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Avalanche to Host IDOs for Four GameFi Projects in April

Jun 8, 2022

Four GameFi projects on Avalanche (AVAX) will host IDOs during April.

Four projects to host IDOs

The four projects that will host IDOs in April are

  • Bold Point
  • Snake City
  • Snail Trail
  • MetaDerby

Bold Point (IDO: April 11)

Bold Point is an NFT-based RPG game that rewards players for battling each other and buying and selling NFT of characters and items.

Features of Bold Point

  • Free to play
  • Focused on new and novice players
  • Allows trading of in-game items and character NFTs

To improve the “point that you cannot earn without initial investment,” which is common in conventional P2E, we have created an economic incentive system without initial costs.

They are aiming to pioneer the Free to Earn field and create a blockchain game that is easy for people with little knowledge of crypto assets to participate in.

Snake City (IDO: scheduled for the end of April)

Snake City is a blockchain game where players battle other players with snakes and earn rewards.

Snake City features

  • Game influenced by the popular game
  • Wide variety of ways to play the game
  • Free to play

The game influences by the popular game “” and offers many ways to play, including arena battles, tournaments, and a training mode.

The game is free to start, as you get a snake at the beginning of the game.

Snail Trail (IDO: April 27)

Snail Trail is Avalanche’s first racing game with snails.

Snail Trail features

  • Race and duplicate snails to earn rewards
  • In-game snails have unique genes
  • The game requires strategic thinking and foresight

The game is a system in which players earn money through “rewards for racing” and “rewards earned by duplicating snails.

The snails used in races have their own set of human-like genes and can breed a variety of snails.

MetaDerby (IDO: April 21)

MetaDerby is a full-fledged Metaverse horse racing game where you race and breed horses, buy and sell NFTs, and bet on races to earn rewards.

MetaDerby features

  • Introducing Free play and earn
  • Free starter horse (horse) at start
  • Many ways to play: racing, breeding, betting, etc.

Free to play and earn” allows players to participate in the game with a low initial investment.

A full-fledged horse racing game on the Metaverse, where you can not only race your horse but also bet on races to win rewards, just like in real-world horse racing.

Avalanche: Recent News

Public blockchain Terra announced the purchase of $100 million in AVAX tokens as a reserve for stable coin UST.

The company chose Avalanche because it has the 10th largest market capitalization and is increasing, citing its “still-growing ecosystem.”

Project Overview

Avalanche is a high-performance platform that solves the scalability problems of Ethereum and other media.

It is also known as the “Ethereum killer” due to its ability to handle advanced transactions and compatibility with Ethereum.

Avalanche’s native token is “AVAX” and has the 10th largest market capitalization (April 10, 2022).


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