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What is Golden Bros? How about NFT, how to start, how to earn? [Thorough explanation]

Oct 5, 2022

Do you know a blockchain game called Golden Bros?

It is a simple game provided by that Netmarble, and it has become a hot topic because of its high quality.

Points of this article

  • How to start Golden Bros
  • Operation method and character introduction
  • How to make money and whether you can actually make money

What is Golden Bros?

It’s a blockchain game similar to the popular app “Archer Densetsu” that became popular in advertisements!

Very easy to operate and rulesIt is characterized by.

I tried it myself and was able to figure out how to play in just a few minutes!

If you want to earn money, you have to buy NFT,You don’t need NFTs or wallets just to play.

It can be said that it is a perfect game for beginners of blockchain games to try!

Also, within 3 minutes per gameSuper short-term battleIt is also one of the big attractions.

Basically, it’s for smartphones, so you can play and earn money in your free time, such as when you’re on the train.

We are offeringNetmarble, also known as “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds”is.

Features of Golden Bros

Golden Bros has officially released the game since July.

From here, I will explain the major features that became clear there.

If you are wondering whether to start, please refer to it!

Free to play

Golden Bros can even be played for free if you don’t want to earn money!

As mentioned earlier,You don’t even need a wallet if you just want to playTherefore, it can be played as a normal game application.

“I’m interested in blockchain games, but I don’t really understand… But I want to try it!”

Even if you have knowledge of blockchain, you can decide whether to buy an NFT after playing it first.

Moreover,Players can participate in all events with or without NFTsThat’s right!

While some systems require NFTs to be purchased before the game can be played, Golden Bros can be said to be very conscientious.

Can be played on iPhone

Golden Bros can be played on iPhone, Android and Windows.

Blockchain games often cannot be played on the iPhone, soPlayable on iPhone and AndroidThis is a very attractive point for iPhone users.

Mac and Chromebook can not be installed, but Golden Bros is a game for mobile in the first place.

I felt that it was not suitable for playing on a PC because the screen became narrow like this!

Golden Bros Tokenomics

There are two types of tokens in Golden Bros.

One is the token used in the game and the other is the governance token.

Let’s take a look at each.


GBC can be used to exchange, sell, and purchase items in-game.utility tokenis.

Tokens also needed to purchase costume NFTs.

Total supply is 100,000,000.

The distribution is as follows.

  • Game Reward: 50%
  • Ecosystem: 20%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Team: 10%
  • Sales: 5%

Also, GBC can be exchanged for Red Gadgets at a 1:1 ratio.

Red Gadget

Red Gadget, on the other hand, is the Golden Bros.In-game currencyis.

Those who have a costume NFT can get a red gadget as a bonus when winning the battle.

Tokens that can be used to upgrade various items and recharge costumes.

In addition, the obtained red gadget,Replace with GBC or ITAMCUBEI can do it.

$ITAMCUBE is a token of the CUBE blockchain, and it seems that Golden Bros can use it to purchase and exchange items at the NFT shop.

Partner of Golden Bros

Golden Bros officiallyBinancehave partnered with.

The NFT pre-sale on March 4, 2022 was held on the Binance page.

Isn’t it one of the elements that you can rest assured that this game is not at least a scam?

How to start Golden Bros

So what are the steps to get started with Golden Bros?

This time, I will explain with screenshots when I started for free.

If you would like to purchase an NFT costume, please purchase the NFT first and then follow the steps below!

install app

Download the game app from the official website.

Compatible devicesiPhone/Android/Windowsis.

Golden Bros is a mobile game, so we recommend playing on your smartphone!

In the case of PC, when the download is completed, there is “CUBE_Installer_1.0.9.exe” in the download folder, so double-click it to install the game!

Install games within the app

Once the app is installed, nextInstall Goden Bros within the appis needed.

When the screen appears, click Golden Bros and install it.

Create an account and start playing

Once the game is installed, create an account and you’re done!

The account creation method is the same as a normal game, just enter your email address and password!

Very easy, isn’t it?

Once you have created your account, the game tutorial will begin!

How to play Golden Bros

Let’s take a closer look at how to play Golden Bros!

The rules are pretty easy to understand, so you might even be able to play with your children.


At Golden Bros.Abilities vary depending on the character you use.

Is it easy to understand if you say it feels like “Apex Legends”?

in battlePowerful skills can be used when ultimate energy reaches 100%will be!

Each feature and ultimate is as follows.

namebasic attackavoidance behaviorUltimate
GregoryFires missiles at 3 locations in front of you.Take no damage while dodging.Quickly charge towards an enemy.
lady thunderUnleash a chain attack. Each chain reduces your damage by 10%.Take no damage while dodging.Attracts nearby enemies.
MargaretShoots bullets forward. Enemies hit by bullets 3 times are immobilized for 3 seconds.Move while firing 3 bullets backwards.Increases attack power and speed of allies.
master canPerform two melee attacks.You can move and change direction while dodging. Pulls in nearby enemies after moving.Unleash a powerful attack. Enemies hit are always knocked down.
brain new wayFires one bullet. Fires 5 times to summon the Duck Turret. (* Duck turret: A duck that fires fire)forward only. Take no damage while moving.Places a giant duck turret.
sugar sugarFour bullets fly like balls and attack. Bullets can also go through walls.Charges forward, damaging and knocking back enemies.Knockback nearby enemies and stun them for 3 seconds.
shooting star kFires one bullet. A shot bullet can change direction only once.Create a barrier. Removes bullets in the barrier and knocks down nearby enemies.Fires a long-range laser arrow. Lasers penetrate walls and damage enemies.
JenniferFires two bullets.Advance. Take no damage while moving.Fire bullets. Also gains a barrier at the end.
clown hunterFires one bullet.Move while dropping recovery items.Restores the HP of nearby allies. Also add buffs.

Capsule Ability

During battle, if certain conditions are met, a capsule selection screen will appear.

What is a capsuleBuff given in that battleAbout.

Only one can be selected from the two types displayed.

Red capsules are attack type, green capsules are physical strength types, and yellow capsules are special.

The content differs depending on the character, and the player needs to change the options depending on the strategy!

Method of operation

These skills and evasion methods can be activated mainly by tapping a button.

The position of the button seems to be like this.

1: Show enemies and allies. Knocked down Bros are grayed out.
2: Sticks to move.
3: Dodge button. Evasion activates a skill to escape.
4: Ultimate button. When it reaches 100%, a powerful skill will be activated.

That’s all there is to it, so you can easily remember it!

How to earn Golden Bros

To earn money with Golden Broa, you must first purchase NFT costumes.

From here, let’s see specifically how you can earn with Golden Bros.

Costume (NFT)

The bonus after winning depends on the costume grade.

There are 3 grades in total!

Each has a set “durability value”,Decreases by 1 each time it is used in a battleI will continue.

When this number reaches 0, the costume becomes unusable.It seems to be the mechanism.

Costumes that cannot be used can be used again by recharging, but you cannot recharge beyond the upper limit.

Can be recharged 2 timesUntil.

gradewin bonusDurable value
N.0.45 times140
R.3 times150
SR4.33 times150

As you can see, higher-grade costumes seem to earn more red gadgets!

In addition, there is an upper limit to the number of times you can earn red gadgets per day.Up to 20 times for N, up to 10 times for othersIt is decided. (reset daily at 0:00 UTC)

Therefore, SR is recommended for those who want to earn a lot!

By the way, the lowest price as of August 2022 is like this.

  • N: 115 (about 1009 yen)
  • R: 129 (about 1132 yen)
  • SR: 99 (about 869 yen)

For some reason the highest grade costume seems to be the cheapest.

collection card

Some costumes can equip cards called collection cards.

By equipping the card Various effects can be obtained It’s a good thing!

Unlike costume grades, there are four grades in total.

  • R.
  • SR
  • SSRs
  • SSSR

Cards can be created by “crafting” costumes that can no longer be used.

It seems that you can also upgrade by combining other cards.


This time, we introduced Golden Bros, an easy and simple blockchain game for mobile.

provided a number of games Developed by Netmarble. As a result, it seems that there are many voices of expectations.

In addition, the official website Japanese supported!

While there are many blockchain games released only in English, I am very grateful that it supports Japanese.

Recommended for those who are new to blockchain and those who are not good at English!


Official site:

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