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STEPN Hosts Fan Art Contest 

May 26, 2022

STEPN announced on April 22 that it would hold a contest for animated stickers created by users. 

The ten sticker creators selected as grand prize winners will be featured on Discord and receive GMT worth $10,000. 

In addition, four nominees will receive a GMT worth $2,000. 
The competition will run from April 21 at 23:59 (GMT) until May 4. 
The application procedure is as follows. 

How to apply 

  • Follow @stepnofficial and @stepnexclusive on Twitter 
  • Create an animated sticker with three different themes: “Laughter,” “Sadness,” and “Congratulations.” 
  • Post on Twitter with “@stepnexclusive” and “#STEPNStickerContest 
  • The results will announce on Twitter on May 8, and the grand prize winner will decide by voting by the nominee award winners 

Stickers must be created according to the following rules. 

Important notes

  • 320px x 320px 
  • Format: PNG and GIF 
  • Capacity of 500 kB or less 
  • Animation 
  • Must be related to STEPN and consistent with the current sneaker style 
  • Must be drawn by yourself from scratch. However, STEPN logos or anything inspired by NFT is acceptable 
  • Stickers must be appropriate; NSFW, political, or discriminatory entries will not count 

The nominated award-winning entries will be used on Discord, the official website, Twitter, etc. 

STEPN implemented the long-unimplemented top-rare “Epic” sneaker one day before the contest announcement. 

It has actively organized user-participation events, such as distributing sneakers in collaboration with ASICS through a raffle and holding an Easter event.

What is STEPN? 

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle application that incorporates social Fi and game Fi elements. 

Users can “Move-to-Earn” by purchasing NFT sneakers and linking them to GPS. 

Since the beta version was released in December 2021, the app’s popularity has not stopped, and the price of the sneakers has skyrocketed to at least $100,000. 

The GST earned in tokens can be used to increase the status of sneakers and synthesize them to create new sneakers. 

Previously supported only by Solana, the company announced in March that Binance would also keep it.


Official website:
Link to the announcement:

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