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How to Download MetaMask

Jun 15, 2022

MetaMask is a crypto asset (virtual currency) wallet that can manage, send, receive, and connect virtual currency (tokens) to related services. As the term implies, a virtual currency wallet is a “wallet that can store (virtual) currency” and can manage blockchain-based virtual currencies issued worldwide.

This article explains how to download the virtual currency wallet MetaMask!

For more information about the virtual currency wallet MetaMask, please check out the related article below before downloading it.

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MetaMask download procedure

  • Prepare your PC or smartphone
  • Go to the official MetaMask website
  • Initial setup

(1) Prepare your PC/smartphone.

The virtual currency wallet “MetaMask” can be used on PCs and smartphones. Therefore, use it on your PC at home. When you are out of the office, you can operate and manage your tokens from an app downloaded on your smartphone.

Metamask downloaded on a PC or smartphone can be synchronized with a Metamask downloaded later, even if you downloaded it on one of them. For example, suppose you have downloaded and set up Metamask on your PC and deposited the token. Even if you then download MetaMask from the smartphone app, your account information will be shared, so there is no need to create a separate account.

(2) Go to the official MetaMask website

Let’s move to the official site to download MetaMask (MetaMask).

After moving to the official site, select “Download” > “Install MetaMask for Chrome” in the upper right corner of the top page. (* This time, we explain how to download using GoogleChrome.)

Notes on downloading

MetaMask can only be used with browser wallets and applications. Therefore, please download from Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Microsoft Edge for PCs. For smartphones, you can download it from either iTunes or Google Store.

After navigating, the download screen will appear in the Chrome Web Store. Execute the download from “Add to Chrome” > “Add Extension” in the upper right corner.

After downloading, “MetaMask” will be added to the upper right corner of your browser. In the standard view, it does not display, so select the “pin mark” next to “MetaMask” from the “mark in the upper right corner” and set it to be displayed.

The download is complete here!

(3) Initial settings

Selecting the displayed icon will take you to the above screen. Select “Start” to configure the initial settings.

Select “Create Wallet” on the right side for initial setup. Select ” Import Wallet ” if you previously created an account and wish to restore that wallet, select “Import Wallet.

From here, set a “password” to access MetaMask each time. Enter any password you wish in both “New Password (at least eight characters)” and “Confirm Password,” review the Terms of Service, place a checkmark in the box, and then select “Create.”

Next, set the “Secret Recovery Phrase.” This Secret Recovery Phrase is used to backup and restore your account. Select “Click here to view secret words” with the “key symbol” to display 12 English words.

Save this to a memo or other offline location. Note them down as indicated in the order.


Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with a third party. If it leaks, there is a very high possibility that someone will log in to your account and steal your assets, and you will not be able to get the Secret Recovery Phrase from MetaMask management or the project, so do not tell them.

Finally, check the Secret Backup Phrase. The 12 English words you wrote down earlier are shown in a blue box, so select them in order. After choosing all in order, select “Confirm.”

Select “All Done” on the above screen to complete the initial setup!

From here, you can deposit, withdraw, and manage your virtual currency (tokens) and use the Swap function, so enjoy your virtual currency life!

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