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What is Treeverse? A thorough explanation of the noteworthy MMORPG that sold out 10,000 NFTs

Aug 29, 2022

“Treeverse” is a combination of the words “Tree” and “Metaverse”.

Even before the game’s release, NFTs are already so popular that they sell out in an hour.

So what is it about this game that captures the hearts of players? This article will introduce you to Treeverse.

Find out in this article

  • Overview of Treeverse
  • 3 types of NFTs and their differences
  • Features and charm
  • Currently known content

What is Treeverse: A popular MMORPG for mobile with unique NFTs

Treeverse is an Open world MMORPG for mobile.

“MMORPG”is an abbreviation for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.It sounds somewhat difficult, but it is just a large number of people who can play at the same time. Recently, MMORPG-related games such as Elemental Knight Online have been attracting attention.

This game has an atmosphere same of “The Legend of Zelda”, where you can play battles and explore with friends!

When the game was released on August 1st, it was so popular that 10420 NFTs sold out in an hour.

Although the token has not yet been listed, many people are already looking forward to it.

Traverse features Unique NFTS and Mobile Compatibility

There have been a lot of MMORPGs that have been released so far, but Traverse has a different feature.

Features of Treeverse

  • 3 unique NFTs
  • MMORPG for mobile

3 Unique NFTRs: Nftrees, Plots, and Timeless

Traverse has three types of NFTs.

3types of NFTs

  • Nftrees
  • Plots
  • Timeless

All these have already been released and are currently available through secondary distribution.
In particular, “Nftrees” has a fairly high floor price of 13.5 ETH.

Nftrees: Trees with floor price 13.5ETH

NFT Trees

  • Number of supplies: 420
  • Floor price (as of August): 13.5ETH

There are various fruit-bearing trees with buffs. The kind of fruit depends on the rarity but the details are still unknown. As the owner, you can sell the price of the fruits you make and sell them to other players. The owner will only get 90% of the amount set and the remaining 10% will be burned.

Plots: Land on which buildings can be built or rented


  • Number of supplies: 10420
  • Floor price (as of August): 0.88 ETH

It’s like an NFT on land. 420 plots out of the 10420 have been airdropped to Nftrees owners. The purchase of the other 10,000 plots has already ended and there will be no new releases in the future. If you want to buy it now, you have no choice but to purchase it through secondary distributors.

You can then build any building you like on the plot. Once built, it can be your private home or be open to the public as a facility. It seems that you can also use it to rent land to adventurers and earn real estate income!

Timeless: CC0’s Avatar Skin


  • Number of supplies: 11111
  • Floor (as of August): 0.4 ETH

These are avatar skins NFT with an anime style! It is a skin NFT that you often see in other games but Timeless has CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) as their biggest feature!

Rights of these have been revoked and the owner of the NFT can use it in other metaverses. Timeless was free to mint for Plots and Nftrees holders only. Currently, like other NFTs, it can only be obtained through secondary distribution.

Mobile MMORPG: PC will be released after mobile

Most blockchain MMORPGs released so far were mainly for PC but Treeverse is on mobile. There are plans to release it to PC but the first goal is to release it on mobile. To start with a simple procedure where you can just install and play.

However, capacity tends to be a problem for mobile devices, so keep an eye out for future development!

Meet the Traverse Team: Members who were involved in League of Legends

Developed by Endless Clouds and Co-founded by NFT investors Loopify and Aizea.

It seems that the team has some people who have been involved in League of Legends and Rainbow 6 Siege in the past, so we have high expectations!

In addition, AnimocaBrands, SkyVision Capital, etc. seem to be supporting as partners.

Traverse Past Funding: AnimocaBrands

Traversee launched in October 2021 and has raised funds of $25 Million (about 3.3 Billion Yen) at the moment. Participants include IDEO Ventures, Animoca Brands, SkyVision Capital, Stani Kulechov, and Angel Investors. The inclusion of Animoca Brands makes this a promising project.

How to play Treevers: Adventure, Building, and Battle

So what kind of content will be available after the release? There are there types that we know so far:

Game Content:

  • Adventure
  • Building
  • Battle

Adventure: Advancing through the story and challenging quests

By advancing in the story, you will be able to receive quests from NPCs. Quests are set to occur when certain conditions are met or when a certain location is reached/ So you can explore the world of Traverse at your own pace! You can also generate subquests for yourself.

Construction: Build a house on your own land and utilize it

In the world of Treeverse, you will be collecting materials and resources to be used to build a house on your own land. The house you built can be made public to all adventurers, or you can make it private and invite some friends such as guild members.

An invited person may be able to manufacture weapons in the building. Then you can can sell it to other adventurers and make money.

Battle: Strengthen your equipment and Defeat monsters with your friends

The real thrill of an open world is, of course, co-op play with friends! Treeverse is no exception as you can fight monsters with your friends! We’re still looking forward to seeing what kind of enemies and monsters will appear.

Will PvP be implemented?

So far, everything said has been about PvE (Player versus Environment), isn’t it? So will PvP content be prepared? We found that yes, it will be implemented ion the future but so far it does not include PvP elements at the moment. There are many games like Monster Hunter that can be enjoyed without PvP, so keep an eye on the future developments.

Traverse Summary

“Treeverse” is a fantasy open world MMORPG that can be started for free with an atmosphere like “The Legend of Zelda”. It seems that the white paper is still being prepared, and only limited information is available. Nevertheless, the number of Twitter followers has already exceeded 80,000, and NFT is so popular that the floor price is tens of thousands of yen.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to follow through social media for updates?

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