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Featured BCG “Speed Star” Launches 5 Missions to Win Wild Horse Packs

Jun 14, 2022

The racetrack simulation game “Speed Star” has launched five missions to win Wild Horse Packs.

They are available from March 16, 6 p.m. to March 30, 2022, at 6 p.m. (Japan time).

What are SpeedStar’s “5 Missions”?

Players earn the chance to receive a “Lucky Draw Ticket” by checking in on the appropriate page for five days using $SPEED tokens.

Possession of a Lucky Draw Ticket entitles the player to a drawing for a Wild Horse Pack.

The $SPEED tokens required for the 5-day check-in are as follows.

  • Day 1: 1,000 $SPEED
  • Day 2: 2,000 $SPEED
  • Day 3: 3,000 $SPEED
  • Day 4: 4,000 $SPEED
  • Day 5: 5,000 $SPEED

If you have a lucky draw ticket, the lottery button will appear.

The number of check-ins will reset when the lucky draw ticket earns.

It is also possible to earn two lucky draw tickets by repeating the check-in process twice within five days.

If you win two tickets, you will be entitled to two drawings and may win two packs.

A total of 220 packs of prizes are available, and those who participate have a 50% chance of winning.

However, it is essential to note that once the prizes (Wild Horse Packs) are gone, the right to the drawing will not be given.
*Only horse owners are eligible to participate in this event.

The game launch schedule is for 3/31.

To receive 100 $STAR on launch day, packs must be opened and upgraded by 3/31.

SpeedStar Overview

Speed Star is a racetrack simulation game with a “work to play to earn” theme.

It is a blockchain game on the Harmony chain and allows players to earn monetary rewards by working on the Starverse.

It is not just a horse-breeding game but features “earning rewards while realizing various ways of working,” such as training horses, breeding horses, and participating in races.

In addition to “working,” players can also participate as spectators (gamblers) who purchase horse tickets, which expects to create a unique economic sphere that encourages the inflow of funds from outside sources.

Speed Star attracts a great deal of attention as a project that improves the problems (Ponzi schemes) in conventional P2E.

SpeedStar Details

Official website:

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