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[NEXT STEPN?] M2E “DEFY,” a hot topic, is explained

May 16, 2022

DEFY is a P2E mobile game built on Polygon (Matic).

Explore an AR world synchronized with an accurate world map and hack the towers that appear.

Although often described as a Walk to Earn similar to STEPN, DEFY is more of a “location-based game.” Famous examples are Pokemon Go and Dracula Walk.

Location-based games are attracting domestic and international attention, and Pokémon GO has generated 550 billion yen in revenue since its launch five years ago.

How to Play

An alpha version of the game is currently available, and to join, you must authenticate your wallet on Discord and fill out a registration form.

The gameplay procedure is as follows.

Basic play

①Scan for towers in the vicinity
②Hacking Play mini-games to hack towers
③Steal After hacking a tower, walk around and collect wallets.
④Bank Leave the hexagonal area and deposit your wallets in the bank.
⑤Decrypt Play the puzzle game to decrypt the wallet
⑥Pledge Exchange the FCOIN obtained by solving the wallet for $DEFY

About NFT Mask

There are two classes of NFT masks.

Two types of masks

①Generic Masks
②Premium masks

Premium mask holders have significant advantages over generic masks. In particular, holding a premium mask is mandatory to obtain DEFY tokens. Various additional benefits will be added in the future.

The mask NFT Phase 2 will be mint on April 30. Invitations will be distributed to holders of the existing cover NFT. The number of bodies is small compared to the number of invitation tickets, so it is not necessarily possible to Mint the masks.

About Tokens 

There are two types of currency in DEFY. 

Two types of currency 

①FCOIN: In-game currency (non-crypto asset) 
②$DEFY: Governance Utility Token 

FCOIN (Future Systems Coin) 

FCOIN are in-game points used for in-app rewards. 

How to earn 

FCOIN can earn in-game by hacking towers spread around the world. 

Use Cases 

FCOIN can be used to purchase and upgrade in-game assets. 


Governance and utility tokens in the DEFY ecosystem (total issuance: 25000000000000). 

How to Earn 

Premier Scumas holders can exchange their FCOINs for DEFY. 

Use Cases 

It uses to purchase NFT assets in-game and as a governance token via the DEFY DAO. 

Partners / Financing

Partners include names such as PathDAO in addition to animoca BRANDS. 


Phase 2: Q2 2022

  • Mobile app alpha release
  • Phase 2NFT Mint
  • Token Public Presale
  • Token DEX/CEX List
  • P2E Economy Launch

Phase 3: Q3-Q4 2022

  • Mobile app beta release
  • Mobile app v1.0 release
  • Land Sale
  • NFT Mask Mint
  • Launch of Sovereign Mask NFT Class
  • Faction and PVP Launch

Phase 4: Q1-Q2 2023

  • Customizable virtual space with LAND Creator platform
  • Avatars
  • Further development of gameplay and gaming economy


Official website:

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