How to Add the Harmony (ONE) Chain to MetaMask

Overview of MetaMask

MetaMask is a crypto asset (virtual currency) wallet that can manage, send, receive, and connect various virtual coins (tokens) to related services. A virtual currency wallet is, as the term implies, “a wallet that can (store) virtual currency” and can manage blockchain-based virtual currencies issued worldwide.

This article will show you how to add the Harmony (ONE) chain to your MetaMask virtual currency wallet!


If you have already downloaded the “MetaMask” virtual currency wallet, go to the next section, “How to Connect MetaMask to the Harmony (ONE) Chain,” to connect your wallet to the Harmony (ONE) chain.

Also, if you have not downloaded and set up MetaMask, please check out the related articles below for more information on MetaMask and how to download it.

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How to connect the Harmony (ONE) chain to MetaMask

MetaMask is initially only able to manage tokens associated with the Ethereum and ETH chains. Therefore, you may lose your assets if you transfer tokens from the “Harmony (ONE) chain” to an address displayed in the Ethereum chain.

Therefore, from here on, let’s add the “Harmony (ONE) Chain” to your meta mask and set it up so that you can deposit tokens associated with the Harmony (ONE) Chain!

1. Open the Wallet Extension

Open the Wallet Extension (MetaMask) and select the topmost network drop-down menu labeled “Ethereum Mainnet” in the image.

2. Add a network(1)

Next, select “Add Network.”

3. Add Network(2)

Finally, enter the following information in each field shown in the image above. After completing the input, select “Save” to complete the addition of the Harmony (ONE) chain.


Network Name: Harmony Mainnet
Chain ID: 1666600000
Currency symbol: ONE
URL of block explorer:

4. Setup complete

You now connect to the Harmony (ONE) chain in your MetaMask account!

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