[AxieOrigins] Summary of important news pick-ups

AxieCon, the world competition, has ended, and Axie showed Great excitement like never before.

I think there are many people who started Axie after AxieCon.

So this time Notable Recent News is summarized. Highlights of the latest news Partially picked up and understood in a short time

Please read all the way to the end, as all the information is essential for playing the game.

Points of this article

  • Axie’s October Development Update Is Now Available
  • Esports Grant 3 released! $2 million in prize money
  • Google Cloud Officially Approved as Ronin Network Validator

Axie’s October Development Update Is Now Available

The October Development Update was released on October 6th . The key points are:

  • Land Alpha to be released for land owners in Q4 2022
  • Ecosystem changes with skins

About Land

AxieOrigins land function 1

Land’s information was released one after another at AxieCon. The following specifications will be lifted in the initial release in 2022 (Phase 1).

  • Extraction of resources within the land
  • Creation of various items in farming and crafting
AxieOrigins land function 2

The item obtained isauction houseIt is possible to buy and sell by using a system called.

It can be used to upgrade land facilities, etc.

Also, depending on the player’s crafting abilityTransfer battle items to other playersIt is also possible to

When the transferred player wins the battle,Transferred incentives for tokens and in-game ranking pointsis obtained.

A video by Land has also been released from the official, so please check it out!

▽ Land demo play video ▽

About Axie Skins

Axie Origins skin 1
Axie Origins skin 2
Axie Origins skin 3

Axie isKey characters in the ecosystemis. Axies are not just proliferating NFTs,I want it to be unique and collectiblesays the management.

During the keynote on the first day of AxieCon, we reported to the community on the progress of Axie customization. Axies are made up of 6 body parts.

From now on, each part will haveMultiple levels of upgrades unlocked through hard work and achievementswill be prepared. 

Benefits of upgrading

  • Unlock new stats and abilities
  • Unlocking optional functions for runes and charms

These are scheduled.

Consumption of SLP is also being considered for upgrades, so I would like to pay attention to future changes in the ecosystem.

Esports Grant 3 released! $2 million in prize money

Axie Esport title image

What is an E-Sports Grant ?Project proposals and holding events based on official support moneyThat’s what I mean.

There have been community tournaments and guild tournaments in the past. AxieCon, which was held the other day, is also supported by the Esports Grant.

The official announced the third E-Sports Grant following the first global competition held at AxieCon. The amount goes up to 160,000 AXS (over $2 million).

Grant types are as follows:

  • Major Tournament – ​​$150,001 – $1,000,000 Prize Pool
  • Minor Tournament – ​​$50,001 – $150,000 Prize Pool
  • Online Invitations & Leagues – $10,000 – $50,000 Prize Pool
  • Local Tournament – ​​$1,000 – $9,999 Prize Pool

Depending on the type of grant, the size of the competition and the amount of prizes will differ. The acceleration of esports in Axie is increasing at once!

Google Cloud Officially Approved as Ronin Network Validator

Sky Mavis, the developer of AxieInfinity, has announced a partnership with Google Cloud . Google Cloud will be the validator for Sky Mavis’ blockchain network.

Intended to scale on a secure and sustainable infrastructure,

  • Strengthening the Foundation of a Community-Centric Digital Nation
  • Empowering world-class talent to grow the world of gaming

We also have two visions. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

project overview

AxieOrigins is an NFT card battle game developed by Sky Mavis. Released in April 2022, the number of downloads has exceeded 1 million. Items created in the game can be bought and sold on the marketplace for profit. If you like card games, this title is definitely recommended.

Link (official site/Twitter, etc.)

Official website: https://axieinfinity.com/
Marketplace: https://app.axieinfinity.com/marketplace/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AxieInfinity

Check the latest information!


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