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[Play to Earn] Recommended trading card games (TCG) that you can play for free

Nov 11, 2022

There are many TCG (Trading Card Game) type projects in Play to Earn.

Unlike the conventional TCG, the TCG type Play to Earn has the cards used in the game converted into NFTs, and it is common to earn money by buying and selling these NFTs.

There are games that can not be played without purchasing paid NFTs, but there are also TCG-type Play to Earn projects that can be played for free.

This time, we will feature the recommended TCG-type Play to Earn that you can play for free, so be sure to watch until the end.

①Sky Weaver

SkyWeaver is a trading card game type Play to Earn project that can be started for free.

Horizon Blockchain Games, a development company, has successfully raised approximately 5.7 billion yen in funding.

It attracted a lot of attention not only for the amount of funding, but also for the fact that unlike the conventional TCG-type Play to Earn, it can be started for free.

SkyWeaver game modes

SkyWeaver has two main game modes.

  1. ranked match
  2. Conquest

①Rank Match

Rank Match is a game mode where you can earn Silver NFT cards.

Win battles and climb the leaderboard.

It is a weekly ranking reward, and if you enter the top, you can get a silver NFT card every week.

Earned silver NFT cards can be sold on the marketplace, and you can earn money when the cards are sold.

② Conquest

Conquest is a mode where you can earn rare gold NFT cards.

Gold NFT cards are of great value and require 3 consecutive wins in PvP mode.

This mode requires a silver card or 1.5 USDC as a participation fee.

Gold NFT cards can also be sold on the Marketplace once earned.

SkyWeaver Roadmap

As of October 2022, the beta version of SkyWeaver has been released, but the release date of the official version has not been officially announced.

However, in the official SkyWeaver Discord, the community manager has stated that the full launch of the project is scheduled for December 31st.

Currently, there are no plans to issue original tokens, so it is highly likely that the game will be released with the method of winning battles, acquiring NFTs, and selling NFTs to earn money.

The project is attracting a lot of attention, such as the high amount of funding and the fact that you can earn money by playing for free, so let’s continue to check the official Discord and Twitter.


Official site:

②Gods Unchained

GodsUnchained is one of the most popular and well-known projects in Play to Earn.

The 2018-2019 Genesis Pack pre-sale generated approximately $6 million in sales.

In March 2022, it also announced that Immutable, which develops GodsUnchained, had successfully raised $200 million .

Few people who love blockchain games have heard of GodsUnchained.

The game is free to start, and you can earn NFT cards by winning battles in various game modes.

Tutorials and explanations on how to play the game are also substantial, so I think it’s easy to start.

Gods Unchained game modes

There are three main game modes in GodsUnchained.

  • solo mode
  • direct challenge
  • ranked match

①Solo mode

Solo mode is a game mode that does not generate rewards in a battle mode against computer AI.

It’s common to use it to try out your deck.

② Direct Challenge

Direct Challenge is a PvP game mode.

You can create a code with your friend and use that code to play against each other.

③Rank Match

Ranked Match is a mode where you play against players of the same rank, and if you win, you can rank up and earn various rewards.

Ranked Weekend Ranked Events and Daily Play to Earn are modes where you can earn card packs and $GODS.

Solo mode is a good way to familiarize yourself with the game and progress towards earning rewards in Ranked Matches.

Tokenomics of Gods Unchained

GodsUnchained is built on a $GODS-only single-token model.

$GODS is an ERC-20 standard token that is also used for governance and in-game rewards.


Official site:


Splinterlands is a TCG-style Play to Earn that you can play in your browser .

The GameFi project, which is well-known in Japan, has already released a game.

Splinterlands is characterized by its short battle time, which makes it difficult to get bored, and its high strategic nature.

How to play Splinterlands

Splinterlands is basically played by matching with other users, organizing decks, and battling.

There are rules and attributes specified for each battle, and it is necessary to organize the deck according to those rules.

Since you need to organize your deck after being matched, it’s a good idea to get used to it as you battle.

You can earn $DEC by winning battles and completing daily quests.

In addition, you can earn rewards by renting NFTs and ranking high in events.

Splinterlands Tokenomics

Splinterlands has two tokens, $SPS, a governance token, and $DEC, an in-game reward.

But in Splinterlands’ design, the in-game currency, ‘Creadits’, also plays a big role.

In-game cards and items can be purchased not only with $DEC, but also with Credits.

As you enjoy Splinterlands, pay attention to $SPS, $DEC, and the in-game currency, Creadits.


Official site:

④Cross the Ages

Cross the Ages is a free-to-play TCG-type blockchain game.

This is a large-scale project with 180 team members and more than 60 artists involved, and the graphics and other aspects of it are quite artistic .

Also, this project is based on the story of 7 novels.

It can be said that it is a notable blockchain game because many professional human resources such as developers, artists, and writers are involved.

About the game Cross the Ages

The basic way to play Cross the Ages is a one-on-one battle mode, and there is also a friend battle.

The maximum play time for one battle is 10 minutes, so even those who cannot secure time can enjoy the game.

Various rarities are implemented in the cards used in the game, and the acquisition method differs depending on the rarity.

It is a highly strategic trading card game, but it is also characterized by the good tempo of the battle.

Cross the Ages has built an economic zone with two off-chain currencies, Trisel and Prana, and $CTA, realizing more diverse gameplay.

Cross the Ages Roadmap

Cross the Ages has started early access as of October 2022, and you can play the game.

The official release was announced in October 2022, but has now been postponed.

*Regarding the release date, the management announced in the official Discord on October 21st that it is scheduled for November 16th, so it is believed that the official release date is not too far away.

Check the latest information on the official website, Twitter, and Discord.


Official site:


Spellfire is a trading card game type P2E that can be played by two or more players.

A general TCG-type blockchain game in which the player builds a deck using various NFT cards and competes with other players.

The NFT used in Spellfire’s game supports multiple chains and can be used with Ethereum, Solana, and BNB chains.

As of October 2022, it may not be very well known in Japan, but in 2019, it successfully raised $3.8 million in seed rounds.

About the Spellfire game

The Spellfire game is a mechanism that destroys the opponent’s empire while organizing your own deck and building an empire.

Destroy other players’ empires by using 7 types of champions: Cleric, Hero, Monster, Wizard, Psionist, Thief, and Regent.

Playing NFT Cards in the game become the player’s own as NFT, and it is also possible to sell and monetize on the marketplace.

You can also earn Spellfire’s utility token, $Spellfire, by battling.

Spellfire Tokenomics

Spellfire Tokenomics is a $Spellfire-only single-token model.

$Spellfire has utilities such as buying and staking NFT cards and in-game rewards.

Let’s enjoy the game by making good use of a wide variety of NFTs and $Spellfire.


Official site:


TCG type P2E that can be played for free

  • Sky Weaver
  • Gods Unchained
  • Splinterlands
  • Cross the Ages
  • Spellfire

There are many TCG (Trading Card Game) type P2E, but I think it would be a good idea to start with a game that you can start for free.

In addition to the projects introduced this time, blockchain games that can be started for free are increasing, so let’s do more research.

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