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A must-see for SNS lovers! What is the first Read-to-Earn “ReadON”? How to start the alpha version

Oct 28, 2022

In recent years, with the spread of the Internet, various information has become available.

There are more and more opportunities to obtain information from SNS and online articles, Many people are probably feeling tired of SNS.

This time, I stood up to change such a situation I’d like to introduce Read-to-Earn project “ReadON”

Points of this article

  • Overview of ReadON
  • How to get started with ReadON alpha
  • What is Glasses NFT?
  • Past fundraising, etc.

Recommended for those who are tired of SNS and want to read good quality articles!

What is ReadON?

ReadON official website

What is ReadON? Read to Earn to get tokens by reading articles on the internet is a concept project.

The first Read-Fi to be launched to the general public, launching in February 2022.

In recent years, with the spread of the Internet, the number of people who waste their time on social media, etc. has probably increased.

On the side of providing articles, users are increasingly unable to come across good quality articles, such as mass-producing articles for the purpose of profit or posting fake information as it is.

Under such circumstances,Providing people with the true meaning of “time to read”ReadON is a project that was launched to do so.

With ReadON, the following actions are not really reading characters, so they are not counted as read time:

  • random scroll
  • no scrolling at all
  • stay on one piece of content

It seems that even if you kill time properly, you won’t get a token.

Features of ReadON

ReadON has major features other than Read-to-Earn.

If you are just starting or thinking about starting, please refer to it.

Get “really” useful information

ReadON Hackathon

The Internet these days is full of articles that are mass-produced for the sole purpose of making a profit.

In ReadON, to solve it,User votes to select “really good” articlessystem will be introduced.

With this, users can earn while reading good articles!

just recently releasedThe alpha version also supports Japanese.

Please note that only those who own governance tokens and who are staking the tokens can vote.

You can get a position depending on the tier of the owned NFT

How ReadON Works

You need Glasses NFT to earn $READ with ReadON.

Depending on the NFT tier you own, you will be given an important position.

Tier 1Vote for content (requires staking tokens)10% of the rewards generated from voted content will be distributed among all voters
Tier 2Create content/Repost external content/Invite creators/Vote on contentEarn 5% of rewards generated from content in jurisdictional topics
Tier 3Create a new topicYou can pre-order NFTs of new topics (* Order price is the average price of Tier 1 NFTs)

Surprisingly, Tier 3 holders seem to be involved in the topic creation process carried out by management!

It should be noted that Glasses NFT (glasses NFT) is mentioned, but in the alpha version it is displayed as a cat NFT, and the future is unknown.

Own Twitter to NFT!

ReadON's Souk Card

To participate in the alpha version,Participation in the Soul Card Campaign is required.

Details will be described later, but in this campaignYou can turn your Twitter into an NFT!

The higher the rarity of the generated card, the more tokens will be obtained in the future.

Here is the list of rarities.

  • Freshman
  • Enthusiast
  • Expert
  • Ambassador
  • Grand Master

It is not clear what criteria the rarity is determined by, but apparentlyVaries depending on the amount of Web 3.0 related tweetsIt’s a rumor.

In this campaign, the more people participate, the more Genesis NFT Mystery Boxes will be airdropped at a later date, so if you are interested, why not participate?

Campaign for ReadON

ReadON Tokenomics

ReadON Tokenomics

ReadOn has two tokens. $READ distributed as a reward and $RGD as a governance token.

The governance token $RGD will be distributed as follows.

  • Advisor: 3%
  • Seed round: 7%
  • Content: 10%
  • Private Sale: 12%
  • Team: 18%
  • Ecosystem: 20%
  • Read-to-Earn: 30%

ReadON’s past funding

ReadON in a seed round in August 20222 million dollars (about 280 million yen)has completed funding.

Led by SevenX Ventures.

HashKey Capital, Foresight Ventures, Sky9 Capital, ArkStream Capital, Puzzle Ventures, CyberConnect, M23 Fund, Smrti Lab, and private investors participated.

The collected funds will be used for ReadON’s mobile application development etc.

How to start ReadON [α version]

Alpha test screen of ReadON

ReadON has released an alpha version in September 2022.

but,Only OG holders can participate.

OG stands for “Original Gangster”, and if you own this right,Ginesis NFT was later airdroppedincrease.

Other points to note about the test version…

  • Test still not working
  • WL holders cannot participate yet

Moreover,You have to participate in the auction to get OG, The process is a little complicated, so if you are thinking about participating, please take a look.

Earn Gold by Joining Discord

ReadON's Discord

First, enter ReadON’s official Discord.

Authenticate and you’re done.

So far so normal!

Participate in Soulcard campaigns

How to participate in the ReadON campaign

To participate in the auction, go to TwitterParticipation in the Soulcard campaign is required.becomes.

Soulcard is an NFT whose rarity is determined by the influence rate of the Twitter account mentioned above.

It’s easy to do, just link your Twitter account here .

Once your card is created, connect your wallet from Galxe (formerly Project Galaxy) or Discord if you have a score of 20 or above, or from Discord if you have a score of 20 or below.

Galxe is available on Binance (BSC) or Arbitrum (ARBI),It costs a small amount of gasA point should be noted.


For Discord, enter DYNO via the link in the #Soulcard channel and enter your Arbitrum address.

Address input field of ReadON

Soulcard NFT will be issued in 24 to 48 hours after that!

wait for auction

All that’s left now is to wait for the regular auctions.

at the auctionYou can bid for OG authority in order from those who paid the most goldSo try to talk on Discord as much as possible while waiting.

Gold is the in-chat currency earned by talking to any server.

The Gold you can get per minute of conversation isabout 3-5.

Looking at past auctions, 4000 to 1000 Gold has been won, so if you talk for about 22 to 6 hours, you may be able to win!

How to play and earn ReadON

To earn $READ, you have to buy Glasses NFT.

If you buy it, you will be able to get $READ and EXP.


The basic stats of glasses are as follows.

This is an important factor that directly relates to rewards.

  • Wisdom [W]: Affects daily reward caps
  • Sharpness [S]: Affects reward acquisition speed
  • Excellency [E]: Affects the accumulation rate of EXP (experience value)

These numbers are randomly determined by the tier of the glasses.

Tiernumerical value
Tier 13 to 8
Tier 28-16
Tier 316-28

Wisdom seems to be calculated by applying a randomly determined number to this formula.

Sharpness affects acquisition speed with the following formula:

M seems to vary depending on how relevant the topic of the content you are reading is to the NFT of the glasses.

Relationship between glasses and contentnumber of M
same category but different0.5

Here is the formula that affects the rate of accumulation of experience points.

There were a lot of formulas that seemed to be difficult, but in short“The higher the number, the more tokens you can earn, and if you use NFTs that match your topic, you can earn more efficiently.”That’s why.


The more you use your glasses, the less durable they become.When this number reaches 0, it enters “repair” mode and no $READ or EXP is generated.

However, if you use $READRepairableis.

The cost depends on the NFT level and tier.

  • Tier1: 0.04 + 0.009 × level
  • Tier2: 0.04 + 0.012 × level
  • Tier3: 0.04 + 0.016 × level

If you have multiple glasses, only the glasses you have equipped will deteriorate.

In addition, the white paper states that “specific ReadON community services are required” for repairs of Tier 2 and above, but the details are unknown.


There will be no new releases of glasses NFTs after the initial release.

To create a new pair of glasses,Combine two glasses to mintis needed.

The number of times each pair of glasses can be mintedup to 7 times.

The probability of producing glasses with the same topic as the parent’s glasses seems to increase with the number of mints.

minted timescost ($READ)Inheritance probability

If the parent glasses have different mint counts, the cost and probability will be the average of the two.

It says that if the newly generated glasses do not inherit the topic of the parent glasses, a random topic will be chosen.

glasses case

the new glassesGenerated in a glasses case.

The user can open it as it is, or sell it on the market!

However, since the status of the glasses is not known in this state, caution is required.

The probability after opening is as follows.

Glasses Case TierProbability of glasses being Tier 1Probability of glasses being Tier 2Probability of glasses being Tier 3
Tier 10.980.020
Tier 20.250.730.02
Tier 300.250.75

energy and runes

Glasses can be upgraded using energy and runes.

As you level up, the energy capacity of the glasses will also increase, and it seems that you can boost more and more!

On the other hand, there are three types of runes: Wisdom, Sharpness, and Excellency.

Attaching runes to glasses is free, but removing them costs $READ.

Rarity of rune to removecost ($READ)
Super Rare30

Buffs obtained from runes have different effects on each stat, as follows.

Rune of Wisdom

Rune Rarityboostrequired energy
CommonDaily reward limit +0.32
UncommonDaily reward limit +0.42
RareDaily reward limit +0.51.5
Super RareDaily reward limit +0.61.5

Rune of Sharpness

Rune Rarityboostrequired energy
Common+0.04 speed to get rewards2
Uncommon+0.06 speed to get rewards2
Rare+0.08 speed to get rewards1.5
Super Rare+0.1 speed to get rewards1.5

Rune of Excellence

Rune Rarityboostrequired energy
Common+1 EXP gained per minute2
Uncommon+1.5 EXP gained per minute2
Rare+2 experience gained per minute1.5
Super Rare+2.5 EXP gained per minute1.5


Glasses NFT seems to be worth collecting like STEPN sneakers!

I feel that the system is quite similar, such as minting glasses, runes, sockets, etc.

Perhaps there is a future where it will become the first Read-Fi to attract attention.

You can get a free Soulcard right now, so if you read the article often, please check Twitter for more details!



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