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Blockchain Game Defina, Bi-Weekly Report Summary [4/1-4/15]

May 24, 2022

Online blockchain game Defina has released its bi-weekly report for April 1 – April 15.

Click here for the 3/16-3/31 report.

Defina Bi-Weekly Report [4/1-4/15]. 

The report includes the following. 

  • 80,000th Hero NFT Created 
  • Preview about Finaverse Land 
  • Defina and Polygon collaboration officially announced 
  • Defina Team Hosts AMA in Two Languages 

80,000th Hero NFT Created 

The 80,000th Defina Genesis Hero NFT was created. 

Genesis Hero NFTs are limited to 96,000 and are now over 80,000, gradually approaching the limit. 

Preview on Finaverse Land 

The Defina team mentioned Land in the Finaverse. 

The ability to open Mystic Chests will be temporarily suspended when the number of Mystery Boxes and Mystery Box Fragments in the Marketplace reaches the limit. 

A new set of items for the Mystic Chest will be introduced once the development of the Finaverse is complete. 

As the Genesis Hero NFT cap approaches, information about the Land of Finaverse will gradually be released. 

Defina and Polygon Collaboration Officially Announced 

On April 8, Defina officially announced that it would promote the expansion of the Finaverse ecosystem on Polygon. 

Defina and Polygon held an AMA to celebrate the partnership. 

AMA summary:. 

Defina Team Hosts AMA in Two Languages

The Defina team hosted an AMA in Chinese and English on April 15 in the Twitter space. 

The AMA seemed to bring together players old and new to share their concerns regarding the development of the Finaverse and other information. 

Project Overview 

Defina is an online blockchain game of a nurturing RPG utilizing DeFi and NFT. 

Players earn $FINA tokens by winning battles and developing their characters. 

The game has five different ways to play: PvE, PvP, YIELD MINING, Vrykos’ Tower, and Auto-Mining. 

It is one of the hottest blockchain games, with its large and powerful combat animations and high-quality visuals.


Official website:

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