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As of April 8, Speed Star currently offers horse breeding and staking.

Jun 11, 2022

Speed Star” was released on April 5. As of April 8, only horse breeding and staking are available.

What players can do as of April 8.

  • Breeding horses,
  • Staking horses and tokens
  • Buying and selling NFT (horses, seed potions, etc.)
  • Buying and selling tokens

[Speed Star] Breeding starts on April 5.

The game was released on April 5, and now you can breed horses.

Breeding can be done “by asking the breeder” OR “yourself.”

There is also a cost to breeding a horse.

Breeding Costs

For females

For males
In addition to the above, there is also an employment fee if you hire a breeder.

Announcement regarding horse upgrades

On April 5, an announcement was made to upgrade horses in your possession from v3 to v4.

To breed/stake a horse, the horse must be upgraded to v4.

Steps to upgrade a horse to v4

  1. Log in to Speed Star and connect MetaMask
  2. Select “Menu
  3. Select “Transfer
  4. Select “Upgrade horse v3 > v4

After upgrading to v4, the horse can be bred and staked.

JOC tokens can now be bought and sold on Sushi Swap

On April 5, one of the leading tokens, $JOC, was listed on SushiSwap.

This made it possible to buy and sell JOC tokens on SushiSwap.

Horse Racing Announced to Start on April 25

On April 7, an announcement was made about the upcoming Speed Star.

Summary of the announcement

  • Staking rewards of $SPEED will be available beginning April 8 at 5 p.m.
  • Starting April 15, you can withdraw NFTs such as horses
  • Beginning April 25, you can remove $JOC, $SPEED, $STAR, and other tokens
  • Players who purchase a horse pack at the Genesis Sale will receive a “Genesis Gift” (which can claim from April 15, 2022)
  • Races start on April 25.

Once the races begin, it expects that horse buyers will enter the race.

If you have “questions” about the project or would like to ask, please join us on the GuildQB Discord!

SpeedStar Overview

Speed Star is a racetrack simulation game with a “work to play to earn” theme.

It is a blockchain game on the Harmony chain, where players earn monetary rewards by working on the Starverse.

It is not just a horse-breeding game but features “earning rewards while realizing various ways of working,” such as training horses, breeding horses, and participating in races.

In addition to “working,” players can also participate as spectators (gamblers) who purchase horse tickets, which expects to create a unique economic sphere that encourages the inflow of funds from outside sources.

Speed Star attracts a great deal of attention as a project that improves the problems (Ponzi schemes) in conventional P2E.


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