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[Defina Strategy] How to Acquire $FINA Efficiently and How to Develop Your Character Efficiently 

May 19, 2022

To earn money with Defina, you need to make $FINA, an in-game token.

This article will explain how to earn that $FINA efficiently and improve the efficiency of character development, which is essential in making $FINA.

Knowing what this article is about, or not knowing what it is about, can make quite a difference in how much you earn!


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What is $FINA? 

$FINA is a utility or governor token in Defina. 

Contract address0x426c72701833fddbdfc06c944737c6031645c708 
Maximum token supply100,000,000 
Use Case UtilityHero Mint :
-Buy and sell hero NFTs 
-Purchase of in-game assets 
-Acquisition of in-game assets, etc. 

Governance :
-Used by the community to make suggestions and vote

Where to Earn FINA

You can also earn FINA by completing quests and daily quests, but there are three main ways to make FINA.

Where to earn $FINA

  • Arena Rewards
  • Bounty quests
  • Mining

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Arena Rewards

Defina’s Arena runs weekly for seven days per season.
The reward pool rewards gradually increase as the season comes to a close.

The rewards you can earn determines by % for each rank.
*The amount of rewards in the Arena is explained in the following article.

As this is a weekly event, not so many rewards give. However, currently, you can earn about $300~500 FINA every week if you are ranked first in the SSS rank.

To challenge the Arena, you need an arena ticket from the store. Battles are divided into attackers and defenders, and the defenders can leave the war alone.

Strategy Points
If you put a strong team in the Arena and win on the defense side, the arena points will go up. Therefore, there is no need to spend FINA to challenge the Arena, and a structure can create in which arena rewards are automatically received each week.

In other words, it pays to train a strong team and go after the rankers!


Bounty Quest Rewards

Another way to earn FINA in a big way is through bounty quests at Vricos Tower.

Bounty quests can be attempted by paying a participation fee in advance.

Low-ranked quests earn only a small reward, but as the rank of the quest increases, so do the tips.

Some quests, such as the SSS-ranked quests, offer 800 FINA (approximately $400) per hit. (*Note that inquiries with higher ranks will take longer to earn rewards. In the case of the image above, it takes ten days.)

High-rank quests offer high rewards, but several conditions exist for taking on the investigations.

Points to take on high-rank quests

  1. High-rank quests depend on the rarity of the hero you own. Therefore, you must possess at least one SSS-rare hero to take on an SSS quest.
  2. It would also help raise your Assign Level for higher-ranked quests to appear. The higher the assignment level, the higher the probability of a rare high search occurring.

water and land
Assign level automatically raises by completing bounty quests. Therefore, you should do it diligently every day!

The success rate of quests depends on the strength of your character and elements.

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Mining Rewards

The mining rewards are the most delicious of all. Mining rewards vary depending on the hero’s rarity, and the higher the monster, the more tips you will receive.

In the pool with the highest rate of return (Amethyst), staking FINA to the collection to the maximum (180 FINA required) will earn approximately 0.01 FINA per minute.

If you leave the mine for a whole day, you can earn 14.4 FINA (about 600 yen), making it more efficient to control multiple mines and dig.

You can earn about $200 if you conquer the highest interest pool for a month, although there is a possibility that other players will take it away from you.

Here’s the thing about mining rewards!

Leave it alone while you are conquering, so if you have SSS Rare, you can earn $10,000~20,000 in unearned income from in-game mining alone.

You can accumulate a steady stream even in low-ranked pools, so you should always be digging for them if you have any extra heroes!


So far, we have introduced our recommendations for earning $FINA.

Next, we will also explain how to train your characters, which is essential in Defina efficiently.

Efficient Character Development

Defina is not a game where you can earn money right from the moment you start, but only after completing character development.

The first thing to do after purchasing a hero

Level up your hero (required)

It is not an exaggeration to say that “if you want to improve the efficiency of your character development, it is essential to raise your stamina to 60.

The reason is that purchasing stamina recovery items from the store is too inefficient because it wastes FINA.

And to get stamina to 60, the number of heroes must be 17 or more.

water and food
Collecting heroes sold at floor price would be more efficient!

When doing so, one thing to keep in mind is not to buy only the same heroes.

Since Defina does not allow you to team up with the same heroes, it is better to buy so that you can team up with different heroes.

Example purchases

  • George Patton x 4 vs.
  • Erwin Schrödinger x 4 pairs
  • Mitsuhide Akechi x 4 pairs
  • Zorro x 3 units, etc.

You could also use the method of purchasing 4 of each A-rank hero to make four teams.

Breakthrough Potion

Breakthrough Potion, which uses to release the upper-level limit, can be collected through emergency quests at Vricos Tower instead of buying them at the store to save FINA.

In particular, there is no need to buy “Breakthrough Potion I,” which is necessary to break through level 10 at the store because it collects in excess.

Soul Fragment

In addition, since “Soul Fragments” help select a character’s values and elements carefully, you should purchase them while you are out from the merchant in Vricos Tower.
*By purchasing soul fragments, you can save money when carefully selecting individual values and elements.

Leveling Methods at the Beginning of the Game 

In the early stages of the game, advance through the adventure stages as much as possible. 

There are 20 quests per stage. 
As the number of battles increases, the enemies become more muscular. 

However, the amount of experience and FINA you receive from Battle 1 and Battle 20 are the same, so you should advance to the next stage before leveling up. 

If you clear the stage with three Stars, you can use the Quick Battle function. Abusing this feature is more efficient when leveling! 


Points for leveling 

  • Advance the adventure as much as possible (the more stages you advance, the more experience & FINA you gain per stamina) 
  • Use the Quick Battle function to go around the most efficient quests.

Backstage techniques to make leveling more efficient 

A small trick to make leveling more efficient is to purchase heroes that already level up. 

Marketplace → 

NFTs sold in the Marketplace have numbers written above their names. 
The left one is level 1 because it is unnamed, but the right one shows the number 20 above the name. 

This is the level of the hero. 

Thus, you can streamline your character development by purchasing a hero at a higher level. 

However, you get -20% from the current experience value when you purchase a hero, so the level drops a little. 

Even though your level will be reduced slightly, you can still proceed with quests more efficiently and port elements. 

With all this in mind, good luck with your character development! 


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