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[Roman Frame] What is Crypto Unicorns? I will introduce the game without Japanese information in a little depth.

Aug 31, 2022

What are Crypto Unicorns

Speaking of horse games, many came out, and Crypo Unicorns is one of them.

The official game genre is Digital Pet Collective + Farming .

Right now it’s a farm game .

Race + PvP + PvE also exists on the roadmap.

As for who I can recommend…

  1. I want to be in the big brands as much as possible.
  2. The budget is a little high, and the recovery of capital may not be visible for the time being.
  3. I want to play in a place where there are no Japanese people.
  4. I want to do something complicated. Romantic.

It will be for such a direction.

It’s a horse game, but for some reason the horse is going to have various words that you often hear in MMORPGs, such as tank, DPS, magicDPS, and senior class.

What is a horse?

Speaking of Polygon horses, pegaxy is famous, but this is not well known in Japan.

Below is the official youtube.

Doesn’t the movie that plays with light music look pretty fun?

I think that the graphics are also quite good for the current BCG.

I’m based on Polygon, so I’m playing with expectations in the sense that it’s a Polygon-like masterpiece with Polygon’s spirit.

(In fact, Polygon Studios is also included in VC)

Well, if you ask me if I’m minor because I’m not well known, I can’t say so.

The number of followers is about 40,000 and it doesn’t increase easily, but the volume of Opensea has reached the leading level of Polygon.

Crypto Unicorns Land Market
Miscellaneous Goods + Dark Side Horse

Is it about 20,000 ETH in total?

For a while, the horse price was 4000$, so it was a super expensive game.

Now it is about 0.1 ETH due to the proliferation of breeding and the market crash.

If you ask me if this is profitable, it’s something to play around with.

At the very least, the game cannot be played without a horse and a land.

In terms of market price, the entry barrier is about 0.2 ETH.

Strictly speaking, you don’t need a horse, but you can’t sell items without a horse, so you can’t sell anything grown on your farm.

At least one horse is required.

Speaking of BCG, it is important to be profitable, but to be honest, it is not profitable.

I feel like I’m making a donation.

I myself am in a state of charging with the feeling that I will not be able to enjoy playing in the future.

Fund recovery period

not sure if possible

What you can do now

  1. Semi-neglected farm game
  2. breeding
  3. In-game market trading
  4. Participate in community events

Currently, farm farming and breeding to increase the number of participants are recommended as phase 1, especially around breeding, points are accumulated for the number of executions and there are leaderboard rewards.

Let’s take a look at the actual game screen.

Buildings will be constructed on this land.

Various buildings can be built on the land, but there is a limit on the number of buildings at the level of the land.

As you raise the level of the building, the level of the land accumulates XP and levels up.

In other words, the characteristics of the land in this game are

  1. Buildings have levels and their performance increases.
  2. When you raise the level of the building, the level of the land goes up.
  3. As the level of the land increases, the number of buildings can be increased + the upper limit of the building level increases.

There is a game of land development such as.

If you buy land on Opensea, you’ll find buildings built by others on it, but I can’t tell them apart, so I’m just lucky.

Building upgrades require materials.

For example, if you try to change the farm from 1 to 2, you need materials like this.

If you ask me if the performance will increase uniformly when I level up, this is a pretty hardcore setting, and in the case of the farm, it is random that the performance bonus is added with the level up.

Therefore, there will be some winning properties and some losing properties.

Here is an example.

This is a Lv3 farm, but when I made it to Lv2, the Berry Output got +6.

 The expected value of Berry production is 1.5 because the base value is 1 to 2 seeds planted, but this land has an outlier value of +6, so the expected value is 7.5. Five times the difference.

On the contrary, the loss level up will be like this.

Since this is a Lv4 farm, it is one level higher than the land above, but the expected value is only 1.5 because it does not have the berry+ property.

It accelerates to a comforting degree, but… This is terrible.

Farms can be destroyed, so it’s better to destroy and rebuild them until you get a good value.

There is an in-game Marketplace feature.

This is why you can’t sell anything unless you have a horse to press the sell button.

It consumes 1 horse stamina (24H1 recovery) and sells it once over 8 hours.

Currently, I grow Plain Berries and sell them when I reach 200, but if I do that, I get about 30 $RBW at the market price.

The market price for 100 seeds is about 14, so even if the expected value for cultivation is about 2, it’s in a + state.

This is an off-chain market, but the price fluctuates due to buying and selling, so if the supply and demand balance collapses, it may moon or crash.

It will be possible to anticipate it and prepare it. This is one fun place.

Building materials are also available here.

The supply and demand balance of basic lumber is obviously strange, so it was around 10 at first, but it has skyrocketed.

In addition, I don’t see a lot of prospects for the price to fit because I consume a lot of farm property reroll.

It’s a special situation where middle grade wood is cheaper.

There are two ways to obtain materials: crafting and gathering.

Image of crafting facility

Recipes will increase as you level up your crafting buildings.

It is possible to make beginner-grade lumber here, but the cost performance is extremely poor, so it will be difficult to make a profit by making lumber and selling it unless the lumber price rises much.

Balance adjustments have been made, but it’s still too harsh, so the lumber price continues to skyrocket.

Another way to get it is gathering.

This is a relatively simple system where you send your horse out on an expedition to pick up something and return.

If you don’t give the Berry, the reward won’t be good enough, but it’s a valuable way to get $UNIM, which is necessary for breeding, so if you have extra horse stamina, it’s a good idea to give it to this.

It takes about 20 hours to 24 hours, so it’s just right to leave it alone, but if you hit it, you’ll bring back about 5 dollars, so it’s not stupid. (Because the market price of horses is around $80)

That’s about all we can do at the moment.

This will be the case in the future.

In other words, it’s a cycle of raising high-status horses and earning $RBW and $UNIM in races, PvE, and PvP.

In other words, it’s for people who want to try a fun game if they’re wondering if it’s profitable right now.


Development is .

The official website of the development team has the logos of the companies that the team came from, but it stands out that there are many names of famous game companies.

We are also affiliated with these player DAOs according to the whitepaper.

Also, the official blog has the following description.

Below is the translation.

2200ETH primary sales, 17140ETH opensea trading volume, 428ETH royalty income, Polygon’s 3rd largest Opensea trading volume, 125th largest NFT project trading volume across all chains, treasury assets over 30M$.

I mean, you’re rich.

How to get started with Crypto Unicorns

If you’ve read this far and want to get started, you’re probably a gamer.

① First of all , let’s buy land in Opensea .

This game requires the purchase of at least 1 land.

You can play without horses, but you can’t do anything without land.

Land has a rarity, but the important thing is to attract the same attribute as much as possible.

Then the acceleration bonus will be up to +20%.

High rarity lands have multiple attributes, so there aren’t many advantages other than flexibility in combination.

This is an image under development, but in the future it seems that you can also get bonuses by placing it next to another player.

(2) You can play with land alone, but you can’t sell crops without horses, so you need to buy one horse.

If you want to buy a horse, click here to buy an adult horse.

A foal can be made into an adult by paying $UNIM 5000, but currently it is cheaper to buy an adult.

However, cheap adults are expected to be a labor force because the number of times they bleed is almost always reduced.

Below is an adult horse that has been bred 3 times.

If you’re looking to breed, it’s a good idea to buy an 8of8 or a foal and evolve it.

Once you have these, press the play button from the official website to connect the wallet and start the game.

Strangely addictive music and blue skies await you.

③ Lock the NFT to the game.

There is an inventory on the right of the screen, so select it here.

Unlocked land is included in UNLOCKED, so make sure you have an NFT here and lock it into the game.

It takes a little longer.

Also, locked NFTs will not disappear from the wallet.

You will not be able to transfer it, but it will remain in your wallet.

You cannot sell it unless you unlock it.

There is no cooldown limit, but horses cannot be sold unless their stamina is full.

Crypto Unicorns Summary

  1. I can’t earn much at this stage.
  2. Participation costs are relatively high. You should play with the assumption that you cannot recover the original capital.
  3. Currently, it is relatively easy to leave it alone, but the game is complicated, there are almost no Japanese people, and there is no Japanese information.
    There are so many community events and AMAs, and there are even dedicated bulletin boards and DAOs, but it’s all in English, so it takes a lot of effort to keep up with the latest information.
  4. If you are looking forward to the development of the industry.

Finally from the white paper

As game developers, we are excited to move away from the exploitative nature of Free-2-Play and foster a community-run gaming economy.

Crypto Unicorns is our first digital nation and we are very excited to build it together with our player community.

Blockchain-based gaming is still a nascent industry and we expect change as we build fun and engaging titles under this new economic paradigm.

Our goal is to embrace the core tenets of player ownership and push forward in this new space as developers. We expect Crypto Unicorns to introduce millions of players around the world to the benefits of in-game asset ownership and the Web3 movement.


Official Forum:
Official Discord: xSAAjcEWRU

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