Defina thorough commentary(Part1:Preparation)

Defina Finance is a nurturing RPG online blockchain game that leverages DeFi and NFT.

  1. Online blockchain game utilizing decentralized finance (Defi) and NFT
  2. Powerful battle animation
  3. You can train characters and earn money
Gameplay is a nurturing RPG
Enjoy a powerful 3D battle scene

The Defina team’s vision is to provide blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore new forms of games with blockchain technology.

How much is the starting cost?Cheap Team: $ 250- $ 500
Fighting teams: $ 1000- $ 2000
Top ranking: about $ 7,000
How much can you earn?1000 yen to 5000 yen a day
After character training is completed
Changes depending on the rarity of the hero you own

How to get started with Defina

① Purchase $ FINA used to purchase NFT

1.Connect the wallet

Go to Defina Finance and click “Connect Wallet”.

  • A MetaMask account that supports BSC is required.

2.Buy $ FINA

Click “Purchase FINA” from My Account.

3.Connect the wallet with Pancake Swap

Once in Pancake Swap, import the FINA token on the Swap screen.

4.Enter the token and amount, and click “Swap”.

5.Click Confirm Swap.

If you have purchased $ FINA, it will be reflected in your wallet balance on the website.

② Purchase Hero NFTs or Mystery Box

You need at least 4 Hero NFTs to play Defina.

Heroes can be purchased on the marketplace.

③ Create a game account & game wallet

1.Connect MetaMask Wallet to Defina’s official website and create an account

2.After creating an account, you will receive an authorization code in the registered email.

④ Transfer $ FINA and hero from the wallet to the game wallet

1.Click Deposit FINA to deposit tokens into your game account

2.Enter the amount you want to transfer to your game account and click “Approve” → “Confirm”

3.Select a hero in and click “Approve” and “Transfer”

Now you are ready to play Defina.

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