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[Isekai Tensei BCG] Introducing Kyrie & Terra’s NFTs and stories!

Oct 3, 2022

These days, light novels, manga, and games related to reincarnation in another world are showing great excitement.

finally, You will be able to enjoy reincarnation in another world even in blockchain games!

Center to Seconds’ “Kyrie & Terra” is developing a different world reincarnation game.

Today, we’re sharing what we know about Kyrie & Terra, which is still pre-launch.

  • What is Kyrie & Terra?
  • Introducing Celestia’s NFT
  • Introduction of members of Celestia
  • Explain classes and equipment

I also post Japanese on SNS such as Twitter, A game that is fairly easy to start for Japanese people.

If you are interested, please watch until the end!

table of contents

What is another world reincarnation BCG “Kyrie & Terra”?

“Kyrie & Terra” is a blockchain game being developed by Center to Seconds on Binance Smart Chain.

The motif of the world view is the recently popular“Reincarnation in Another World”!

The player follows “Celestia” (NFT character) as a “chosen king” summoned to another world, Grand Terra, and adventures the world.

note that,The “Celestia” that appear are all goddesses, and there are only beautiful girls.

It can be said that it is a typical “Naro-kei”!

This project was launched in December 2021 with the concept of Play and Earn, and the first NFT pre-sale was held in January 2022.

In August of the same year, the second NFT presale was held.

A total of 141,000 USD (about 20.3 million yen) was recorded in the two presales.

Features of Kyrie & Terra

Kyrie & Terra has some features that have never been seen before.

In particular, isn’t it a big feature that you put in a romance element?

From here, we will introduce three major features.

Kyrie & Terra: 3 Features

  • Reincarnation in another world x Adventure x Love: Build a romantic relationship with the cute Celestia
  • Humorous Background: Incorporates Maker Center to Seconds
  • Innovative battle system: Akashic Record Battle

Reincarnation in another world x Adventure x Love

Despite being an ordinary office worker, the protagonist was reincarnated in Grand Tailor by chance.

Instead of having any combat ability,Ability to summon a goddess called “Celestia”is given.

Organizing goddesses and clearing various missions is the main way to play this game.

But actually, there is another way to enjoy it.

it’s cuteBuild a romantic relationship with the Celestia!

Her relationship with Celestia seems to affect both the battles and the story.

I don’t know the details yet, but I can expect a harem-like development that is common in “Narou-kei”.

humorous background

Although it is a story of reincarnation in another world,Incorporate crypto assets and developer Center to Seconds into the background of the storyThat’s a very interesting point.

The prologue is summarized as follows.

  • The main character is an ordinary office worker who works at Center to Seconds.
  • I’ve been making money with crypto assets for about a year now
  • Confident protagonist decides to fully invest in mysterious DeFi project
  • But the project plummeted by 99.9999%
  • Main character who frequently opens emails and browses websites due to anxiety
  • ThenYou notice that you have received a mysterious e-mail.
  • Although I felt suspicious, I clicked on the link when my cat jumped on it …
  • After the hero was wrapped in a dazzling light,I woke up in a completely different world

The main character seems to be an employee of Center to Seconds!

It’s a setting that doesn’t appear in normal RPGs or light novels.

Innovative battle system

Kyrie & Terra will introduce a uniquely developed battle system “Akashic Record Battle”.

  1. roll the dice. The action to be activated is determined by the result of the dice (e.g. using skills, fighting, etc.)
  2. Choose what action to take on which target
  3. action is taken
  4. end of turn

Whether the battle progresses smoothlyhanging on the diceIt seems so.

The strong element of luck may seem like a disadvantage at first glance, butNot affected by character statusThere is also an advantage.

Let’s look forward to future information on what kind of characters will appear!

Kyrie & Terra Tokenomics

Kyrie & Terra uses a dual token system.

It is a mechanism with two tokens, like STEPN and Ninoclo.

  • Kyrionium (KNT): Governance Token
  • Trim (TRM): Utility Token

Kyrionium (KNT)

Kyrie & Terra’s Erc-20 Governance Token.

The maximum supply is set to 250,000,000, and will not be issued beyond this.

For now, we plan to use:

  • special gacha
  • Upgrading Celestia at max level
  • Upgrading skills and spells at max level
  • Upgrading equipment at max level
  • land upgrade
  • Unlocking Pro-features

It seems that it is used to upgrade items that have reached the MAX level, such as the so-called “limit break”.

There are various ways to obtain them, such as IDO, boss battles, events, and quests.

Trim (TRM)

On the other hand, utility token TRM does not have a maximum supply.

It is a practical token that can be obtained by clearing quests and stages, winning in PVP mode, etc.

The usage will be as follows.

  • Exchanging/Purchasing In-Game Items
  • Stamina supply
  • Upgrade Celestia
  • Skill/Spell Upgrade
  • Item/equipment upgrades
  • land upgrade
  • Skill/Spell Creation
  • Crafting items/equipment

As mentioned earlier, there are various ways to obtain it, but unlike KNT,100% in-game only… apparently …

In other words, it’s like a token that money can’t buy.

There is no doubt that it is a token that is earned in the game and consumed in the game!

Partner at Kyrie & Terra

We, Guild QB, and NFT Gamer Japan are partnering with Kyrie & Terra!

At the Tokyo Game Show held from September 15th to 18th, 2022, we plan to open a store at the Guild QB booth.

Please come by all means!

Learn more about Celestia NFTs

Celestia is an important existence that can be said to be the cornerstone of this game.

It is used to fight monsters and clear stages.

You’ll need to know about Celestia’s class, skills, and stamina in order to give instructions, so let’s check it out!


Celestia has 5 classes.

In NFT, the class icon is displayed in the lower left.

name of the classadvantageous classunfavorable class

Queen is basically the strongest!


Each Celestia has a set elemental attribute, and you can only attach equipment that matches that essential attribute.

It appears as a gem color on the bottom left of the NFT.

  • fire (red)
  • water (blue)
  • wind (green)
  • light (gold)
  • dark (purple)

Details will be revealed after the NFT is published.

Other items

Other items will be introduced briefly.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll know most of it just by looking at the name.

  • Hit Points (HP): When this number reaches 0, you will not be able to take command.
  • Speed: The higher the speed, the faster you can perform actions.
  • Attack power (ATK): normal attack power
  • Defense (DEF): Physical attack defense
  • Magic attack power (MATK): Attack power of magic attack.
  • Stamina (STMN): When it reaches 0, it cannot be used in battle.

Existing NFTs

Kyrie & Terra has already held two NFT pre-sales since the beginning of 2022.

Both are limited editions of the Founder Edition (founding commemoration) and are very valuable because they will never be sold again.

again, Rozalia has the unique action enhancement rank set to the maximum value.

To maximize this number in normal gameplay, Requires 10 units of the same characters.

Currently, “The third Founder’s Edition Celestia is scheduled to appear.” So let’s review Celestia and others in preparation for the third time!

Regina: Prophet of the Twelve Divines (Founder’s Edition)

  • Sale time: February 2022
  • Number of supplies: 500 units
  • Price: 1000 BUSD (about 140,000 yen)

Rozalia: Blazing Ruby Rose (Founder Edition)

  • Sale time: July 2022
  • Number of supplies: 500 units
  • Price: 1000 BUSD (about 140,000 yen)
  • Effect 1: At the start of the phase, randomly apply single-target fire magic to 1 enemy.
  • Effect 2: When Rozalia damages an enemy with a fire attribute action, it gives the enemy a “burn” status. (It can be activated by the target alone or all)
  • Unique Action: Inflicts a large amount of magic fire damage to all enemies. Inflicts even greater damage if the target is in the “Burn” state. This action is unaffected by fire resistance, reflection, and drain passive effects.

Other Celestia

New Celestia are featured on Twitter and Discord almost every week!

It may become an NFT after the game is released, so please take a look if you are interested.

Mary Sherwood

Quote: Twitter

Merry is a thief who has made a name for herself in the villages around the center of the Eternal Kingdom.
Before the hero, the Chosen King, was summoned to Grand Terra, the problem of economic disparity became more serious, and the poor were scattered in every village across the kingdom.
With no hope of improving the situation, the girl picked up a bow and arrow and began her work with her warriors.
She raided multiple mercantile guild branches and shared the stolen treasure with the poor. Her people came to call her “Broken Arrow Merry”
because she always leaves a broken arrow right in front of her target .


Luskinia is an elf who loves to travel around the Aurora Continent.
She’s on a quest to find undiscovered pieces of history that might inspire her writing.
Although she is not good at fighting, she joined the Adventurer’s Guild because she cannot avoid the path of adventure in order to find the “forgotten land”, the place mentioned in the song her mother taught her. joined.
Some of her audience, who heard her angelic voice,
came to call her “Luskinia the Nightingale”.


Quote: Twitter

Regina’s classmate. His knowledge of dark magic theory rivals that of a teacher at the Royal Academy of Grandmarkt.
Actually, Lanti is not her real name. 
It’s a nickname she got because she always carries a lantern, and even her friends forgot her real name
Bad rumors are circulating about her.
The purpose of her research is to revive a pet cat that died many years ago.
She has a deep understanding of dark magic, but her specialty is
supporting the team by summoning ghosts to cause paranormal phenomena without using dark magic itself.


Quote: Twitter

There are many different worlds, and the organization “Adventurer’s Guild” that can exist in each world.
The adventurer’s guild is an organization that supports adventurers, and mediates various projects entrusted to adventurers by clients.
If you complete the request, you will receive a reward.
Ellie is an extremely talented officer who has complete control over our guild’s accounting and books.
Rumor has it that she keeps track of the overall financial situation and that she remembers all transactions.
Don’t expect to get away with deceiving her eyes with fraudulent transactions.


Quote: Twitter

Noxia is the child of the third wife of the current king of the Corus Kingdom.
She is 17th in line to the throne.
He was brought up without parental affection from the king, and was only allowed a few visits from his birth.
His own father, the king, is not happy about having many wives, and his dislike of men increases day by day.
When he eventually sees a sexy man, he curses him so that he hates women and can only love men.
He was deprived of his royal status and exiled because of his problematic behavior that he even touched the eldest son of a high-ranking aristocrat.
She is an object of awe, nicknamed the “Brutal Black-Winged Witch,” and keeps the men of her neighboring towns from ever approaching the land where she has set up her abode.

white plum blossoms

Quote: Twitter

Today’s Celestia is “White Plum” (Pai Mei).
One of the executives of the guild “Emperor of Heaven”, which is composed of the executives of the Balaur race. He is the Guildmaster’s right-hand man.
He’s usually expressionless and you can’t read what he’s thinking at all, but he has a deep sense of humanity and humanity, and cherishes the bond he has with his comrades.
She is a childhood friend of Aika (Ranpha), the guild master of the Emperor of Heaven, and the 17th current head of the Seiryu family, which has been handed down from ancient times. He protected the bullies and took revenge on them.
 Her specialty is a razor blade, which unleashes sharp slashes that mow down her enemies.

Other NFTs from Kyrie & Terra

In Kyrie & Terra, it seems that various items other than Celestia will be NFTs.

We will explain the details here.

  • Action Card
  • Equipment
  • Terrian/Land

Action Card

Cards are used to enhance Celestia’s attacks and defenses.

Two types of “skill cards” and “spell cards”, can be divided into “active (attack)” and “passive (passive)” actions.

Also, Celestia You can equip up to 3 action cards. That’s what I’m talking about.

The action cards that can be used will change depending on the result of the dice, so choosing the best combination depending on the situation will be the key to victory.


Used to strengthen and change Celestia’s status.

The stats seem to vary from game to game.


Terrian and Land are unimplemented and unclear.

Both white papers

This type of NFT will be introduced later

This NFT will be introduced later

It is written.

Stay tuned for more news!

Summary of Kyrie & Terra

This time, we introduced Kyrie & Terra, a blockchain game themed around Japanese anime, manga, and computer games.

The design is Japanese, and the SNS has Japanese, so it’s a game that Japanese people will be familiar with.

Moreover, the story of the game is reincarnated in another world!

If you like light novels and Naro, we recommend following SNS so that you don’t miss the latest information.


Official site:

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