Zaif INO to hold first NFT sale

Chain Colosseum Phoenix NFTs

On the 26th of October, Kaika Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaika Financial) announced information on the Chain Colosseum Phoenix Genesis NFT (non-fungible token) pre-sale information.

Chain Colosseum Phoenix’s Genesis NFT “Summoning Book” will be released at the NFT marketplace “Zaif INO”, which is scheduled to open soon and specializes in primary sales of blockchain game NFTs.

Zaif INO supports multi-chains and is expected to be used for projects at the time of launching new NFTs and scaling up. It is said that the quality is guaranteed because it is a pre-screening system.

Chain Colosseum Phoenix is ​​a Web3 (decentralized web) game app that incorporates Game-Fi (game + finance) elements. It is a product developed by METAVERSE.INC in the Philippines, which has received an official grant from the game-specific blockchain Oasys.

Players can earn game currency by fighting various monsters by making full use of the characters summoned from the “summoning book” and winning. Characters and earned game currency can be traded on the marketplace or swapped for other tokens.

Chain Colosseum Phoenix will be released on MCH-verse, L2 (Layer 2) of Oasys. Therefore, as a requirement to participate in the Genesis NFT “Summoning Book” pre-sale, it is necessary to possess the following assets at the MCH verse wallet address.

  • 250 MCHC tokens (excluding the number of LPs provided)
  • Own Legendary Heroes from My Crypto Heroes
  • Holding an MCH Verse Pass
  • *Snapshots will be taken on unspecified days from October 26th to the sale date.

In addition, as a purchaser benefit, OAS tokens that can be used in the game will be granted. In addition, the details of the pre-sale of Chain Colosseum Phoenix Genesis NFT “Summoning Book” at Zaif INO are as follows.

  • Sales method: 2 times in total of pre-sale + public sale
  • *If the pre-sale reaches the sales limit, the public sale will not be held.
  • Sales period: Scheduled for November 2022
  • Purchase method: AVAX (Avalanche C-Chain) payment
  • Sales quantity: 10000 Summoner’s Book
  • Sales price: To be determined *Will be notified later in consideration of AVAX price fluctuation
  • Purchase limit: Up to 5 per sale per address
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