PlayStation conducts research on NFTs at EVO

It has become a hot topic that PlayStation took a survey on NFT purchases.

The questionnaire was taken during the world’s largest fighting game tournament “EVO” held from August 5th.

@snorlaxownz posted a screenshot of the survey on Twitter.

The contents are as follows.

Which of the following NFT/Digital Collectibles do you want the most?

①EVO brand

②Favorite musician

③Favorite esports player/team

④PlayStation items

⑤ Favorite game character

The incident does not appear to be related to the previously announced PlayStation Stars loyalty program.

It was said that “PlayStationStars” would offer digital collectibles, but comments have been made that it does not use blockchain technology.

This poll is not a definite indication that PlayStation will issue NFTs.

However, for the game industry, NFT is already something we have to be aware of. While Minecraft announced the ban on NFTs , Square Enix announced the issuance of NFTs

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