Speed Star Launches Racing Feature [Token Withdrawal Also Available]

On April 25, Speed Star launched races.

Overview of Races

Races are held once an hour, with 24 races (Rounds) per day.

The current entry process seems smooth, as one race per hour holds at multiple racetracks.

Rewards for Races

Horses participating in races will earn $STAR tokens as rewards, and players (jockeys) will reach $JOC tokens.

Rewards will vary depending on the race standings, with the first-place horse and rider receiving 30 times the base reward.

Horse Rewards

Rewards for jockeys

The rewards allocated vary depending on the number of participants in each race, so the rewards earned will also vary.

Hiring costs for racing

You can either “do it yourself” or “hire another player” to be the jockey for a race.

Hiring a jockey costs 500$SPEED as a hiring fee.

Riding a jockey with as high a Mastery Rank as possible will increase the horse’s status.

Tokens can now be withdrawn.

You can now withdraw $SPEED, $STAR, $JOC, and other tokens from within the game.

To withdraw tokens:

  1. Log in to Speed Star and connect MetaMask
  2. Select “Menu
  3. Select “Transfer
  4. Select “Tokens
  5. Select “Withdraw
  6. Select Tokens from “Select Token
  7. Enter the quantity and select “Withdraw

Tokens can be bought and sold through SushiSwap.

Wild Horse Run mode will be implemented in May.

The Speed Star team mentioned their plans for May in the official discord.

Content Summary

  • Yield Farming with $JOC and other tokens to be released within 1-2 weeks after the race
  • Implement Wild Horse Run mode when horses start aging
  • Plans to expand the pasture and increase $STAR burn

Wild Horse Run Mode is a horse expedition mode with 1-30 days.

The horse will lock for the period, but you will reward it with tokens (material tokens) and wild horses at the end of the period.

The longer the duration, the more rewards can be earned, but the tips are different for horse owners and riders.

SpeedStar Overview

Speed Star is a racetrack simulation game with a “work to play to earn” theme.

It is a blockchain game on the Harmony chain and allows players to earn monetary rewards by working on the Starverse.

It is not just a horse-breeding game but features “earning rewards while realizing various ways of working,” such as training horses, breeding horses, and participating in races.

In addition to “working,” players can also participate as spectators (gamblers) who purchase horse tickets, which expects to create a unique economic sphere that encourages the inflow of funds from outside sources.

Speed Star attracts a great deal of attention as a project that improves the problems (Ponzi scheme) in conventional P2E.


Official website: https://speedstargame.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpeedStarGame

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/speedstar-game

White paper: https://docs.speedstar.io/en/speed-star/speed-star

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