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Defina Strategy: Important Tactics & Recommended Configurations from an Active Ranker

Jun 9, 2022

Defina Finance is an online blockchain game of nurturing RPG utilizing DeFi and NFT.

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The author, who has played Defina for 3-5 hours every day since entering the game and reached the 4th highest rank in the arena within a week of starting the game, explains the tactics and recommended structure for winning in Defina.


If you have difficulty winning or earning money in the game, please refer to this section.

Tactic 1: Familiarize yourself with elemental effects

Although Defina is a relatively character-driven game, a wide range of tactics use elements. Even in the rankings, you can see a variety of tactics using features.

Of course, some elements highly utilize the top rankers, but no one part is the strongest.

Tactic 2: Understand each tactical bonus (e.g., attribute bonus)

*These are just examples.

What makes Defina’s tactical nature even more profound are the tactical bonuses.

Defina benefits greatly from tactical bonuses.

Therefore, it is essential to know.

  • What kind of composition do you want to use.
  • What skills of the heroes you own match with what tactics

You must take into consideration such things as

It is more efficient to select elements carefully after deciding what kind of tactical team you want to build.

Tactic 3: Select individual values carefully (mainly speed adjustment)

*From left to right: attack power, HP, speed, critical rate, energy (30 for any character here).

The most critical factor is speed (the order in which they attack).

Defina has an item called speed value for each character. This is simply the speed performance of the essence. The faster this value is, the faster the character can attack first.

In addition, Defina’s elemental effects have activation conditions such as “when attacking an enemy above 0%” or “when attacking an enemy below 0%”.

If you do not carefully select individual values with this in mind, the effect may not work correctly.

Also, since a slight change in the individual value can change the odds of victory, it is essential to find a personal matter that fits your tactics.

I spent most of my time on trial-and-error to find the best individual values to achieve a high rank in the arena.


Recommended Tactics & Configurations

Here are some recommended tactics that we often see in the arena.

Skill-related elements omit here because there are countless patterns.

The main elements and passive elements determine the general type of tactics, so it may be easier to understand if you imagine it that way.

1. Quick attack type 2 attack configuration

*The image is an example.


  • Main element: Wind Totem x 4
  • Passive element: Wind Totem x 4

Two of its features are: “It can attack twice only in the first round” and “Each time it attacks, it can inflict 30% of the damage inflicted on the main target on the surrounding enemies.

Although the spreading damage is minor, it functions as an actual AOE (ranged attack).

By incorporating Florist into its normal attack, it is possible to significantly reduce the opponent’s HP from the first round.

2. Ultra high durability configuration

*Image is an example.


  • Main element: Earth Totem x 4
  • Passive element: Fountain of Life x 4

The ultra-high durability configuration is a popular meta-composition for the powerful element Florist.

Suppose it can withstand the 40% initial hit by Florist + skill attacks. In that case, it can recover and counterattack at once due to the Fountain of Life and Flost’s synergistic recovery effect.

In addition, by adding Earth Totem to a normal attack, if the hero’s HP is below 50% after the attack, he can shield 10% of his maximum HP, which considerably increases his durability.

3. Hyperskill Short-term Settlement Type

*Image is an example.


  • Main Element: Lightning Totem x 4
  • Passive element: Tornado x 2 or more

By using Lightning Totem as the main element, the player can fire skills from the first round.

And Tornado’s effect increases the activation rate of Hyper Skill from 10% to 40%.
*Applying the Nature Breath Bonus, the maximum activation rate becomes 50%.

This allows them to launch a series of powerful skills from the first turn, and hopefully, the game can decide in the first round.

If you’re starting, I hope you find this helpful!


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