for shoes or sneakers.

Moreover, you don’t need a wallet or an exchange account to get started.

You can also say A fairly beginner-friendly app among M2E.

You can earn in-game currency $SWC.

Since it has not been listed yet, it is not known how much it will cost per $1 SWC, but we plan to list our own token $SWEAT this summer.

After listing, you will be able to exchange 1 $ SWC = 1 $ SWEAT.

Sweatcoin feature 2: Many exchange destinations for tokens


$SWC can be exchanged not only for tokens, but also for prizes and donations.

As of June 2022, the prizes that can be exchanged are as follows.

  • NETFLIX 1 month subscription: 3000 $SWC
  • Adidas voucher for $20 (about 2700 yen): 2500 $SWC
  • $25 Amazon coupon: 5000 $ SWC
  • Apple’s AirTag: 4000 $SWC etc.

In addition to this, more than 1000 prizes were prepared!

You can also donate to charity and participate in auctions.

It is also an official partner of Save the Children and has worked with more than 100 charities.

Since the target amount is set for donations, it is clear at a glance which organizations have donated how much.

Even if you don’t plan to use the token, if you can help someone just by walking, it’s worth having it in your smartphone.

Please check the official website for specific examples .

Sweatcoin feature 3: Gradually difficult to earn (early users have an advantage)


Another big feature is that $SWEAT gets harder and harder to earn over time.

Currently, 1000 steps is 1$ SWC, but the number of steps around 1$SWC will increase as follows.

  • 2022: 1000 steps = 1$ SWC
  • 2023: 2100 steps = 1$ SWC
  • 2024: 4900 steps = 1$ SWC
  • 2027: 16100 steps = 1$ SWC
  • 2032: 45200 steps = 1$ SWC

At first glance, it may look like a loss, but the flip side is that the rarity of $SWC will continue to rise!

In the future, $1 SWC earned by 1000 steps will be worth 45200 steps.

Even more so, it makes me feel like, “Maybe it’s better to start now?”

Sweatcoin Tokenomics


Scheduled to launch in Q3 2022, $SWEAT is said to be launched on the NEAR blockchain. Token standards will be ERC20 and NEP141.

By owning $SWEAT, users are granted utilities such as getting returns through staking, gaining access to Discord’s private channels, and participating in DAO’s governance.

In the future, Sweatcoin will generate revenue through the following methods, and the revenue will be managed by SweatDAO.

  • Trading NFTs
  • Fees for DeFi functions (exchanging $SWEAT with other tokens, providing liquidity, staking, etc.)
  • Advertisers who want to advertise
  • Data access rights (any institution, investor, or healthcare provider can purchase individual $SWEAT)
  • Premium subscription service, etc.

The total amount of $SWEAT issued has not been determined, but new tokens will be issued as users walk. And as mentioned above, the number of steps required to issue a token will increase over time, increasing the difficulty of issuing a new token.

Sweatcoin Team/Partners/Past Fundraising


Developer SweatCo Ltd raised $5.7 million in 2018 led by Goodwater Capital.

Four companies participated: SeedCamp, Greylock Partners, Rubylight, and SmartHub.

After that, we raised funds three times in total, and the total fund amounted to 6.3 million dollars (about 850 million yen).

According to the official website, the current partners are as follows.


Individuals include Polygon co-founder SANDEEP NAILWAL, Polkadot co-founder BJORN WAGNER, and Terra founder DO KWON.

You can see that a lot of celebrities are paying attention.

From this, it seems that there are many people who at least evaluate that it is not a scam.

How to get started with Sweatcoin


First install the app and work with Google to create an account.




After that, let’s give access permission to GoogleFit and step counting to ensure the number of steps.

Please note that without this, the number of steps may be counted incorrectly.

That’s it!

Earn tokens by walking or running.

3 functions of Sweatcoin [shop, wallet, campaign]

Sweat coin wallet

Although it supports Japanese, important parts such as campaigns are still in English.

From here, I will introduce the functions attached to the Sweatcoin app.

Sweatcoin Feature 1: Shop


At the bottom of the screen, the second icon from the left is the shop.

You can spend your earned $SWC in 4 ways.

  • Shop: Prizes, discount coupons, cash vouchers, etc.
  • Donate
  • Bid: Auction
  • Crypto: *Not implemented

It can be expected that this “Crypto” will probably be changed to other tokens, but the details are unknown.

Sweatcoin Feature 2: Wallet

It is a wallet that is automatically created when you install the app.

You can check the history of earned and spent.

Sweatcoin Feature 3: Campaign


The icon on the far left looks like your profile, where you can see different ways to earn $SWC.

  • Challenge: A campaign where all participants work together
  • Friends: See who you’re connected to in Sweatcoin
  • Events: events that you will participate in

Please note that the challenge will not be counted unless you press “Join the challenge”.

How to earn Sweatcoin


1$ SWC can be obtained by walking 1000 steps.

However, with this, the 5,000$SWC prize would require 5,000,000 steps…

Even if you walk 10,000 steps a day, it will take you 500 days.

So from here, I tried to find out how to earn $SWC more efficiently!

get your ad seen


With Sweatcoin, you can get a random amount of tokens by watching an ad once a day.

All you have to do is tap the unlocked “Daily Rewards” at the bottom of the screen and watch a 30-second ad!

The token amount seems to have a wide range from 0 to 1000$SWC.

The video will also be unlocked when you walk 500/1000 steps, so don’t forget to watch the ads on the day you walk.

The video ad feature was created to give users a specific reason to visit the app every day.

Certainly, just having this function makes you want to start it every day.

I also tried to see the ad 3 times!

The result is a total of 1.5$SWC.

I was able to earn #SWC of about 1500 steps without walking.

to boost


Users can use the boost function that doubles the amount of tokens for 20 minutes only once a day.

This makes it possible to get $2 SWC per step !

However, it seems that it is not possible to earn Gappori at once because it is only 20 minutes.

If you use it, we recommend starting it during the most active time of the day, such as when commuting.

All you have to do is open the app, scroll down and start from the “Daily Double Boost” tab.

Then the boost will start after a 5 second countdown!

become a paid member


$SWC is doubled for normal members only while using boost, but it is always doubled for paid members called premium members.

In other words, the 5,000$ SWC prize can be obtained with 2.5 million steps instead of 5 million!

Even with this, it still takes 250 days to walk 10,000 steps a day, but if you use advertisements, you may be able to get it a little faster.

Premium membership prices are as follows:

 Monthlyannual contract
iOS550 yen2700 yen
Android780 yen3880 yen

For some reason, the prices are different, so if you have both, it might be better to buy from the iPhone.

There is also a one-week free trial, so if you are interested, please try it!

invite a friend


With Sweatcoin, if you invite 5 people, you will get 5$SWC.

As a way to do it, tap “Invite” at the bottom of the screen “Get 1000 yen by inviting 5 people!”.

All you have to do is post it on SNS or send it directly.

If you install the app from the link I sent and launch it, it will be counted as one person.

It may be a long way to go up to 5 people, but it’s worth it if you just post it on SNS.

As a point of caution, on this screen you can see who stepped on your link.

Keep in mind that if you select it appropriately on Twitter etc. and step on the link, it will be displayed to the other party!

Sweatcoin Roadmap

in the next few monthsToken issuance
wallet application provided
Staking start
all year 2022Possible to purchase with NFT
-issued legal currency
+ α staking reward
NFT Marketplace
DEX Integration
2025 and beyondExpansion of a new economic zone where token rewards are given for the act of walking by individuals

Sweatcoin Summary


This time, I introduced Sweatcoin.

M2E that can be started for free and earn $SWC, which is about to be listed.

In fact, since it has been distributed since 2016, it is a safe app with a low possibility of fraud.

It is also a very friendly app for those who have given up on M2E because the initial cost is high.

It seems that there will be updates in the future, so let’s follow SNS in order not to miss the latest information.


Official site:

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