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What is “Earth From Another Sun”?

Nov 23, 2022

The Web3 version demo play will start in October 2022, and the quality is extremely high and interesting! and the much-talked-about Play and Earn game, Earth From Another Sun (EFAS).

This time, I will explain what kind of game this game is, what makes it interesting, and how to participate in the demo play, which is a little difficult to start!

Points of this article

  • Understand the outline and charm of Earth From Another Sun
  • Understanding the Earth From Another Sun ecosystem
  • Learn how to start demo play

What is “Earth From Another Sun”?

Check out the official trailer here.

EFAS is an MMOFPS sandbox game.
It is a game that aims to explore the vast universe, collect supplies, create new equipment and items, strengthen the army, and conquer the galaxy .

In terms of gameplay, it’s similar to the simulation action RPG game “Mount & Blade,” which has sold over 6 million copies in total!

The chain uses the Solana chain and can be downloaded and played from the Elixir Game Launcher.

Development of this game began at the end of 2018, and the official launch is scheduled for 2023, making it a fairly large-scale development game. As it has been in development for many years, the quality is quite high and the play is outstanding !

Features of Earth From Another Sun

A large-scale FPS battle with an army


  • battleship
  • tank
  • combat robot
  • soldier
  • alien soldier

With these you can build your own army.

At first, it’s a fairly small army, but as you progress through the game, you can build up a large army, and it develops into a more and more powerful large-scale battle.

Soldiers and vehicles are crafted by collecting materials.

You can give instructions to your own army during battle, but basically the battle is automatic, so the main battle is the player.
Therefore, play skill is important, and depending on the person, it is possible to win against higher-ranked enemies!

I haven’t played many FPS games so far, but I felt that the controls weren’t difficult and even beginners could play easily !

Rich game system

The EFAS game system is so rich that it’s hard to know what to do at first glance .

However, as you play, you will gradually understand how to enjoy it, and time will pass quickly as you play.

From here, I will introduce the game system.

space exploration

Explore while collecting supplies from space debris and asteroids while moving toward other planets and artificial satellites.

There are many other fleets flying in space, and they may help each other by making deals, but there are also hostile fleets and space pirates, so it is not uncommon for battles to occur.

Sometimes your own ship is attacked by aliens.

planetary exploration

In the vast universe, there are various planets such as peaceful planets where people live, planets full of aliens, homes of space pirates.

On a peaceful inhabited planet, you can trade goods, take a rest, receive requests from people in need, and build friendships with them by talking to them.

Fight on planets full of aliens and homes of space pirates, and defeat enemies to obtain various supplies.


As you travel through space, you’ll encounter fleets of hostile forces, and sometimes conquest battles on planets.

In the war, you will mobilize all of your friends, battleships, tanks, and robots to fight, and as the scale grows, the battle will be quite powerful.

By winning the war, you can steal the opponent’s supplies, and it is also possible to conquer the planet by winning in the planet conquest battle.


If you have the necessary materials, you can make various things by combining them.

Including equipment, companions, battleships, etc., basically most things will be made from crafting.

Crafting allows you to create:

  • material
  • food
  • Equipment
  • item
  • fellow
  • vehicle
  • battleship

At first, you can only make a few types of things, but as the player’s level increases, the number of things you can make will increase.


As the player level increases, various skills can be learned.

There are many skills that are important for playing, such as dashing, hovering, and expanding skill slots!


There are various factions in this universe, some friendly and some hostile.

Friendly factions can help each other with trades, buying and selling fuel, etc., but encountering a hostile faction will lead to war.

Also, even if you were originally a friendly faction, if you start a fight from here, your relationship will deteriorate and eventually you will become a hostile faction, so you need to be very careful when starting a war.


Towns and cities can be conquered in conquest battles and can be built or purchased under certain circumstances.

With enough money, you can build various facilities such as hospitals and universities, and the development of your city also plays an important role in growing your faction’s strength.

Cities can be attacked by enemies, so you’ll need to defend them yourself or send in defenders led by your allies.

An ever-expanding open world

EFAS already has various planets, NPCs, and quests, and that alone is quite a volume.

However, in this game, the design tools that designers use in-house are made public so that anyone can add new content.

You can create new NPCs, quests, your own bases and even planets, so the content will expand pretty quickly.


This game has a multiplayer feature and up to 4 people can play together!

There are also battles on planets where you can’t bring your friends, such as planets with aliens and space pirates.

However, by playing multiplayer even in battles on such planets, up to four people can cooperate and challenge the battle.

Some of the stars are quite difficult to capture for multiplayer, so let’s work together to collect rare materials!

Web2 version as well as Web3 version

EFAS will be released in two versions, Web2 and Web3.

The only difference between the two is whether they include blockchain technology or not, and the content and updates are all the same.

token design

EFAS has a dual token system of $EFAS and $KPL.



  • Governance token in EFAS
  • The standard is the standard SPL of the Solana chain
  • Total supply is 100,000,000$EFAS

Acquisition method

Users will be rewarded for achieving extremely difficult gameplay achievements such as unifying the galaxy, building the strongest fleet, building the strongest commercial alliance, designing high-quality NFTs, and repelling the worst alien invasion.

Gameplay token allocation is 40% of the total.

Use applications

Used for marketplace fees and various service fees for administrative actions within EFAS such as creating guilds and companies. You can also earn rewards from treasury by staking.



  • Game token in EFAS
  • The standard is the standard SPL of the Solana chain
  • Total supply is 1,000,000,000$KPL

Acquisition method

You generate income by trading, completing adventures and mystery events, defeating enemies, industry and crafting, and providing services to other players.

Players can also open shops, businesses and cartels to generate profits.

There is a cap on the amount of $KPL you can earn per day, and the cap will change based on how long you have played, what items you have, and what achievements you have unlocked.

destination of consumption

Used to activate Battle Pass rewards, craft, mint NFTs, and pay for various services.

NFT design

Official NFT

NFT issued by management.

In addition to NFTs such as troops, vehicles, ships, and companions that play an important role in PVP, there are skin NFTs that change the appearance of player avatars and waifu characters.


NFTs created by users using UGC tools.

In order to prevent unlimited NFT issuance, it is necessary to pass the review before it is actually implemented.

About supporters

EFAS is looking for crowdfunding supporters.

If you become a supporter, you will not only be able to participate in Closed Alpha/Beta, but you will also receive various other exclusive content.

You can become a backer from this page.

How to get started with the demo version

EFAS currently supports only Windows , and does not support Macs or smartphones.

Also, since the specs are required to be high, a gaming PC is required .

Recommended specs

  • OS: WINDOWS® 7 SP1+, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required)
  • Processor: i7-8700 / Ryzen 7 2700 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia® GeForce GTX 1070/ AMD Radeon™ RX 5600 XT
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 30 GB available

How to start Web3 version

1. Purchase NFTs

You can play the Web3 version demo play by owning EFAS Companion NFT.

Purchase at MagicEden .

2. Register with Elixir

Sign up for Elixir here .

If you have already registered, please login.

3. Connect Solana Wallet to Elixir

Connect your Solana wallet holding the EFAS Companion NFT from .

4. Install Elixir Launcher

Install Elixir Launcher from the download link at the top of Elixir’s site.

5. Log in on Elixir Launcher

Start Elixir Launcher and log in. After that, check if the wallet connection is successful.

If the red circle part in the above image is shining, it is in a state of being connected.

If wallet connection is not possible, press CONNECT NOW from
to open the browser, and if Elixir on the browser is connected to the wallet, the wallet connection will be reflected on Elixir Launcher. increase.

6. Put EFAS on your wishlist

Add EFAS to your wishlist within GAMES on the Elixir Launcher.

By doing so, EFAS will appear in LIBRARY.

7. Download EFAS and start the game

If EFAS is displayed in LIBRARY, you should be able to download it as it is, so you can start the game by downloading it.

How to start the Web2 version (Steam)

1. Download on Steam

A trial version may be distributed on Steam for a limited time.

In that case, you can participate in the demo play by downloading the trial version from Steam.

The EFAS Steam version store page is here .

How to start Web2 version (Xsolla Launcher)

*Please note that we have not actually tried how to start with Xsolla, so we will explain how to start using only the survey results.

1. Become a supporter

Only supporters can participate in the Web2 version demo play outside of the period when the trial version is open to the public on Steam.

To become a backer, see About Backers.

2. Download the Xsolla Launcher

If you become a supporter, there is a Launcher download link at the bottom of the purchase confirmation email, so download Launcher from there.

Alternatively, you can find the download link by searching for “Xsolla Launcher” in Discord.

3. Enter your activation code to download EFAS

As soon as you become a backer, an activation code will be emailed to you.

With that code you can download EFAS on Xsolla.


EFAS is a very high quality game, and it’s a lot of fun to play .

Since it’s a Play and Earn game, it’s possible to earn money by playing the game, but in the worst case, I think it’s a game where you don’t have to earn money .

Also, since it supports multiplayer, it ‘s a nice element that you can play with your friends .

In the demo version, you can play multiplayer regardless of the Web2 or Web3 version, so you can play with friends who don’t play virtual currency!

And since the main focus is on PVE battles, I think it’s a game that’s easy to play even for people who haven’t played FPS before and aren’t confident about it, so I can recommend it!

Link Collection

official website
Supporter Recruitment HP
Elixir version store page
Steam version store page

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What is “Earth From Another Sun”?

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