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[Crabada] Seven Updates Released Regarding Battle Games

Jun 20, 2022

Seven updates have been released regarding Crabada’s Battle Game.

Update Items

  1. Battle Status
  2. Claw and Scissors Skills
  3. Eye Effects
  4. Battle Formulas
  5. Turn System
  6. Formation
  7. Faction Advantage

Let’s take a look at each of these:

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Battle Status

In Crabada, there are classes apart from factions. Depending on that class, the status in future battle games will be adjusted.

The formula for determining the status

Status in Battle Game =.
Primary Status” x “Normal Status Adjustment” x “Class-Specific Status Adjustment

Normal status adjustment2482.51.20.24

It may be challenging to get an image from looking at the table, so please see the following case study.

Calculate how the status adjusts for this Crabada HP.

In the middle column of the table, we see that the total HP is 130.

Next, if we look at the “Normal Status Adjustment” HP column from the status adjustment table, the adjusted value is 24.

Finally, we look at the status by class. This Crabada is in the Surge class at the top, on the left side of the column, and the HP adjustment for the Surge class is 1.7.

The calculation is

HP status calculation for Crabada

130 x 24 x 1.7 = 5304

The calculation method is similar to the other statuses. The calculation method is the same for the other groups.

Nail and Scissors Skills

Skills exist for Crabada’s claws/scissors. (This video is about 3 seconds long ↓)

The skill bar displays on the battle screen. It starts at 0 at the beginning of the battle, and when it accumulates to 150, the skill is activated.

The skill bar accumulates under the following three conditions.

Skill Bar Accumulation Conditions

  • When your Crabada makes a normal attack, the skill bar will accumulate by the speed of the attack.
  • Twenty-five skill bars will accumulate when your Crabada is damaged by an opponent’s normal attack or a claw or scissors skill.
  • Fifty will accumulate when you receive a critical hit from your opponent

Eye Effects

Crabada’s eyes have effects triggered at a specific rate during a normal attack.

Please see the following links for personal effects.

Battle Formulas

Four rules for attack/damage were guided.

Four rules of battle

  1. Critical hits do double damage.
  2. In the case of AOE (ranged attack), the damage divides
    Example: In the case of a 180% attack, each of the 3 Crabada will receive 60% of the damage
  3. In the case of multiple attacks, the damage per hit divides according to the number of hits
    Example: 10 attacks at 220%, 22% damage per hit
  4. Faction bonus (see below)

Turn System

The order of attacks is vital in battle.

The speed of the Crabada determines the order of attack, and the order of attack is in the form of each team’s Crabada taking turns attacking.

The following three rules apply to the order of attack.

Three rules to determine the order of attack

  1. The team with the highest total team speed goes first.
  2. The Crabada with the highest team speed attacks first
  3. The Crabada at the front of the line attacks first


In addition to speed status, where Crabada places are also essential.

Three rules for the formation

  1. The front line Crabada attacks the front line Crabada first
  2. Crabada attacks on his row (Row) first
  3. Crabada attacks the Crabada in the same column (Column) with priority from the top.

Here is another example:

In the case of Team A’s attack

  • Crabada “A” preferentially attacks Crabada “D” in the same column.
  • Crabada “B” attacks “D” for priority from above the front line row.
  • Crabada “C” attacks “F” in the same row.
  • If Team B’s Crabada “F” falls, then Crabada “C” will attack Crabada “D” first.

To briefly summarize.

If there is an enemy on the same line, the attacker attacks; if not, the attacker attacks from the top bar. If not, attack from the top of the line.

It is a flow

Advantage by faction

There are six factions in Crabada. Each section has its affinity, with a 15% damage bonus for compatible opponents. See the image for more details.



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