Blockchain Game Defina, Bi-Weekly Report Summary [3/16-3/31]

Online blockchain game Defina has released its bi-weekly report for March 16 – March 31.

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Defina Bi-Weekly Report [March 16 – March 31]

The contents of the reports are as follows.

  • March 17] NFT Trading Volume on the Defina Marketplace Exceeds $10,000,000 FINA
  • March 21] Defina’s game patch updated to 1.2.4.
  • March 23] New Report on $FINA Liquidity Released.
  • March 31] Limited NFTs Distributed to Game Advance Players

March 17] NFT Trading Volume on Defina Marketplace Exceeds $10,000,000 FINA

Hero NFT trading volume on the Defina Trading Marketplace has reached a new milestone, surpassing 10,000,000$ FINA.

The company stated that it would continue to build the Finaverse ecosystem with the community by developing new features, creating new game modes, and launching new hero NFTs.

[March 21] Defina Game Patch Updated to 1.2.4

Defina announced that the game patch would be updated to 1.2.4 on March 21.

The update intends to address issues reported by players, improve quality of life, and introduce NFT rarity brackets to the arena.

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[March 23] New $FINA Liquidity Report Release

The Defina team published a report on March 23 on the liquidity of crypto-asset exchanges BitMart and $FINA.

The following cited reasons for the increased supply of the token $FINA from February to March.

Replenishment of the compensation pool
Locking $FINA in auto-staking
Funding from BitMart
In the spirit of transparency to the community regarding $FINA tokenomics, we encourage anyone with questions to join us on Discord and ask for clarification.

[March 31] Limited NFTs were distributed to those ahead of the game

On March 31, as a thank-you gift from the development team, we distributed limited NFTs to those who preceded the game.

Eligible recipients can find at the following link.

Defina to collaborate with polygon

It says that cross-chaining with polygon (polygon) will enhance the user experience with lower cost and faster transactions.

Project Overview

Defina is a nurturing RPG online blockchain game utilizing DeFi and NFT.

Players earn $FINA in tokens by winning battles and developing their characters.

The game has five different ways to play: PvE, PvP, YIELD MINING, Vrykos’ Tower, and Auto-Mining.

It is one of the hottest blockchain games, featuring considerable intensity of combat animations and high-quality visuals.

To read a programmer’s explanation of Defina, click here.

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