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Defina thorough commentary(Part2:Play&Earn)

Apr 7, 2022

⑤ How to download the game

1.Access Defina (

2.Select the device to play

  1. [For Windows or Mac] Download Chainge.exe

For Android, download the APK file from the website.
For iOS, you need to download Testflight from the iOS Store.

⑥ Play the game and earn $ FINA

good job for today. We have seen the following steps to get you started with Defina.

  1. Buy $ FINA to use to buy NFT
  2. Buy Hero NFTs or Mystery Boxes
  3. Create a game account & game wallet
  4. Transfer $ FINA and heroes from your wallet to your game wallet
  5. Download the game

From now on, we are at the stage of actually playing the game and earning $ FINA.

Game mode and how to play

Stamina system

Stamina is required to participate in Adventure Mode (PVE) and Arena Mode (PVP) matches. Consume 1 stamina for each battle.

Defeating in PVE Battles or PVP Arena Challenges does not reduce your stamina. Stamina is reset daily at 9am.

The amount of stamina depends on the amount of NFT hero cards you have in your account (see table below).

Number of NFTs ownedstamina
4-7 sheets20
8 to 16 sheets40
17 sheets ~60

Adventure mode (PVE)

In adventure mode, players team up with four heroes to unlock different chapters.

As you unlock, your enemies will become stronger, but your experience points and FINA will also increase.

Also, in adventure mode, stamina is not consumed even if you lose in battle.

How to play adventure mode

1.Press “Adventure” in the main menu

2.Select an unlocked area

The area with the lock mark is locked. You will not be able to access it until you have completed the last level in the area.

3.Make a formation before starting the battle

Create a team to sortie and start the battle.

If you succeed in a three-star battle, you can use the quick battle function to skip the battle scene, claim rewards, and earn XP.

Quick battle is a convenient function that can be used for leveling.

Vricos Tower Mode (PVE)

Vrykos Tower is a PVE (Player-Versus-Environment) based game mode.

Players will be given a random bounty quest and will be rewarded for completing it.

① Normal quest

FINA is required to start the Bounty Quest and the Bounty Quest admission fee is non-refundable.

“❗” at the bottom left of the screen is the assignment level. It reflects the amount of Bounty XP earned.

The higher the assignment level, the more likely it is that you will find a higher bounty each time you refresh.

Increase / decrease in assignment level and EXP:

Also, when the assignment level exceeds a certain level, EXP will decrease every day. If the XP is insufficient at the current assignment level, the level will be lowered.

If the assignment level required to cause the EXP decrease has not been reached, the EXP decrease will stop.
Addition of quest slots (normally applied only to VT):
Players initially have one quest slot. $ FINA is required to add quest slots.

Change the current bounty lineup. Bounty ranks increase in the order of G, F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.

When you select the bounty, the following items will be displayed.

Each bounty has a period, entry fee, and number of heroes required.

How to play Vrykos Tower

1.Click Vrykos Tower under Dashboard Hero

2.Choose your favorite bounty quest and assign it

You can have up to 10 Vlicos Quests per account.
Unlimited refreshes. If you hit a certain amount of refresh, you will see something with a guaranteed bounty rank of S or higher.

3.Specify the hero you want to dispatch with bounty

For quests with 4 or less heroes, you can add heroes to increase your success rate.

After a certain amount of time, you will receive a bounty.
If you fail the bounty, you will not receive any rewards.

Mining Mode – PVP Yield Farming

In order to mine FINA, you need to conquer and occupy the mining pool. Players can enter different types of mining pools depending on the height of the hero grade of the team to which they belong.

The higher the level of the mining pool, the more FINA will be generated per minute. If you succeed in controlling the mining pool, you are guaranteed to get a shield.

The first 6 attacks in the mining pool do not consume stamina.

How to play mining mode

1.Press Mining in the main menu and press Scout

Then you will see a screen like this.

Click the Scout button to select the rarity of the mining pool you want to mine.

2.Select an available mining pool

Mining poolfeature
Mining pool surrounded by yellow・ NPC-owned mining pool
・ Players have not invaded this pool yet
Mining pool surrounded by a green frame・ It is a mining pool for players who can be suppressed.
・ This mining pool is owned by another player
Mining pool surrounded by a red frame・ It is a shielded player mining pool.
・ You cannot attack the mining pool with a shield.

To own a mining pool, you can only fight against NPC-owned mining pools and unshielded players’ mining pools.

3.Click on the mining pool you want to capture

You can see enemy information such as enemy occupation time and unmined FINA.

You need four heroes to take control. If you win the battle, the attacking team will automatically defend the pool. However, it cannot be used to attack other pools.

Here’s what you can do with a controlled mining pool:

4.Add a shield to the mining pool

By adding a shield to your mining pool, you can mine FINA without interruption.

Select and use the shield from . You can buy an 8-hour shield 10 times a week. Prices start at $ 0.1 and increase with each purchase.

The first time you occupy a mining pool, you can stack another shield from your bag only once on the auto shield.

5.Bet FINA to increase mining volume

Steaking FINA in the mining pool will increase the FINA yield per minute.

The maximum output of the mining pool is fixed.

When the limit is reached, players can stay in the mining pool, but their income is reduced.

It will be reset if you withdraw and invade another mining pool.

6.Mining pool harvest

FINA cannot be harvested if the occupation time is less than 3 hours.
Also, harvesting FINA will not lose your mining pool.

If the occupation time is less than 3 hoursEarn only 50% of unharvested FINA
When the occupation time is 3 hours or moreEarn 100% unmined FINA
What if I lose my mining pool?

If the mining pool is conquered by another player, the player loses 10% of the unmined FINA. The winning player gets 5% of the unmined FINA. The remaining 5% will be donated to the Arena Rank reward pool.

Arena Mode – PVP

Seasonal arena mode. It is held for 7 days in one season.

The score rate when you first join the arena is 1,000.

When you participate in a challenge, you will be matched with a similar Score opponent.

To match, form an attacking team and a defending team.

Attack teams and defense teams can use different heroes and positions depending on the player’s strategy.

In attack mode, you need to manually search for matches. Stamina is consumed during attack play. In Arena mode, if you lose a match, your stamina will not be consumed.

The defense team will automatically fight other players when matched by the system, but will not consume stamina. Heroes can be in the same formation on the attacking side and the defending side.

If you win in the top 300 arena ranks, you will receive a ranking reward.

RankingReward amount
First place5% of reward pool
2nd place3.6% of reward pool
3rd place2.8% of reward pool
4th place2.4% of reward pool
5th place2% of reward pool
6th-8th place1.6% of reward pool
9th place1.5% of reward pool
10th place1.4% of reward pool
11th-15th place1.3% of reward pool
16th place1.2% of reward pool
17th place1.1% of reward pool
18th place1% of reward pool
19th place0.9% of reward pool
20th place0.8% of reward pool
21-30th place0.7% of reward pool
31-40th place0.6% of reward pool
41-50th place0.5% of reward pool
51-70th place0.4% of reward pool
71-150th place0.3% of reward pool
151-300th place0.1% of reward pool

The reward pool is a cumulative reward calculated according to the number of players on a daily basis, and 5% of the unmined FINA lost by the defeated player is used to fund the pool.

The current prize money for the first place is about $ 300. This is held every week.

  • If more people come to Defina from now on, the rewards may become more delicious. (Because the reward of the pool increases)

Automatic mining mode

Defina has another mining mode.

Players earn mystic points with the auto-mining feature. You must stake the minimum FINA to start earning Mystic Points.

What is a mystic chest?

A mystic chest is a box that contains various items.

You can buy it in the in-game marketplace or use Mystic Points.

Inside the mystic chest is a mystery box.

How to Earn Mystic Points

1.Select “Auto Mining” from the main menu

2.Hire an automated miner to mine Mystic Point

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