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Crabada Introduces Routing Point System [Points Required for Looting]

May 27, 2022

Avalanche’s blockchain game Crabada has introduced a routing point system.

What are routing points (loot points)

Routing points are required to start looting missions in the game.

Routing points can be earned through mining.

How the routing point system works

  • 4Lots of Routing Points award per mining
  • One looting mission consumes 1 Routing Point
  • Routing points are awarded directly to teams (TeamID)
  • The maximum number of routing points is 12

The introduction of the routing point system seems to have the following objectives.

Purpose of introducing the routing point system

  • To give competitive players a looting experience
  • Reduce the maximum operational efficiency of full-time looters and reduce the disparity in rewards
  • Promote a balance between mining and looting

The management team expects that introducing the routing point system will reduce the maximum efficiency of certain players by 44.13% and eliminate the reward disparity.

Crabada Announces April 22 Launch on Swimmer Testnet

Crabada will launch on April 22 on Swimmer Test Net, the announcement said.

The transition of Crabada to the swimmer manner (subnet) scheduled for May 13.

Project Overview

Crabada is one of Avalanche’s largest GameFi projects currently receiving significant attention.

It uses a crab called “Crabada” to earn tokens through modes such as mining, looting (routing), lending, and PvP (to be implemented).

It is ranked 8th in the NFT sales ranking for March 2022, ahead of Axie infinity and ETH projects, and is the blockchain game to watch for in the future.


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