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Axie Infinity Releases Alpha Version of Free-to-Play “Origin”

Jun 6, 2022

Axie Infinity, a popular blockchain game, released an alpha version of “Origin” on April 7 with significant changes to the rules and other aspects of the game.

The alpha version is a “test” version, so to speak, to get feedback from players before the official release.

Once Season 0 is officially released to reflect player feedback, the current version will be shut down, and items and crypto-assets acquired in the alpha version will reset.

Origin was initially scheduled to be released on March 31, but the hack forced a one-week delay.

Differences from Previous Axie

In Origin, you will play in a completely new Axie and rules, unlike the previous Axie Infinity.

The changes that have confirmed in the current alpha version are as follows.

Previous Axie Infinity Axie Infinity: Origin
First 3 Axies purchased First 3 “Starter Axies” are now available for free
One “Attack” and one “Defense” per cardOnly “Attack” or “Defense”
Cards and Energy carry over to the following turnCards, and Energy reset each turn
Akshay’s stats are “Speed”, “Skill”, “Morale”, etc.Akshay’s stats are HP only.
All types unify at 320 HP.
There are nine classes, including Aqua, Plant, Beast, etc.Types have eliminated.
Four parts (mouth, horns, dorsal fin, and tail) have cards.In Addition to the four parts, the eyes and ears also have cards.
No power-up elementsRune and Charms power up Akshay
Critical hits allow for more potent attacks.Addition of an “anger gauge” in place of the elimination of essential hits

In Addition, the game will be pretty different from the previous one, as cards unrelated to parts will be added, and card types will be changed.

Axie Infinity’s official Twitter page revealed that 227,128 people had joined as testers in just 12 hours after Origin’s release, and that transaction volume on the marketplace had increased by 430%.

They are currently looking for any feedback for Season 0 (official release) at Axie Infinity: Origin – Feedback.

According to the roadmap, they are considering a system that will allow players to earn rewards for completing missions and improving charm and rune crafting recipes.

Project Overview

Axie Infinity is a GameFi based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game inspires by Pokémon and allows players to earn SLP in crypto assets by fighting NFT monsters called “Axie.”

It was released in 2018 by Vietnamese developer SkyMavis. At the end of last year, daily active users exceeded 2.4 million. The game is known to have a significant number of people in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Vietnam, who earn money as their main job.


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