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[Axie Origin] Season 1 & Land leak information released, Season 1 total prize money is about 230 million yen

Oct 1, 2022

Axie Origin Season 1 Starts September 14th

The official Twitter announced that Season 1 will begin on September 14th .

Season 0 ends on September 9th, with a 4-day offseason before switching to the next season.

Management professed “We don’t make balance adjustments or card adjustments during the season, unless it’s something fatal that shakes the balance of the game.”

Therefore, it is expected that card adjustments, etc. will be implemented during the offseason.

Season 1 total prize pool increased to approximately 230 million yen

The total prize pool for Season 0 was approximately $1 million (approximately ¥140 million), but the total prize pool for Season 1 has increased to approximately $1.68 million (approximately ¥230 million).

In addition, it seems that the top 40,000 players will be able to win prize money in the next season.
(* Top 20000 in Season 0)

AxieOrigin prize amount list (1AXS: 2000 yen exchange rate)

1st place: 13,500,000 yen 2nd
place: 6,750,000 yen 3rd place
: 4,500,000 yen 4th
place: 2,250,000 yen
5th place: 1,800,000 yen 100th place: 450,000 yen 101st to 200th place: 225,000 yen 201st to 500th place: 52,500 yen 501st to 1000th place: 22,500 yen : 2,250 yen 20,000th to 40,000th place: 1,036 yen

The first place was 13.5 million yen, the highest amount ever.

Due to the sudden increase in prize money, the competition is expected to be fiercer than ever.

Future roadmap released

at AxieCon“Project K”Also released a road map called.

The plan is packed until 2026, and it seems that development will continue in the long term.

The main points to be noted are as follows.

  • Battle (battle optimization)
  • trading
  • Land bonus implementation (return to land owner)
  • In-app billing system (possible subscription)
  • Leaderboard (potentially higher prizes in the future)
  • Holding in-game events
  • Dungeon Battle (Land Related)
  • iOS compatibility, etc.

Especially if iOS supports it, you can expect more users to enter on mobile.

Land demo play image released

Land’s demo play image was released on Twitch’s official distribution .

In the land, you can trade items with other users and fight monsters.

The UI is also designed to be easy to see, and this is a game with a different approach from the original card battle game.

Supply and demand rate of SLP

Season 0 consumed approximately 3.6 times the supply of SLP.

In the conventional AxieInfinity, the price of SLP temporarily recorded 0.4 yen level due to oversupply. Therefore, AxieOrigin has implemented a crafting function that consumes SLP to create items.

The effect is remarkable, resulting in a result that greatly exceeds the supply amount. The current SLP price is hovering at 0.57 yen. (*Observed on September 9)

If demand continues to outstrip supply, it is expected that the price of SLP will recover.

Axie’s appearance can be changed by consuming SLP

Besides the crafting function implemented in AxieOrigin,You can change the appearance of AxiesSkins are also planned to be implemented.

As a result, the collective element becomes stronger, and the effort to increase the purchase desire of users who want to own an Axie rather than the speculative aspect.

The first image is the starter Axie skin.

The second image is a comparison of the existing Axie and the skin, and the third image is the original skin for each part.

Being able to create your own original Axie creates value in owning an NFT, so I would like to expect how much SLP will be consumed.

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project overview

AxieOrigin is the successor project to AxieInfinity developed by Sky Mavis.

The number of downloads has exceeded 1 million, and the NFT card battle game is gaining popularity. Unlike AxieInfinity, it has been changed to a turn-based card battle and the pattern has been renewed.

There are two types of game modes: an adventure mode against NPCs, and an arena that allows real-time battles with players.

It is possible to make a profit by buying and selling items created in the game on the marketplace, and it is one of the titles that I would definitely recommend to those who like m card games.

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