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BCG version of EFT (Tarkov)!? Summary of FPS “SHRAPNEL” !!

Nov 1, 2022

The quality of the graphics was so high that even BCG (blockchain games) had come this far, and the voices of admiration continued!

SHRAPNEL is a topic that the content written in the white paper has something in common with Tarkov, which is famous as a hardcore FPS . In this article, we will thoroughly explain the outline of SHRAPNEL and how to earn money!

Points of this article

  • You can easily understand the outline of SHRAPNEL!!
  • You can see the vision of SHRAPNEL’s way of earning!!
  • Quickly understand what you can do now!!


First, please take a look at this.

Here is a video of the trailer that made some noise in the neighborhood. Not only the quality of the images, but also the game nature can be understood directly.

SHRAPNEL is a hardcore FPS blockchain game on the Avalanche chain. The content is said to be similar to Escape from Tarkov (common name: EFT, Tarkov). The main purpose of the game is to bring the equipment (NFT) and land on the MAP, collect resources while fighting with other players, and reach a specific point while completing missions . The items obtained during play can be officially acquired for the first time when he escapes from the MAP.

The best selling is that equipment (NFT) will be dropped when you die ! All actions and battles create a sense of tension, making it difficult to make decisions at a moment’s notice. It’s fun. Some people may think that this is too scary to play. But rest assured. There is also a mode where you can play in a low return state instead of losing your equipment !!

Features of SHRAPNEL

SHRAPNEL was created with Unreal Engine 5, and the beauty of the visuals is comparable to general games. In addition, a mechanism that takes advantage of the fact that it is a blockchain game has been introduced. Let’s take a look at each feature, including how it works.

A quick summary of features

  1. Compete for assets!! Tense PvP
  2. FPS Manner Violation Prevention!! Reputation System
  3. You can make your own weapon!! Abundant weapon customization
  4. Play, Create, Earn!! PCC (Player-Created Content)
  5. Various builds!! 3 operator classes to choose from

Heated PvP ( Player versus Player )

As mentioned above, SHRAPNEL drops equipment (NFT) upon death. Since it is a drop, the equipment can be dropped on the spot and picked up by someone on the same map. The same goes for you, you can pick up equipment that someone else has dropped.

For blockchain games, NFT is an asset itself. This added tension to PvP. This system of stealing assets in gameplay is one of the great attractions of his SHRAPNEL unique to blockchain games, which is not found in his existing FPS.

* To be precise, it is PvPvE because there is also a battle with the environment (hostile NPC, etc.).

reputation system

SHRAPNEL has a reputation system.

A good reputation will result in an increase in rewards, such as boosts in the game and creations made with PCC (User Generated Contents), which will be described later, will be easier to find on the marketplace.

Reputation is determined by three factors.

  1. Reputation as a player for
    playing skill and good sportsmanship.
  2. Reputation as a creator
    Marketplace rankings, sales, etc.
  3. Community Reputation
    SHRAPNEL’s treatment of others and contribution to the community.

Also, the biggest attraction of the reputation system is that negative actions such as timeouts during the game will lower your reputation . FPS is accompanied by bad manners. However, if you get a bad reputation, you will be kicked out of SHRAPNEL, so it will be easier to prevent such actions.

Extensive Weapon Customization

3-1. Weapon composition

Weapons consist of Components and Attachments. All are NFTs. Each part has a status (original: Attributes), and you can create your own weapon by combining them freely. Parts can be earned through gameplay, purchased in the Marketplace, or crafted (Gunsmithing).


Parts required for weapon assembly. Assembling a weapon requires four components: Stock, Receiver, Barrel, and Lower Assembly . It is based on the parts of real firearms, and you can divert the parts of a handgun to another handgun, but you can not use it for a rifle.


Optional parts that the player can add arbitrarily, used for bonuses and enhancement of functions. Weapons have 3-5 attachment slots, which are rarely added when the weapon is crafted, but the number of slots is basically determined by the component.

Attachments can be used to reduce weapon recoil or extend range. Also, changing attachments can be done easily during a game session.

About parts and equipment

Important points of parts and equipment, brief summary.

  • Weapon parts and armor have three types of tires: Standard, Refined, and Perfected, and the higher the tire, the stronger the weapon. However, it is not a level that can not be won without equipment with high Tier.
  • To get high tire gear, you can either craft it by gunsmithing, steal it from other players, or buy it.
  • Weapons can be disassembled into components, and equipment such as Refined and Perfected can be disassembled into multiple lower equipment.
  • There are levels in manufacturing, and the higher the level, the better the performance may be when manufacturing parts.
  • Parts and equipment can be freely bought and sold on the marketplace using SHRAP, which will be described later.
  • Standard equipment can be purchased from management for a fixed amount in dollars to prevent equipment from going up in price.

Create and Earn!! PCC (Player-Created Content)

SHRAPNEL has user-created in-game content that allows you to equip weapons and equipment, maps to battle, map objects, host tournaments and much more.

Also, equipment and maps have their own creation tools, lowering the threshold for participating in PCC. Let’s take a closer look at each.


There are two types of appearance equipment: Common vanity and Classified vanity.

Common vanity is an appearance equipment that anyone can make. There is no limit to the number or sales, and anyone can create it if they pay SHRAP.

Classified Vanity is a cosmetic item created using SHRAP and Classified Materia. It gives you a better tool than the one that creates commons, and gives you more granularity.

The supply of Classified Materia is fixed, but it is also possible to obtain Materia by dismantling already created Classified Vanities. There is a sponsorship system, and if you are good at it, you will be able to shoulder the creation fee.

maps and objects

SHRAPNE provides dedicated tools and basic assets, and users can freely create battle maps and map objects by paying SHRAP. If it is a map that everyone plays well, it is possible to provide the map to the owner of the land and get a reward.

About Land

There are four types of lands. To better understand how it relates to maps, let’s take a look at lands.

No Man’s Land

  • Infinite supply of land. Place the newly created MAP here.
  • MAPs are created countless times by creators.
  • The curator discovers and introduces MAPs that are likely to be popular from this land.


  • The supply is 84.
  • Place the MAP that the owner of the land wants to use from the MAP placed in No Man’s Land on his land.
  • Only one MAP can be placed on one land.
  • Popular MAPs are automatically placed in PODIUM LAND. At this time, the ARENA land owner can place her new MAP in her PODIUM LAND with her MAP sent out (popularity is determined by her staked SHRAP amount, etc.).
  • You can also earn money from the MAPs you send out to PODIUM LAND, and there is no limit to the number of MAPs you can send out. In other words, the more you send out, the more you earn.


  • Supply is 6.
  • The functions are almost the same as ARENA LAND, but since it is installed next to PODIUM LAND, it is easier for players to discover than ARENA LAND.
  • Land owners can easily send MAPs to PODIUM LAND considering how easy it is to find MAPs.


  • The supply is 36.
  • Since popular MAPs are automatically placed, land owners do not need to discover MAPs. Rewards can be obtained when her MAP placed in the land is used.

In other words, the way landowners get the most profit is to find good MAPs, keep sending them to PODIUM LAND, and get rewards from multiple MAPs.

3 operator classes to choose from

SHRAPNEL has three operator classes with different skills. There are three types: Assault, Survivalist, and Infosec. Each has its own skill tree, and players can upgrade their operators to unlock different abilities and special equipment.

In addition, for beginners and those who want to play without breaking equipment, there is also a class called “Contract Operator” that can be played with low risk and low return. Contract Operators can play the game with random equipment and classes. You can’t trade the equipment you get at that time. You must complete the game by playing as a regular operator to be able to trade.

How to earn SHRAPNEL

There are four main ways to earn money with SHRAPNEL. Let’s take a closer look at each.


The way players earn money is simple. It’s about winning the battle. Earn rewards by completing missions, receiving SHRAP and stealing equipment from other players.


The way creators earn is to create PCC. You can get rewards by selling appearance equipment and having her use the MAP you created.


The way curators earn is to sell excellent MAPs placed in No Man’s Land to land owners and have them use the MAPs. You can get rewards as long as the MAP is used by the land owner.

You can also stake SHRAP on vanity items and maps and get rewarded for your contribution to their performance and popularity.


The land owner’s way of earning is to make a contract with a popular MAP and have them play on the land they own. If her MAP you are using becomes popular, and you reach Podium, you will be able to host her MAP on your own land while earning revenue from the popular MAP, and earn more rewards. You will be able to.

Tokenomics of SHRAPNEL

SHRAP Details

  • single token system
  • Standard ERC-20, Avalanche chain
  • Total supply 3 billion

Main use

  • governance
  • Creating player-generated content (PCC)
  • staking
  • Payment to Validator
  • Buying and selling on the marketplace

It should be noted that the ratio of teams and seeds is high, and from the 6th month investors will start unlocking their tokens.

How to start SHRAPNEL and what you can do now

SHRAPNEL has not released any games or tokens yet. So all you can do now is think about when to buy Operators NFTs. This NFT has various benefits.

Operators NFT Benefits

  • Use in-game perks and in-game assets.
  • There are airdrops (next NFTs and tokens) depending on the amount of NFTs held and their rarity.
  • BTS Pass (details unannounced)
  • game early access
  • Early Access to Creator Tools
  • SHRAPNEL digital comic book (currently no benefits, may be added in the future) airdraw
  • Can be used as an in-game PFP.
  • Created with UE5. It may be possible to use it as an avatar in the game. (Not officially confirmed)

Consider these perks and think about when to enter.

Operators NFT Collection Opensea Link

Operators NFT Comic Books Opensea Link


SHRAPNEL Investor and fundraising information summary

  • $10.5M Funding Led by Griffin Gaming Partners, Polychain Capital and Forte
  • Successfully raised $7 million in private token sale. Dragonfly, Defiance, Spartan, Overwolf, etc. Enter
  • Angel investors include pro gamer Dennis Fong aka Thresh, Valorant and Raid Base co-founder Stephen Lim
  • Game guilds include major guilds such as MeritCircle and GuildFi
  • Partnership with Razer, a major US gaming device maker

Team information

The team is Neon, a studio headquartered in Seattle, USA.

A group of designers, producers, artists, and programmers working in the fields of games, television, movies, and graphic novels, many of whom have worked on famous game titles such as HALO, Call of Duty, and Westworld.

Some of them are BAFTA- and Emmy-winning gaming industry veterans from companies like Xbox, Electronic Arts, and LucasFilm.

Some of them, including the CEO, have many famous companies and works they have been involved in, such as spinouts from HBO Interactive.

CEO Mark Long

  • Prior to leading HBO’s publishing division, he worked at Microsoft and helped develop the xCloud platform.
  • Created over 32 titles, from platforms like SEGA Genesis to Oculus Rift

Advisor Ali Kabbani

  • American livestreamer and Fortnite professional player known as “Myth”.
  • Has over 21 million followers across social platforms.

AdvisorNeal Stephenson

  • Writer of “Snow Crash” who coined the word Metaverse.

Summary of SHRAPNEL

SHRAPNEL does not currently have plans to implement a campaign mode. Especially recommended for those who love fighting. Even if you get 10 kills, one kill is enough to get the big one.

Also, as the number of creators of game content increases, good works will be buried in the number of creators.

If you want a hard FPS experience, and if you are a creator who is good at making, please follow this project!! prize.


[Official HP]
[EconomyPaper] -Paper.pdf

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