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[STEPN that does not walk] Verify how much you can earn with one Common of Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-! #PR

Feb 10, 2023

Finally, a Web3 game based on the captivating Captain Tsubasa has arrived! Its name is “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-“. It seems that some people are also called “STEPN that does not walk”.

What is it called? I actually purchased one Common player NFT and played it, so please see it with an image.

I’ve also tried to find out what’s wrong with it.

Disclaimer: This article is a PR article. We try to post the latest information, but the information may become outdated by any chance. Also, it is in no way an investment recommendation. We are not responsible for any disadvantages arising from the posted content or links. We ask that you use your own judgment when making investments.

History since launch

“Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” has caused multiple problems in the first week since its launch. The time series is as follows.

  • January 12th: Game Release
  • January 12: Discovered a bug that allowed users to withdraw more money than they had deposited in their wallets. Stop wallet withdrawals.
  • January 12: Fixed “Bug related to cooldown after minting” and “Bug displaying an error on the invitation code issuing page” other than Wallet.
  • January 16th: Bug fixes completed. Resume withdrawals.

Many users focused on a bug in the wallet function. It was said that anyone could withdraw more than the amount deposited. As for the operation, there was probably no other action that could be taken other than suspending withdrawals . However, it is also true that it was a measure that made users feel uneasy.

According to Producer Letter vol.3 , after the withdrawal was stopped, the management investigated the transaction history of all users and investigated whether or not they were making unauthorized withdrawals. Therefore, it seems that it took a long time to resume withdrawals. I can now withdraw normally, so I feel like the main problem has been wiped out.

In addition, it seems that we are improving and updating the game every day in response to requests from the community .

[With image] Play rival mode! Common revenue results

So, how does “STEPN without walking” make money? I will explain with the actual play screen. Even if you are a beginner, please try to imitate it.

First, when you log in to the game, the purchased NFT is displayed in the upper half of the screen. To play Rival Mode, click “RIVALS” at the bottom of the screen.

Then, the stage “〇〇” will be displayed, so please select according to the NFT you have. This time, we will select “Junior high school students” that anyone can participate if they have one.

stageParticipation conditions
Junior high school student edition1 or more NFTs
Jr. Youth EditionClear stage 4, 5, or 6 of the junior high school edition with 3 or more NFTs
Asian qualifierClear stage 3, 4 or 5 of Jr. Youth with 6 or more NFTs
World use edition9 or more NFTs Clear all stages of Asia Qualifiers
South America12 or more NFTs Clear all stages of the World Youth Edition

From there, select another stage. Depending on the stage, there are advantageous attributes, so it is recommended to play considering what attributes your NFT has.

stage numberstage nameStage details
1Stop the Hayabusa Fighters!Attribute: Agility (quick) Special Effect: None
2Ace killer Hayata tenacious tackleAttribute: skill Special Effect: None
3Phantom boy who took off the veilAttribute: toughness Special Effect: None
4Wild eagle of the North Sea in motionAttribute: agility (quick) Special effect: 150% UP for skill attribute players
5Immortal PrinceAttribute: Skill (technique) Special effect: Strength attribute players 150% UP
6Fierce Tiger Strikes BackAttribute: toughness (strength) Special effect: 150% UP for quick attribute players

When the stage is decided, click “Confrontation”. Click “OK” to start the game.

Choose a number higher than the displayed RP of the opponent. At this time, if you select the attribute value of “Bonus”, the amount of $TSUBASAUT you can get will increase.

For example, in this screen, the number of tokens obtained increases by 104% for speed and skill, and the amount obtained for strength, speed, and speed increases by 105%. I chose “1136” this time. To get a 105% increase, you must select two plus blue “Fast”.

Select any number and click “COMPLETE!” to display the win or loss. Once used, numbers cannot be used on the next turn, so choose carefully.

The 2nd turn, 3rd turn, and so on, and the final shot to the goal is displayed, and the game ends. Results are displayed.

When you return to the top, the energy is reduced by one.

This card only has 2 energies, so you can only play 1 more game.

Since I got 8.731$ TSUBASAUT once, it seems to be about 17.462$ TSUBASAUT for 2 times.

Since 1$ TSUBASAUT is about 83 yen (at the time of writing this article), even with the condition of “only one common player / only junior high school stage 1”About 1500 yen per dayI know I can make money.

However, Energy regenerates by 25% every 6 hours, so you can play again after 12 hours.

Since the price of NFT is also high overall, the result is that it will take some time to recover the original capital. *If the token price is maintained

If you want to earn money, it may be necessary to increase the level of players and increase the number of possessions.

4 tips to earn with Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-!

However, further ingenuity is required to earn maximum efficiency. Let’s look at them in order.

tips on how to earn

  • The more NFTs you have, the more energy you get
  • Need to upgrade players
  • Efficiency-oriented parameters
  • watch out for fatigue

Hold as many player NFTs as possible

Energy is consumed when playing rival mode. You can’t play when your Energy runs out, so you have to wait for it to recover. 1 Energy regenerates at 25% every 6 hours.

Your maximum Energy is determined by the number of players you have. The more players you have, the more times you can play in a day and the higher the rewards .

number of playersMaximum Energy

Even if you don’t use the players, it seems like it would be fine just to have them, so it seems like an option would be to buy two players and mint them to increase the number of players.

However, the white paper states:

It may be common to think of separate uses for main and energy, but in “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-“, we designed it on the premise that if you purchase multiple characters, you will be able to train multiple characters. I’m here.Quote: White Paper

Need to upgrade players

Players gain more $TSUBASAUT as they level up. In order to earn more $TSUBASAUT, it can be said that leveling up players is essential.

However, you must consume $TSUBASAUT to level up. As you can see from this table, a large amount of $TSUBASAUT is required only when going from level 20 to level 21.

Your strategy will change depending on whether you raise one player to level 20 or higher to increase the amount of $TSUBASAUT you earn, or whether you raise multiple players evenly.

The maximum amount of $TSUBASAUT that can be earned at level 20 is 160, so it seems that the amount spent will be recovered immediately, but be aware that it will take 1200 minutes (20 hours) to level up.

watch out for fatigue

Players used in the game will accumulate “fatigue”. The amount of Fatigue that accumulates differs depending on the stage, and it seems that the amount of $TSUBASAUT earned by a player who has accumulated a certain amount of Fatigue will decrease.

I would like to recover (refresh) it as often as possible, but I have to use $TSUBASAUT to recover fatigue. The $TSUBASAUT required for recovery will vary depending on the player’s rarity, level, and number of recoveries.

player rarity$TSUBASAUT required for one recovery
Common130 $TSUBASAUT × number of recoveries
Uncommon160 $TSUBASAUT × number of recoveries
Rare220 $TSUBASAUT × number of recoveries

The required $TSUBASAUT seems to change, for example, as follows.

  • When healing a Common player for the first time…


  • If it’s the second time you heal a Common player…


  • If it’s the third time you heal a Common player…


Therefore, if you recover many times, it is expected that the $TSUBASAUT used for recovery will eventually exceed the reward.

Since $TSUBASAUT is also necessary for leveling up players, strategies can be roughly divided into two.

Player Level Up: Moderate Refresh: Moderate Earning: LowAcquisition exceeds consumption quicklyThere is little $TSUBASAUT left at hand
Player Level Up: Aggressive Refresh: Modest Earning: HighAcquisition is slow to exceed consumptionI have a lot of $TSUBASAUT left at hand

It is up to the user to decide whether to focus on reducing consumption or focusing on acquisition.

[Fatigue countermeasures] Set the parameter to Resilience

By leveling up your players or clearing the game, you can earn status P and proficiency. Status P can be assigned to the PvE mode parameter, and proficiency can be assigned to the PvP mode VS parameter.

There are three parameters in Rival Mode (PvE Mode) that can be played as of January 2023.

  • Efficiency: Affects the amount of $TSUBASAUT earned
  • Resilience: Affects player fatigue
  • Luck: Affects the drop rate of treasure chests

The most important parameters here are Efficiency and Resilience .

However, you can also increase the amount of $TSUBASAUT you earn through other means, such as leveling up. Fatigue can only be dealt with parameters or support characters.

Support characters, just like STEPN slots, require $TSUBASAUT to unlock slots, and you have to purchase support characters, so there is a large consumption of $TSUBASAUT.

Therefore, if you want to reduce fatigue, it is recommended to assign status P to Resilience. Let’s reduce the frequency of refreshes by making players less likely to fatigue.

Close to launch? Deep dive into PvP!

PvP mode as indicated in-game as “Coming Soon…”. I thought it would be a simple game like the PvE mode, but it looks like it’s going to be a game with a lot of strategy.

How is it different from PvE? I will explain based on the white paper.

PvE (rival mode)PvP
What you need to participateEnergy・NFTPvP Participation Ticket/NFT
Minimum number of NFTs required1 sheetThree
reward$TSUBASAUT・Treasure Chest・Rival Piece・Skill Level・PvP Participation Ticketrival piece

What are the “rival pieces” obtained in PvP mode?

As you can see from the table, in PvP, you fight by competing for items called “Rival Pieces”. The winner gets the rival piece, and the loser loses the rival piece.

In the first place, the rival piece is one of the six divisions of the “rival card”. If you collect Rival Pieces and get Rival Cards, you can participate in the lottery for the following rewards.

  • Player NFT
  • Support character
  • mint scroll
  • proficiency, etc.

Details have not been revealed, but it seems that the rewards obtained will differ depending on the type of rival card.

Main flow of PvP mode

In PvP mode, various elements such as team formation, commands, special moves, buffs, command compatibility, traps, etc. are added. The main flow is as follows.

  • Select a rival piece as a reward
  • form a team
  • GK (goalkeeper) selection
  • choose a helper
  • Select the player and command to use for that turn
  • A showdown begins, and the one with the higher RP wins
  • This is repeated for 3 turns, and the winner is determined.
  • Winner gets rival piece, loser loses rival piece

The game seems to be divided into 3-player, 6-player, and 9-player teams. It may mean that a player must have at least 3 NFTs to participate in PvP .

In addition, there are GK that can be used for free and premium GK that can be purchased. It is unknown how much the Premium GK will cost, but since it can only be used for 168 hours, many people will use the free version.

In addition, “helper” will appear as an element different from PvE. Backer rental is a system that allows you to use players used by other users as backers. If you register any player as a helper from the “rental office” before the game starts, you can use it in the game.

Rented players can be used by both the lending side and the borrowing side at the same time. Moreover, it seems that proficiency is given as an incentive to the lender.

Since you need to have 3 or more NFTs to participate in PvP mode, and you can get incentives for renting, if you plan to do PvP, make sure you have 3 or more NFTs.

“Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” kicked off with a turmoil

“Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” was suspended immediately after the game was released.

Many users will have left at that time.

However, from the producer’s letter this time, I think we were able to confirm that they are seriously facing Web3 games.

The PvP mode that will be released in the future will definitely increase the strategic nature and make the game more enjoyable for users. Attention will be focused on future trends.

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