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Oct 6, 2022

Web3 Gaming Company Immutable Launches $500 Million Developer and Venture Investment Fund

Australia-based Web3 game company Immutable has announced the launch of a $500 million developer and venture investment fund . The…

Oct 5, 2022

What is Golden Bros? How about NFT, how to start, how to earn? [Thorough explanation]

Do you know a blockchain game called Golden Bros? It is a simple game provided by that Netmarble, and it…

Oct 4, 2022

Which Move To Earn will be popular in the future? Top 9 popular games

Did you know that Play to eran (play and earn) games have become popular in recent years? In 2021, a…

Oct 3, 2022

[Isekai Tensei BCG] Introducing Kyrie & Terra’s NFTs and stories!

These days, light novels, manga, and games related to reincarnation in another world are showing great excitement. finally,You will be…

Oct 1, 2022

[Axie Origin] Season 1 & Land leak information released, Season 1 total prize money is about 230 million yen

The official Twitter announced that Season 1 will begin on September 14th . Season 0 ends on September 9th, with…

Sep 30, 2022

[Sweatcoin] Summary of how to receive SWEAT! Introducing necessary settings and apps

SWEAT of Sweatcoinbut finallyToken will be issued on September 13thwill be In addition,Launchpad at DAO Maker is also scheduled for…