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5 Minute Guide to SpeedStar Overview: From Project Details to How to Buy a Horse

Jun 12, 2022

SpeedStar, a game on the Harmony blockchain, has attracted much attention.

*The project features “Work to Earn” in a simulated racetrack game.

While Legacy and Axie required NFT holdings to start the game, SpeedStar is a game with various ways to earn that can be created without holding NFTs.

The game’s ecosystem is not limited to the game itself, as it also includes advertising on racetracks and an API for horse racing.

*Currently, only breeding and staking are available.

Related article [as of April 8, 2011] Speed Star currently allows only horse breeding and staking.
Initial entry cost: It depends on whether you buy a horse, but currently, the minimum price for a female is 1200$ ONE, which is about 20,000 yen (as of 2022/04/08).

Let’s take a look at how to get started and the various explanations of the game.

How to earn money with SpeedStar: Various ways to make money

SpeedStar offers various ways to earn money.

  1. As a rancher with a horse and stable
  2. As a player who does not own horses or stalls but has mastered the four professions

Let’s take a closer look.

①  As a rancher with horses and a stable

As explained earlier in the Getting Started section, you can become a rancher by purchasing NFT horses and horses in the marketplace.

As a rancher, you can earn money by raising, breeding, selling horses, participating in races, and expanding your ranch.

You can hire breeders to raise horses and jockeys to participate in races in this process. By paying them, you can raise horses more efficiently and win races.

Beyond ranch management, you can also become involved in operating a racetrack in the future. Since only a limited number of users can use a racetrack, there is a possibility that the need for this type of business will grow in the future.

②As a player who does not own a horse or a stable but is mastering their profession

There is another way to work as a player who selects one of the four occupations and masters it. Even if you do not own horses or facilities NFT, you can earn rewards in this game as a player.

This is why the game calls Work to Earn.

By taking care of horses, becoming a horse therapist, or becoming a horse rider (jockey), you can increase your experience in that profession.

The more accomplished players earn higher rewards and are also rewarded by being hired by the rancher. So you could say that it is a very realistic game around horse racing.

How to start SpeedStar: Harmony-compatible MetaMask is required

To get started with SpeedStar, you will need a Harmony-compatible MetaMask.

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With a Harmony-enabled MetaMask, you can try your hand at four different occupations, but if you want to buy a horse and run a farm, you will need to buy a “horse” and an “umaya.”

Here is how to buy horses.

1. How to prepare $ONE in MetaMask

You cannot buy $ONE on domestic exchanges. $ONE can purchase on Binance, but I recommend buying $ONE (BEP20) and then bridge to $ONE (Harmony).

1-1. Exchange BSC assets for ONE

Enter PancakeSwap and exchange assets such as $BNB and $BUSD into $ONE.

1-2. Bridge

Next, bridge ONE (BEP20) to ONE (Harmony) using the Horizon Bridge.

Once you have $ONE in your MetaMask, then buy a horse.

2. Purchase NFT with TofuNFT

Currently, SpeedStar horses can be purchased on “tofuNFT.” Find a horse you are interested in and buy one that fits your budget.

You can also purchase umaya in the same way.

SpeedStar: About Horses

We will now begin to explain horses, which play a vital role in SpeedStar.


The first 10,000 NFTs called OriginHorse have been sold and already sold out. If you wish to own a horse NFT now, you must purchase it from the secondary market.

Horses come in five rarities. Female horses are more abundant than male horses, and new horses will be born through horse breeding in the future.

Please refer to the graph below for more information on rarity and population.

RarityTotal number of individualsBreakdown (female)Breakdown (male)
common5,890 4,123 1,767
rare 3,000 2,100 900
Super rare 1,000 700 300


Horses generate by combining individual parts such as hair and ears. Some features are very realistic.


There are four racing environments: mud, grass, snow, and clay, which change depending on the climate of the race. Each weather condition determines the horse’s advantage or disadvantage.


The most crucial factor is the horse’s status.

There are two types of statuses: primary status and race-related status.

Basic Status

Experience pointIt’s similar to what is said in a typical game. Can be earned by racing.
levelIt increases as you participate in races and gain experience points, and you can increase your stats as you increase.
fatigue The more activities you have, the more tired the horses playing the game will be. This is a parameter that increases or decreases depending on the horse’s status.

Race-Related Status

Next, we will introduce race-related statuses.

staminaThis status is important in long-distance races.
speedOf course, the speed of the horse is generally affected by the terrain and environment and may increase or decrease.
dexterityYou may not be familiar with it, but it is the power that accelerates when you overtake your opponent.
GateThis ability is effective at the start of the race and allows horses to start at full speed.
TemperIt is an emergency status that is activated when the horse runs out of power, and it can be said that it accelerates at once at the end.

These statuses can be improved through training and enhanced by leaving them with a trainer.

In other words, depending on the trainer’s ability, it is possible to increase the horse’s status in a short period, which is why all professions are important in the game.

Tip: Fatigue and Aging

The last important factor is the horse’s strength gauge. The strength gauge is allocated 100 points and consumes all horse activity.

400M distance traveled – 10 points
4000M distance traveled – 65 points

This stamina can be recovered in two main ways

Recovery over time +4.2 points per hour
Hire a therapist to speed up recovery +20 points to +50 points/1 hour

If you want to recover at once without taking time, you can boost it with a therapist. Again, it depends on the skill of the therapist.

Finally, I would like to explain aging about physical strength.

This is a bit of a realistic setting for a game, but the horse gets older with each passing day.

How this affects them is that their recovery rate will decrease progressively.

Time Recovery rate Number of recovery points
1 to 30 days 100% +4.2 points per hour
31-60 days 50% +2.1 points per hour
61 days – 10% +0.42 points per hour

This means that the older they get, the fewer and fewer times they can participate in the game.

Therefore, it is necessary to breed regularly to bring new horses into the world. This is a game that requires strategy in this area.

Special Offers

GuildQB sometimes offers horse giveaways.

SPEEDSTAR JAPAN× Guild QB collaboration campaign

#SPEEDSTAR Release Commemoration!
1000 $speed to 3 winners!

*We may have more give-aways by volunteers.

Conditions for participation
1) RT this tweet


Follow @SpeedStarGame
Follow @SpeedStarGame

SpeedStar: 4 types of professions

There are four different game professions.

  1. Breeder: responsible for breeding horses
  2. Jockey: Rides horses in races
  3. Trainer: in charge of training horses
  4. Therapist: in charge of restoring the horse’s strength

Like these players, you can build your career by training.

The more experience gained through training, the higher the skills for each profession, including the ability to train and care for horses.

Like the horse, the player has a set physical strength, so there is a limit to the number of training sessions performed in a day.

Instead, players do not have a level system but are assigned a specialty for each occupation.

Players accumulate experience and hire by ranchers to manage and care for their horses and receive rewards for their efforts.

SpeedStar: Three Tokens

There are three primary tokens in SpeedStar.

There are more than one or two tokens in traditional GameFi, such as Axie, and the system is more complex.


  • Maximum supply: 300,000,000 JOC
  • Use Case: These tokens mainly use for character upgrades and character health recovery.
  • How to earn: You are supposed to get it by working in the four professions as a player. It can also still acquire through liquidity supply.


  • Maximum supply: Unlimited
  • Use Case: It is the primary in-game currency. It finds in various in-game activities such as ranch development, land expansion, horse breeding, etc.
  • How to earn: It can be made in various ways, such as by training horses and participating in races to earn rewards or by breeding and selling them.


  • Maximum supply: 30,000,000 STARs
  • Use Case: It is mainly used as a governor’s token. Other uses include horse staking, additional pasture plots, and the marketplace.
  • How to earn: Mainly by participating in races and tournaments.

The distribution is shown in the image below.

Material tokens can also be earned in wild horse runs (explained in the next chapter).

SpeedStar: 2 game modes

SpeedStar has two main game modes.

  1. Wild Horse Run
  2. Tournament

Wild Horse Run

This is the so-called “expedition mode.”
Horses can be expedited from a period of 1 day to a maximum of 30 days.

The horses lock for this period, but you can earn rewards at the end.

The longer the period, the more bonuses you will receive, and the longer you leave your horse with us, the more items you will receive.

There are two main types of rewards that can be earned here.

Material tokens (95% drop rate)are used as materials for constructing buildings. New buildings can be built by purchasing facility blueprints and collecting the necessary material tokens.
Wild horses (5% drop rate)Wild horses may appear from ordinary to the rarest exotic.


Two main types of tournaments will be held.

Two tournaments

  1. Seasonal Races
  2. World Grand Prix

①Seasonal races

This will be held once every three months and will be seasonal. Here, the top 1000 riders and horses get rewards.

The funds saved in the pool distribute from the market commission profits.

② World Grand Prix

The World Grand Prix will not be held for a while yet, but it is an attractive game where only one winner is selected, and the rewards are very high.

Road Map

The management sets Star’s development plan from 2021 to 2022, and the roadmap will decide by community vote from 2023 onwards.

2022 Q1

  • Launch of SpeedStar
  • Website
  • White paper published
  • Genesis Sale of 10,000 origin horses
  • The initial pool of JOC, $SPEED, and $STAR
  • Various staking
  • etc.

2022 Q2

  • Marketplace
  • Facilities
  • Materials
  • Wild Horse Run Mode
  • Blueprints
  • Player Training Mode
  • Mastery System
  • Launch of DEX
  • Launch of Chicky Star (new StarVerse project)

2022 Q3

  • Racecourse
  • Land sales
  • Tournaments
  • Game results API release
  • In-Game Gambling ($SPEED only)

Q4 2022

  • Speedster World Grand Prix
  • Worker Star Launch (new StarVerse project)
  • Roadmap 2023 Voting (for $STAR holders)

*If you have “questions” about the project, or if you have questions you’d like to ask, please join us on the GuildQB Discord!

Ask a question on GuildQB

SpeedStar Details

Official website:
White paper:

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