Dracoo Master Hosts First IDO Sale

Dracoo Master, the next generation Axie Infinity, is holding its first IDO sale on April 20.

A $5 million DRA is available for IDOs, priced at $0.1 BUSD.
The dates of the sale are as follows.

  • Round 1.
    April 20, 24 hours from 13:00 (UTC) → for NFT holders
  • Round 2: April 21, 13:00 (UTC) for 24 hours
    April 21, 24 hours from 13:00 (UTC) → for allowlist holders → public 2 hours only.

Users can purchase “Voucher NFTs” for $BUSD worth $500$DRA each.
Allowed addresses can purchase up to 1000$DRA (2 vouchers).
Holders who held NFTs before the snapshot (April 15, 6:00 UTC) will have the following DRAs available for purchase.

Number of Dracoo held$DRA that can be purchased
3~51000 DRA (2 vouchers)
6~8 1500 DRA (3 coupons)
9~ 2000 DRA (4 coupons)

Failure to purchase a voucher within 24 hours of the start of the allowlist will constitute a waiver.

The alpha PVP went live in January 2022. In March of the same year, the number of followers on the official Twitter account exceeded 100,000, and 15,167 tickets sold out at the IGO on Binance. Also, on March 30, a beta version of the game was released on the BSC testnet.

What is DracoMasiter?

Dracoo Master is a blockchain game touted as the “next generation of Axie Infinity. Players earn DRA tokens by adventuring, fighting, collecting, and evolving with monsters called “Dracoo. While the game itself does not differ greatly from Axie Infinity in terms of the three-player structure and breeding function, it has successfully incorporated unique rules such as the “Summoner NFT,” which created in collaboration with artists.


Official website: https://www.dracoomaster.com/dracoo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dracoo_Master?s=20&t=nN8KkRBqupwf6_c7zlnLJw
Reference source: https://marketplace.dracooworld.com/ido

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