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[GENSOKISHI ONLINE] Introducing how to proceed efficiently in the early stages and how to collect mROND in preparation for the open beta

Aug 30, 2022

Details of the Gensokyo ONLINE Open Beta were released on August 15th, and some people say, “I want to hit the start!”

If the game doesn’t progress well, it doesn’t motivate you.

Therefore, Knowing how to proceed in the early stages and how to collect mROND becomes important.

I have cleared all the closed beta quests and am now working on leveling.

In this article, I’m sharing the know-how I’ve built up over the years for people who want to efficiently capture the early stages!

After reading this till the end, you can make a difference in open beta.

It’s all about information that is worth knowing, so please take a look!

Elementary Knight ONLINE How to proceed in the early stages


  • First clear the tutorial and learn the basic information
  • Clear the book and get equipment items and more! The trick is “Lapsis”?
  • Advance quests and unlock game features!

Clear the tutorial first!

Gensokyo ONLINE-Tutorial-Map

After creating a character in Elemental Knight ONLINE, you must first complete a tutorial quest called Prologue.

Here, the CPU will teach you how to move, which is the basics of traveling, and how to develop characters.

Gensokyo ONLINE-Tutorial-How to play

Also, when you accept a quest, an arrow called “Quest Navi” will appear on the screen.

Navi helps you progress through quests.

If you get stuck, use the arrows to clear the quest.

Procedure for accepting quests

  1. Tap the scroll mark on the upper right
  2. Tap any quest
  3. Tap the quest tracking button

You can accept the quest by following the steps above.

Elemental Knight ONLINE-Tutorial-Quest

If you follow the navigation, you can clear the prologue in about 30 minutes.

Just aim for the arrow, so you don’t need any special tricks.

Let’s capture the book!

Gensokyo ONLINE-Book

Gensokyo ONLINE has contents called “Books”.

Gensokyo ONLINE-Book-Detail Screen

In the book, if you clear the book, you can get equipment items as rewards.

Especially in the early stages, the content is very useful, and it can be said that the strategy of the book is indispensable to advance the game.

However, as we progress through the book, we face the question, “Where is this monster?”

Here’s a trick to get around it.

That is, talk to “Lapsis” at the Adventurer’s Training Camp.

Elemental Knight ONLINE-Book-Lapsis

If you accept a book quest by talking to Lapsis, an arrow will guide you to the target monster.

Priority book strategy

  • Boss Subjugation with Everyone Target L7~
  • Training Certification Test Target L10~
Elemental Knight ONLINE-Book-Recommended-1

In particular, if you clear the level 7 “Boss subjugation together”, you will receive a set of weapons and armor, so it is one of the book quests that you want to clear first.

Elemental Knight ONLINE-Book-Recommended-2

Powerful weapons are available in the training certification exam.

It is a weapon sold at the shop, but you can get it for free if you clear it.

Since there is no funds to purchase items in the early stages, let’s capture the book and get strong equipment!

The strategy for the book is introduced below.Run concurrently with questand the best!

Let’s proceed with the quest!

Elementary Knight ONLINE-Quest-List

First of all, let’s actively proceed with the quest.

because the questIf you don’t clear it, the range you can act is limitedfrom.

In the closed beta version, it is possible to advance the quest up to Chapter 3.

In addition, there are several benefits of clearing quests.

  1. find an efficient hunting ground
  2. Character development becomes easier because you can get experience points
  3. You can purchase powerful recovery items and equipment

By reaching a certain level, you can also use the job change function, so clearing the quest has a great merit.

In particular, the job change function is an important element in making characters stronger, and there were quite a few elements to replay even in the closed beta version.

If you haven’t cleared the quests, you’re limited in what you can do, which makes it less efficient.

Therefore, let’s actively clear the quest.

Gensokyo ONLINE Efficient way to collect mROND

Elemental Knight ONLINE-mROND

In-game currency called “mROND” is required to purchase items in Elemental Knight ONLINE.

Especially in the early stages of the game, it’s hard to get mROND, so some players may be struggling because they can’t buy recovery items.

So, I will introduce how to collect mROND efficiently.


  • Sell ​​unnecessary equipment and get mROND!
  • Purchase recovery and food items generously to improve hunting efficiency!
  • Find an efficient hunting ground! Introducing recommended hunting grounds

Sell ​​your unwanted equipment!

Gensokyo ONLINE-Equipment sale

First of all, anyone can easilySell ​​all weapons and armor you can’t equipthing.

The price varies depending on the rarity and performance of the weapon.

Equipment in the middle of the quest can be sold for an average of 2000mROND.

Items marked with a red X in the lower right of the item icon are weapons that cannot be equipped.

Elementary Knight ONLINE-Equipment Sale-Recommended

You can also check the details of the weapon by going to the confirmation page and looking at the occupation column to see if you can equip it.

Weapon confirmation method

  1. Tap the bag icon on the bottom right
  2. Select armor category
  3. Tap any weapon

Don’t hesitate to purchase recovery and food items!

Elemental Knight ONLINE-Recovery/Food Items

In Elemental Knight ONLINE, there is an item called satiety,In-game characters get hungry too.

Gensokyo ONLINE - Fasting Screen

* Image of a hungry state

When you get hungryHP and MP cannot be automatically recoveredThere is a disadvantage.

In other words, in fighting and accumulating mROND,food items requiredThat’s it.

Elemental Knight ONLINE - full stomach screen

*Using a meal item will reduce the satiety level to 100% and decrease over time.

Eating meals not only makes it easier to fight, but also saves recovery items, so it’s recommended.

Elemental Knight ONLINE-Item Shop

There is a wide range of food items, from cheap to expensive.

these areThe total amount of recovery value and the benefits of rising status depending on the priceis different.

Elemental Knight ONLINE-Item Shop-Spirit Bento

The most recommended among these is that the total recovery value is by far the highest“Spirit Bento”is.

Among the food items, the cost performance of the recovery value is overwhelmingly good, so don’t hesitate to buy it.

As a result, your hunting efficiency will increase, making it easier to earn mROND!

find an efficient hunting ground

Gensokyo ONLINE-play screen

The most important thing in earning mROND is finding an efficient hunting ground.

Efficient hunting grounds may be adjusted each time, so this is not a hidden spot in the future.

However, easy-to-earn spots exist in any game.

Here, I would like to introduce one of the spots that I earned in the closed beta version.

Northern Atheria Grasslands Upper left hunting ground area

Gensokyo ONLINE-Recommended spots

“Thundereye” and “Fireeye” that pop (appear) in this area are more likely to drop weapons than monsters in other areas.

This is my experience after playing the beta version for over 30 hours.

  • Other areas: Kill 20-30 and drop 1 equipment
  • This area: Equipment drops once every 5 to 10 bodies

It changes so much.

Here is the actual sale price.

In Open Beta, if you own 300,000 mROND or more, you can get the right to draw a limited NFT.

Therefore, the know-how to accumulate mROND from now on is essential.

Let’s accumulate mROND by making full use of the most efficient items x hunting grounds!

As soon as we know areas that are good for hunting in the open beta, we will cover them in the article.

Elementary Knight Online Summary

This time, I explained how to proceed with the open beta of Elemental Knight ONLINE and how to accumulate mROND.

Here are some things to keep in mind in this article:

  • It’s best to be able to capture the book and quests at the same time in the early stages.
  • Sell ​​unnecessary equipment and buy recovery items generously
  • Find an efficient hunting ground and accumulate mROND

If you are conscious of these, you can decide the start dash smoothly from the beginning.

For the open beta, let’s improve your understanding of the game from now on!

Gensokyo ONLINE Link

Official website:
Twitter: @genso_meta

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