Which Move To Earn will be popular in the future? Top 9 popular games

Did you know that Play to eran (play and earn) games have become popular in recent years?

In 2021, a game called AxieInfinity became popular, and many people were born to earn money just by playing the game.

In the past, I used to earn several thousand yen to tens of thousands of yen a day, but now, even if I play for a day, it’s about tens to hundreds of yen.

Since then, many game development projects have released games aiming for NEXT Axie.

However, in 2022, a new term “Move to earn” became popular.

Instead of earning money by playing games, you can earn money by walking or jogging using your smartphone’s GPS or vibration sensor.

It’s all the rage because you can make money while staying healthy through exercise.

In particular, “STEPN” became explosively popular, and many people played it even among ordinary people who did not know about virtual currency. It is on the verge of becoming a social phenomenon, such as being introduced on terrestrial television.

Now, although STEPN’s popularity has subsided, many similar similar projects have emerged.


This time, we will introduce 9 Move to Earn game projects that are likely to become popular in the future.

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STEPN: Spark of Move to Earn

Expectation: ★★★★
Popularity: ★★★★★
Chain: Solana, BSC

The most popular app in the Move to earn game.

You can earn GST tokens by walking or running. From around February 2022, it will become popular mainly in Japan, and will also become popular in Russia and Europe.

Although the gameplay is simple, there are elements to be played. Also, the UI/UX is very good, and it is a wonderful point that even people who do not know crypto assets can easily start.

At one time, there were many fierce men earning hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of yen,

  • Ban for Chinese users around late May
  • Bitcoin market downturn
  • I have been in an unimaginably profitable state for too long

For various reasons such as, the value of sneaker NFT has fallen.

The value of GST, a token that can be earned, plummeted, and many people were born who grabbed the high price.


However, the strength of the community is still alive and well.
If you are just starting out, it may be good to start with around tens of thousands of yen, which is easy to enter.

Official site: https://www.stepn.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stepnofficial

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Genopets: Focus on M2E and M2E with Pokemon-like gameplay

Expectation: ★★★★★
Popularity: ★★★★
Chain: Solana

Now that STEPN is dead, Genopets is the next most popular Move to earn game.

You can also earn by walking or running.

It is also a hot topic that Keisuke Honda, a Japanese national football team, has invested.

Players can accumulate experience points by moving, raise pets and make them fight, or sell them. You can earn KI tokens as rewards.

It’s not just about exercising, it’s a game that incorporates RPG and Pokemon-like elements, making it very game-like.

Pet NFT has a high price of around 250,000 yen at the time of writing, which is proof of its popularity.


Of course, paid NFTs can earn more money, but being able to start from free is easy to enter and highly rated.

Official site: https://www.genopets.me/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/genopets

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Runblox: Avalanche’s M2E that Mr. Maezawa also entered

Expectation: ★★★★
Popularity: ★★★
Chain: Avalanche

Move to earn app powered by the famous OpenBlox platform.

OpenBlox is backed by a number of venture capital firms, including Shima Capital.

Similar to STEPN, you can also earn RUX tokens by walking or running.

From May 2022, it is expected to gradually become a hot topic in Japan. In addition, as a campaign, 1500 sneaker NFTs will be distributed only in Japan.

Currently in closed alpha testing, you can participate if you win a lottery on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter.


The official launch is scheduled for July-September 2022.
It’s a project that will start soon, so please check it out.

Official site: https://runblox.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunBlox_io

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MOVEZ: Can you earn money not only by walking but also by cycling and muscle training? !

Expectation: ★★★★
Popularity: ★★★
Chain: BSC

This is a Move to earn project managed by the famous VC “BlueZilla”.

In addition to walking and running, we plan to earn money by muscle training, swimming, surfing and cycling.

Since it is a project that BlueZilla is working on, it is one of the apps that many influencers are paying attention to and have high expectations for.

It is scheduled to be listed on the exchange soon, and a beta version of the app is scheduled to be launched in June.


It is thought that a famous VC will be able to focus on marketing, and there is a possibility that it will explode. It’s not far from being able to actually play, so it’s a promising project.

Official site: https://www.movez.me/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Movez_app

StepApp: M2E, a hot topic as a DAOMaker brand

Expectation: ★★★
Popularity: ★★★★
Chain: Avalanche

A Move to earn project that became a hot topic after being IDOed on DAOMaker.

The management team has come out, and we have excellent founding members and advisors, such as former McLaren SVPs and co-founders of ZERION.

In fact, IDO was a great success, and the temporary token price rose significantly. Rumor has it that some of them have made millions of dollars.

However, in order to acquire the Genesis sneaker, I had to stake, but I was involved in the LUNA shock and the token value dropped significantly. Many stake holders have fallen below the purchase price.

In addition, users are dissatisfied with the specifications of staking, and the expectations are somewhat lower.


Even so, the number of Twitter followers exceeds 200,000, making it a popular project. The app is scheduled to be launched between July and September, so it can be expected if the market has recovered.

Official site: https://step.app/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StepApp_

DEFY: Wearing a mask NFT and rebelling against the surveillance society

Expectation: ★★★★
Popularity: ★★★
Chain: Polygon

Move to earn app funded by famous venture capital firm Animoca Brands.

It’s not just about moving, it’s a highly game-like project where you collect wallets scattered on the map while solving puzzles.

It also features PvP elements such as having your wallet stolen by other players.

It is easy to walk because there is a destination, and it is also a point that it is OK to use bicycles.

The alpha test started in April 2022, and its popularity has exploded since then.

At one point, the mask NFT required to play has increased by nearly 10 times.


Even now, the price is relatively stable, and many Japanese players are expecting it. IDO will be held in the near future, so it is a project worth checking out.

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Official site: https://defydisrupt.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/defydisrupt

Dustland: Free-to-play M2E to look forward to

Expectation: ★★★★
Popularity: ★★★★
Chain: Polygon

Another Move to earn app funded by the famous venture capital firm Animoca Brands.

The emphasis is on the story, and it is characteristic that you can exercise while listening to the story.

Currently in beta test. You can play for free, and you can get a ticket when you clear it.

If you collect these tickets, you will be rewarded from the DOSE prize pool according to the number of tickets.


It’s free, so do it.

Also, the Ape Pass, which allows you to earn $APE, has recently been released, and it is expected that you will actually be able to earn it in the future.

There’s a similar project, DustlandRider, where you’ll be able to earn money by riding your cycling bike.

Official site: https://www.thedustland.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_dustland

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SWEAT COIN: Tokens to be issued this summer, can be used with other apps

Expectation: ★★★★
Popularity: ★★★★
Chain: NEAR

Move to earn app that can be started for free.

The number of steps is counted by walking, and you can get 1 coin for every 1000 steps.

Currently, tokens have not been issued, but tokens are scheduled to be issued around this summer. You will be able to exchange the coins you have accumulated in the app.

It will be popular in Japan from around April 2022 because it can be done for free. Since it counts the number of steps, it is easy to use together with other Move to earn apps, and the number of players is increasing.


There is no harm in doing it, so it is recommended to install the app and try it.

Official site: https://sweatco.in/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sweatcoin

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Aglet: A popular project in Japan that collects shoes like Pokemon GO

Expectation: ★★★★
Popularity: ★★★★
Chain: ImmutableX

This is also a Move to earn app that you can start for free.

With a system similar to Pokemon GO, you collect sneakers by collecting in-game currency Aglets and sneaker boxes scattered around the city.

In May 2022, the sneaker NFT was sold and became a hot topic. The player population is increasing at once, mainly in Japan.

There are no tokens here yet, but NFTs are on sale and can be purchased with in-game billing.

It is scheduled to be available for sale on the market around autumn this year.


It seems that they are considering a token issuance plan in the future, and there is a possibility that the means to earn money will increase. This is also free to play, so if you are interested in M2E, it is recommended to try it.

Official site: https://aglet.app/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AgletApp

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Earn from now

I will be able to earn

free to play

The above was the move to earn (M2E) project that attracted attention.

Currently, there are said to be hundreds of M2E games, and it is truly a boom.

Among them, I mainly introduced projects with VCs, abundant funds, and relatively solid development teams.

By researching in advance, you will be more likely to earn first mover advantage and earn more.


Get healthy and make money!

*It is not guaranteed that you will get a profit.
*Some items require an initial investment.
*This is not investment advice. *
Please do your own research before starting.

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