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[MMOSLG] Commentary on the notable P2E project Land of Conquest

Sep 7, 2022

Land of Conquest is MMOSLG type blockchain game on BNB chain. So, it is a GameFi project that will continue to attract attention in the future. *SLG: Simulation game

There are many ways to play, such as purchasing LandNFT and participating as an investor, or participating in gameplay for free.

As of July 22, 2022, the game has not been released, but you can expect to see well-known VCs such as Huobi Ventures as partners.

Find out in this article

  • Features of Land of Conquest
  • Land of Conquest game system
  • About the Land of Conquest team
  • Tokenomics in Land of Conquest
  • Land of Conquest Roadmap

Three features of Land of Conquest

The features of Land of Conquest are as follows.

  • MMOSLG with PVP and PVE modes
  • Free to play and plenty of ways to play
  • GameFi project in which a famous VC participates as a partner

MMOSLG with PVP and PVE modes

Land of ConquestMMOSLG with PVP and PVE modes

You can earn rewards by winning and playing an active part in each battle mode.

Mainly, PVP is a mode played by gamers who have purchased Hero NFT, and PVE is a mode that can be played by free gamers.

It also features Clash of Clans-like visuals and is likely to become popular.

Free to play and plenty of ways to play

Land of ConquestDesigned to be enjoyed by users who want to play for free and users who want to play games in earnestIt has been.

If you want to enjoy it for free, you can download the app and play the game without purchasing NFT.

Free players mainly play the game in PVE mode, collect resources, and operate a farm with the acquired resources.

If you want to participate in earnest, it is better to purchase a paid hero NFT or land NFT and play the game.

GameFi project in which a famous VC participates as a partner

In the Land of Conquest,Strong partners such as Huobi Ventures and Bitrueis involved.

Partners are also an important part of assessing the value and future potential of a project.

In the future, as the project progresses, such as after the launch of the game, there is a possibility that we will have new partners.

Don’t miss out on information about partnering with GameFi projects, not just Land of Conquest.

[Land of Conquest] Game Modes and NFTs

Learn about Land of Conquest game modes and NFTs.

The game hasn’t launched yet, but it’s important to understand game modes and important NFTs.

The roadmap includesThe official launch of the game is in the fourth quarter of 2022It has been described as.

game mode

The game modes of Land of Conquest are mainly 1) PVP and 2 ) PVE , and 3) multiplayer battles will be implemented in the future.


PvP isAttack each other’s cities, and if you win, you can acquire the resources of the other city.mode.

In addition to attacking yourself, you can also form alliances and attack other players’ cities.

The specific reward amount has not yet been disclosed.


PVE is a mode in which you defeat various monsters in the wilderness to acquire resources and raise the level of your army.

Depending on the strength of the monster, the amount of resources that can be obtained will differ, and there are strong monsters that cannot be defeated by oneself.

For this reason,Form alliances with other players to defeat monstersThere will also be a need.

multiplayer battle

Multiplayer Battles is a game mode that will not be implemented at the time of the game’s release, but will be implemented in the future.

A large number of people can compete in real timeIt looks like they are planning to implement it.

It will be possible to play using chat when planning strategies and forming alliances to defeat opponents.

If the above is implemented as planned, it may become a popular blockchain game with many players participating.

Types of NFTs

There are three important NFTs in playing Land of Conquest.


I will explain each.


LAND NFT is a total of 22,500 NFTs sold, and when purchased, it is possible to acquire 8 x 8 minutes of land in the game.

As you win battles, acquire resources, and use resources to upgrade your fortresses, LAND NFT land will be developed.

It is a system that allows you to increase your rewards by developing LAND NFTs and earning development points.


Detailed information about HERO NFT is not currently available in the whitepaper.

However, the image shows three types of NFTs, ①LYNWOOD, ②MONICA, and ③ANTHONY, and it is possible that they have different attributes and types.

Also, only armies with HERO NFTs will be able to earn $XTAL in-game rewards.

HERO NFTs can play an important role in in-game battles, so let’s check them out.


MECH NFT increases the efficiency of acquiring resources in the game, increases the defense rate in battle, etc. NFTs that play an important role in advancing the game

Each MECH NFT has a set quality and category, and each MECH has various effects.


  • SSR
  • SR
  • R

There are 3 levels of quality SSR is the highestis.

The higher the quality, the higher the effect that can be demonstrated, and it is possible to advance the game advantageously.


  • Weapons: Mainly useful in battle, defending your fortress and increasing attack power
  • Farm Equipment: Increase efficiency with available resources
  • Industrial Machinery: Useful for building construction efficiency and upgrades

There are three types of categories, and the effect that can be used differs depending on each category.

Land of Conquest team/partner

Land of Conquest partners are listed above.

Famous VC such as Huobi Ventures and famous exchanges such as Bybit, MEXC, Gates participating as a partner.

The specific company name of the Land of Conquest development team has not been disclosed, but the leader of the development team seems to have more than 10 years of game development experience.

Land of Conquest Tokenomics

In Land of Conquest, keep the following three tokens and currencies.

  • $SLG
  • $XTAL

I will explain in order.


$SLG is the governance token of Land of Conquest, with a total issued number of 1 billion.

It is mainly used to purchase in-game NFTs and can also be staked.

The token allocation for $SLG is as follows.

On July 19th, the $SLG Launchpad was held at bybit.


$XTAL is a token that can be earned as a reward for Play to Earn in the game, and the total issued number is 10 billion.

It can be exchanged for $SLG in-game, and it seems that the exchange will be calculated according to the price of $SLG.

The main utility is enhancement and staking of NFT in the game.

Currently, it is not listed yet, so it cannot be purchased.


LOC GOLD is a coin that acts as an in-game currency.

Although it is an in-game currency, LOC GOLD and USDT can be exchanged as shown in the figure above.

The ratio when exchanging is 1:10, and it seems that 10 LOC GOLD is consumed as a fee at the time of exchange.

Land of Conquest: Summary

Land of Conquest Summary

  • MMOSLG with PVP and PVE modes
  • Free to play and plenty of ways to play
  • GameFi project in which a famous VC participates as a partner

Land of Conquest is a full-fledged MMOSLG like Clash of Clans, and a promising project with some famous VC partners.

The game itself has not been launched, and there are many unknowns, but it is a P2E worth paying attention to in the future.

As for the roadmap plan, LAND NFT and MECH NFT sales will be held soon

So check back for updates.

Land of Conquest: Link

Official site:
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