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Is this really M2E? I played the beta version of DEFY!

Jan 5, 2023

On December 14th, DEFY, a move-to-earn app, launched in beta.

In 2022, various STEPN-like M2Es were released, but DEFY is attracting attention because it is said to be a little different. For example, to get tokens, you have to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in AR, in addition to walking normally.

This time, I will actually play the beta version of DEFY and introduce it. The beta version has some differences from the initial structure, so please refer to it if you are thinking about playing.

In addition, the basic information of DEFY is explained in detail in other articles.

The world of DEFY

The world of DEFY

To get started with DEFY, you need a Mask NFT. First of all, let’s take a look at the world view why masks are necessary. Below is a summary of the story from the white paper.

The setting is the not-too-distant future, where only one company, Future Systems, holds power. The company made a fraudulent acquisition to seize control of its global network and gain control under the guise of “free for everyone.” Privacy and individuality are now relics of the past.

The name of the insider who is trying to destroy Future Systems from the inside is “kha0s”. You, an operative, must use a virtual mask he created to hide your identity and infiltrate Future Systems’ network.

The operative’s mission is to hack the Future Systems tower and reveal the location of the wallet. I want you to steal their money before Future Systems pursues you. The stolen FCOIN is delivered to kha0s. Then he could bring the whole system down.

But be very careful with Future Systems’ drone defense system. If attacked, we cannot help. The only way out would be to destroy it with EMP.

It seems that there is a confrontational structure between the evil organization Future Systems and the rebellious kha0s and agents (players). Players must hack the tower to bring down the Future Systems system.

DEFY beta token

DEFY has two tokens. FCOIN, which can be obtained in the game, and $DEFY, a utility token.

FCOIN (Future Systems Coin)

Currency of Future Systems that rules the world of DEFY. Obtained by hacking the company’s tower. In-game consumables and items can be purchased and upgraded. Holders of premium masks can exchange FCOIN for $DEFY.


DEFY’s multi-utility token. In addition to being able to exchange for FCOIN, it is also possible to purchase from DEX/CEX. Necessary for NFT purchases, governance voting, etc.

How to start the DEFY beta

How to start the DEFY beta

To play, you must acquire a mask to hide your identity. Masks must be purchased to play the current beta.

mask namehow to getwhat you can do
Generic MasksFree delivery upon account creationnothing special
Genesis MasksBuy from OpenSea– Access specific features
– Burn and mint better masks
– Convert FCOIN to $DEFY –
Receive rewards for your contributions
Uprising MasksBuy from OpenSeaDitto
Phantom Galaxies x DEFY MasksBuy from OpenSeaDitto

Apparently there are many things you can do with a paid mask. In particular, whether or not FCOIN can be $DEFY seems to be a big factor.

At this stage, if you want to play with a paid mask, please purchase the mask first. If you want to play with a free mask, move on.

set up the app

set up the app

Then install the app. The app is playable on both iOS and Android.


After installation, link the wallet from “Connect Wallet”. Sign and return to the screen and tap “Link Wallet with Profile”. Select your mask, tap Done, and you’re done.

DEFY basic terms

If you play DEFY, the terms you absolutely need to know are ‘energy’ and ‘battery’. These are like physical strength in this game and play an important role in NFT selection etc. These are not whitepapers, they are explained on Medium , so be sure to check them out.

What is Energy

In playing the game, energy is required for each action. It’s like HP. For example, it is necessary in the following scenes.

  • Tower scan -5
  • Hacking a tower -10
  • Steal a wallet -10
  • Decrypt wallet -5
  • Wallet upload acceleration -5/-10/-15

The maximum energy amount differs depending on the NFT. It seems that 1 energy is restored per minute. Pay 20 $DEFY to restore energy immediately.

What is a battery

On the other hand, the battery (Battery Health) displayed on the profile screen represents the deterioration of the mask. Masks are things that consume energy or degrade over time. The battery will deplete by 1% each time a certain amount of energy is consumed.

Therefore, the amount of stored energy decreases over time. However, you can replace the battery using the repair kit sold in the app. This seems to be possible for 100$DEFY per time.

How to play the DEFY beta

Since DEFY does not have a tutorial at the moment, the game will start immediately after installation. Moreover, the white paper and the current specifications are slightly different, so it is recommended to check in advance. From here, I will explain with the screen that I am actually playing.

scan the tower

First, when you launch the app, the profile screen will be displayed. To play, tap “CONNECT TO FNET” at the bottom of the screen to view your current location.

However, as it is, the tower that is hidden from the naked eye will not be displayed, so press and hold “ZONE SCAN” at the bottom of the screen to scan the area. Scan for about 3 seconds and you should see the tower and the hexagons surrounding it.

hack the tower

hack the tower

Then hack the tower. The tower in the middle of the hexagon you are currently in is the tower that can be hacked. Slide the part that says “SLIDE TO HACK” to the right and start hacking.

security levelHolding FCOIN
low (green)~1200
normal (yellow)~2800
high (orange)~6400
highest (red)~9600

Since the highest level tower is not implemented in the beta version, the high level (orange) tower is the actual highest level. The security level is cyclical, and after reaching the highest level, Future Systems will collect the funds, so it will return to a lower level (green) again.

Hacking (mini game)

Hacking (mini game)

To succeed in hacking, you must complete the task (mini-game) within the time limit. Find the character string displayed on the screen in the grid and trace it with your finger. Difficulty becomes easier as the security level of the tower is lower.

steal a wallet

steal a wallet

A successful hack reveals the location of the wallet managed by the hacked tower. With 1 hour until the tower is restored, go to the displayed wallet location and slide “SLIDE TO STEAL” to steal it. Please note that after 1 hour the tower will be restored and you will not be able to steal the wallet. The security level of hacked towers seems to be the same or lower than before.

upload data

upload data

After stealing the wallet, you must upload your data within the hexagonal area. However, even during the upload, a drone trying to get the wallet back will chase you. If the drone catches up, the wallet will be zero.

upload data 2

Drones will not follow you when you leave the area, but will stop uploading while you are away. If you consume energy, you can also accelerate the upload. The required energy depends on the security level.

security levelEnergy required for upload acceleration
low (green)Five
normal (yellow)Ten
high (orange)15

Each wallet can accelerate uploads up to 6 times.

If you can’t accelerate your uploads, you can drop one wallet. Because the drone can only carry one wallet at a time. If you’re running away with multiple wallets, drop one on the side of the road to give priority to uploading other wallets.

Two types of drones

There are two types of drones: collector drones and hunter drones. The Collector Drone (previously named ARM-1000) is harmless to operatives and has no function other than carrying wallets to the Tower. The troublesome one is the Hunter Drone (previously named ARM-2000).

If a hunter drone catches up with you, not only will your wallet be taken back, but you will also receive an FCOIN penalty and take energy from your mask while in use. When a hunter drone is approaching, a warning will be displayed on the screen, so try to escape as much as possible. Alternatively, interception is possible if you have an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can be purchased on the marketplace.

In the future, it will be possible to enjoy battles with drones in AR, so please look forward to it. A recent update also allowed operatives to create drones. Drones allow players to move-to-earn without walking. Please check this article for details.


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decrypt wallet

You can’t get a wallet just by uploading it. All wallets are encrypted. Therefore, in order to acquire FCOIN, it is necessary to break the encryption one by one . In order to decipher it, it is necessary to play a mini game just like when hacking, and the difficulty level varies depending on the security level. If you can unlock it, you can get FCOIN!

DEFY latest update

This is the conventional explanation of DEFY, but in fact, new functions have been added since the beta version.

It is also possible to collect wallets with drones

It is also possible to collect wallets with drones

From the beta release on December 14th, it is now possible to go to recovery with a drone called Retrieval Drone! This allowed operatives to retrieve wallets without leaving their homes. It’s easy to do, just tap where the wallet is and fly the drone.

Additionally, using items to destroy hunter drones now yields drone parts. If you combine the parts to create your own drone, it will do the task for you.

Marketplace launches

Marketplace launches

You can now access a dedicated marketplace from within the app. You can use $DEFY to purchase items that will give you an edge in the game. EMP, a weapon capable of destroying Hunter Drones, is also available for purchase from the Marketplace. The price is 500$DEFY.



Decals are stickers that can be printed on an operative’s mask. All are NFTs and can be traded on the marketplace. Up to 2 decals can be attached to one mask. It is unknown what kind of effect it will have.

DEFY Beta Summary

DEFY became a hot topic as NEXT STEPN, but when I actually played it this time, I realized that DEFY is not Move-to-Earn. You don’t have to move yourself because you can send the drone to collect while you are at home. In addition, the mini-quiz required when hacking was difficult and dangerous while walking.

However, it is quite enjoyable as a regular blockchain game, not M2E. Chasing with hunter drones and mini quizzes will give you an exhilarating feeling after clearing them. The story and world view are also solid, so those who are addicted to it will surely be addicted. In the future, it seems that PvE with drones is also planned using AR technology. If you are interested, please try it.



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