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10 Minute Guide to Defina: A Thorough Explanation of Defina, a New Question You May Not Have Heard Before

Jun 23, 2022

Defina Finance is a nurturing RPG online blockchain game utilizing DeFi and NFT.

Features of Defina

  1. Online blockchain game utilizing decentralized finance (Defi) and NFT
  2. Powerful battle animation
  3. You can earn money by training your characters.

The gameplay is a nurturing RPG

You can enjoy powerful 3D battle scenes.

The Defina team’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players so that they can explore new forms of gaming with blockchain technology.

How much does it cost to get started?

Cheap teams: $250-$500
Fighting team: $1000-2000
Top ranking: about $7000

How much can I earn?

1,000 to 5,000 yen per day
*After the completion of character development
*Changes depending on the rarity of the heroes you own.

Let’s take a look at how actually to get started.

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Table of Contents

How to start Defina
Game Modes and How to Play
How to deposit and withdraw tokens
About Heroes
How to enhance your heroes and types of enhancements
Items you can earn in the game
Future Roadmap
Defina Details

How to start Defina

The steps to start Defina are as follows. Each one explains in detail with images.

  1. Purchase $FINA to use to purchase NFTs
  2. Purchase Hero NFTs or Mystery Boxes
  3. Create a game account & game wallet
  4. Transfer $FINA and Hero from your wallet to your game wallet
  5. Download the game
  6. Play the game and earn $FINA

1. purchase $FINA to use to purchase NFTs

1. connect your wallet

Go to DefinaFinance and click on “Connect Wallet.”

A MetaMask account compatible with BSC is required.

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2. buy $FINA

From My Account, click on “Buy FINA.”

3. Connect your wallet with PancakeSwap

Once in PancakeSwap, import FINA tokens on the Swap screen.

Contract address

4. Enter the token and the amount, and click Swap.

5. Click “Confirm Swap.

If $FINA has been purchased, it will be reflected in your wallet balance on the website.

6. [Supplementary information] How to display $FINA in the Metamask wallet

First, click on Import Tokens.

FINA contract address 0x426c72701833fdDBdFc06c944737C6031645c708

Enter the above contract address and click Add Custom Token.

This completes the process.

② Purchase Hero NFTs or Mystery Boxes

You must have at least 4 Hero NFTs to play Defina.

*You cannot use the same heroes in your team.

Heroes can be purchased in the Marketplace on the website.

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(3) Create a game account & game wallet

1. Connect your MetaMask Wallet to the official Defina website and create an account.

2. After creating your account, you will receive an authorization code to your registered email.

(4) Transfer $FINA and heroes from your wallet to your game wallet

1. Click DepositFINA to deposit tokens to your game account

2. Put the amount you want to transfer into your game account and click “Approve” then “Confirm

3. Select your hero in <My Wallet> and click “Approve” and “Transfer

You are now ready to play Defina.

(5) How to download the game

1. Access Defina (

2. select the device you wish to play on

3. [For Windows or Mac] Download Chainge.exe

For Android, download the APK file from the website.
For iOS, you will need to download Testflight from the iOS Store.

Testflight Invitation Link:

(6) Play the game and win $FINA

Thanks for your time; we have looked at the following steps to get started with Defina.

  1. Buy $FINA to use to purchase NFTs
  2. Purchase Hero NFTs or Mystery Boxes
  3. Create a game account & game wallet
  4. Transfer $FINA and Hero from your wallet to your game wallet
  5. Download the game
  6. The next step is actually to play the game and earn $FINA.

We are now at the stage of playing the actual game and earning $ FINA.

Starting Here:

Game Strategy Information

  • Game modes and how to play
  • Heroes and how to strengthen them
  • Items you can earn in the game
  • $FINA tokens and how to make them

We will look at the following in detail.

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“Game Modes and How to Play

Stamina System

Stamina must participate in Adventure Mode (PVE) and Arena Mode (PVP) matches. One Stamina consumes for each battle.

Stamina will not be reduced if you defeat in a PVE battle or PVP Arena Challenge. Life will be reset daily at 9:00 am.

The amount of Stamina depends on the amount of NFT Hero Cards you have in your account (see table below).

Number of NFT cards held Stamina
4-7 cards 20
8-16 cards 40
17 cards 60

Adventure Mode (PVE)

Players team up with four heroes in Adventure Mode to unlock different chapters.

Enemies become more robust as they are unlocked, but the experience and FINA gained also increase.

Also, in Adventure Mode, stamina is not consumed even if a player defeats in battle.

How to play Adventure Mode

1. press “Adventure” on the main menu

2. select an area you have unlocked.

Areas marked with a key are locked. You will not be able to access it until you finish the last level in that area.

3. Create a formation before starting the battle

Create a team to go out and start the battle.

After a successful 3-star battle, you can use the Quick Battle feature to skip the battle scene, claim your reward, and gain EXP.

The quick battle is a convenient feature that can be used for leveling.

Vrykos Tower Mode (PVE)

Vrykos Tower is a Player-Versus-Environment (PVE) based game mode.

Players are given random bounty quests and reward for completing them.

Two types of quests

  1. Normal Quests
  2. Emergency Quests

(1) Normal Quest

FINA is required to start a bounty quest, and the entrance fee for bounty quests is non-refundable.

❗” in the lower-left corner of the screen is the Assign Level. It reflects the amount of Bounty EXP earned.

The higher the Assign Level, the more likely you will find a higher level bounty each time you refresh the system.

Assignment Level and EXP Increase/Decrease.

EXP also decreases daily when the Assignment Level exceeds a certain level. The group will reduce if EXP is insufficient at the current assignment level.

If you have not reached the required Assign Level to cause a decrease in EXP, the EXP decrease will stop.
Addition of quest slots (applicable only to regular VT):
Players initially have one quest slot. Adding a quest slot requires $FINA.

Changes the current bounty lineup. Bounty ranks will be more substantial in the following order: G, F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

When you select a bounty, the following items will be displayed.

Each bounty has its duration, entry fee, and several heroes required.

How to play Vrykos Tower
1. Click on Vrykos Tower under Heroes on the dashboard.

2. Select the bounty quest of your choice and Assign

Up to 10 Vrykos Quests per account.
Refresh is unlimited. Once you hit a certain amount of refresh, a guaranteed bounty rank of S or higher will appear.

3. Specify the heroes you want to send on the bounty.
For quests with fewer than four heroes, you can add additional heroes to increase the success rate.

After the specified time has elapsed, you will receive a bounty.
If you fail the bounty, you will not receive any reward.

Emergency Vrico Quest

Emergency Vricos Quests (also known as Vricos V2) are special quests randomly generated by players playing Defina regularly.

Players must defeat Vrikkos wherever they go, and if they defeat Boss Vrikkos, they will complete the quest. Depending on the investigation, players may encounter merchants who offer discounts on valuables during their search.

FINA is required to accept emergency quests.

Mining Mode – PVP Yield Farming

To mine FINA, mining pools must be controlled and occupied. Players can enter different types of mining pools, depending on how high the hero grade of their team is.

The higher-level mining pools generate more FINA per minute. Successful control of a mining pool guarantees the acquisition of a shield.

The first six attacks in a mining pool do not consume stamina.

Mining pool rewards can be changed at any time. It depends on the number of players playing the game.
The higher the rare heroes you have, the higher the mining rate of interest.

How to play Mining Mode

1. press Mining on the main menu, then press Scout.

You will then see a screen like this.

Click the Scout button to select the rarity of the mining pool you wish to mine.

2. select an available mining pool

Mining poolFeature
Mining pool circled in the yellow・NPC-owned mining pool
・No players have invaded this pool yet
Mining pool circled in green・Mining pool owned by a player that can be conquered.
・Another player owns this mining pool.
Mining pools circled in red・Shielded player mining pools
・You cannot attack a mining pool that shields.

You can only fight against mining pools owned by NPCs and unshielded player mining pools to own a mining pool.

3. Click on the mining pool you wish to attack

You will see information about the enemy, such as their occupation time and unmined FINA.

It takes four heroes to conquer. The attacking team will automatically defend the pool if you win the battle. However, it can no longer be used to attack other collections.

What you can do in a conquered mining pool is as follows:

3. Add a shield to the mining pool

Adding a shield to a mining pool allows for uninterrupted FINA mining.

Select and use a shield from <Protect>; you can purchase ten shields per week for 8 hours. Prices start at $0.1 and increase with each purchase.

When you occupy a mining pool for the first time, you can stack another shield from your bag once on the auto shield.

4. Increase your mining volume by betting FINA

Staking FINA in the mining pool increases the FINA yield per minute. Below is an example of a mining pool revenue chart.

The maximum output of the mining pool is fixed.

Players can stay in the mining pool when the maximum reach, but their income decreases.

It resets when the player withdraws and invades another mining pool.

5. Mining pool harvesting

FINA cannot harvest if the occupation time is less than 3 hours.
Also, harvesting FINA does not result in the loss of the mining pool.

6. Retreat of Heroes

Heroes can be withdrawn from the mining pool.

Upon withdrawal, FINA production stops, and the system automatically harvests the FINA produced in the mining pool.

If the occupation time is less than 3 hours, Only 50% of the unharvested FINA is acquired.
If the occupation time is more than 3 hours, 100% of the un-harvested FINA is acquired.
What happens if I lose my mining pool?

If another player conquers the mining pool, the player loses 10% of their unmined FINA. The winning player gains 5% of the unmined FINA. The remaining 5% will donate to the Arena Rank Reward Pool.

Arena Mode – PVP

Seasonal arena mode; each season runs for seven days.

The first time you join an arena, your score rate is 1,000.

When you join a challenge, you will be matched with an opponent with a similar Score.

To be matched, an attacking team and a defending team form.

The attacking and defending teams can use different heroes and positions depending on the player’s strategy.

Players must manually search for matches in attack mode—stamina consumers during attack play. In Arena mode, no energy consumes if a player loses a game.

When matched by the system, the defense team automatically fights other players but does not consume stamina. Heroes can be the same composition for both attackers and defenders.

If you finish in the top 300 of the Arena Rank, you will receive a ranking reward.

Rank Reward Amount
1st place: 5% of the reward pool
2nd Place 3.6% of Reward Pool
3rd Place 2.8% of Rewards Pool
4th Place 2.4% of Rewards Pool
5th Place 2% of Rewards Pool
6~8th 1.6% of Rewards Pool
9th 1.5% of Rewards Pool
10th 1.4% of the Rewards Pool
11~15th 1.3% of Rewards Pool
16th 1.2% of Rewards Pool
17th 1.1% of Rewards Pool
18th 1% of the Rewards Pool
19th 0.9% of Rewards Pool
20th 0.8% of Rewards Pool
21~30th 0.7% of Rewards Pool
31st~40th 0.6% of Rewards Pool
41st~50th 0.5% of Rewards Pool
51st~70th 0.4% of Rewards Pool
71st~150th 0.3% of Rewards Pool
151st~300th 0.1% of the Rewards Pool

The Reward Pool is a cumulative reward calculated based on the daily number of players and 5% of the unmined FINA lost by defeated players to fund the pool.

The current prize pool guideline for first place is about $300. This holds weekly.

If we get more people into Defina in the future, the rewards could be even tastier. (Because the pool's tips will increase)

Automatic Mining Mode

Another mining mode exists in Defina.

With the auto-mining feature, players earn Mystic Points. A minimum amount of FINA must stak to start earning Mystic Points.

What are Mystic Points?

Points that are mined by the auto-mining function.
Once these points accumulate, they can be exchanged for Mystic Chests.

What is a Mystic Chest?

Mystic chests are boxes that contain various items.

They can be purchased in the in-game marketplace or with Mystic Points.

Mystic chests contain mystery boxes.

How to accumulate Mystic Points

1. Select “Auto Mining” from the main menu

2. Hire an automatic miner to mine Mystic Points

3. Select the FINA you wish to bet on.

Players who bet FINA are immediately rewarded with Mystic Points.

The auto-mining machine also produces Mystic Points daily. Players must log in daily to earn Mystic Point rewards.

The minimum wager required for auto-mining is 500 FINA, which will increase.
Once the auto-mining feature starts, it cannot be stopped.

4. Exchange for Mystic Chest

Two types of Mystic Chests are available in the auto-mining mode.

Discounted Mystic Chests The entire server is limited to the number of chests purchased per day and is refreshed every morning at 9:00 am.

Regular Mystic Chests
These are regular-priced Mystic Chests. Players may redeem them an unlimited number of times at any time.

Mystic Shards can also be used to increase the level of the chest.

The higher the level of the chest, the higher the drop rate of Mystic Shards and Mystic Chests.

Daily Quest

Daily Tasks

Complete daily tasks to earn additional FINA, EXP potions, and mining protection shields.

  • Win 2 Arena Battles
  • Win 4 Arena Battles
  • Win 5 adventures
  • Win 10 adventures
  • Successfully occupied a mining pool three times
  • Completed the Bricos Quest twice

Complete all daily tasks and receive an additional $FINA bonus.

Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks provide more FINA and a more extended mining protection shield.
The Weekly Tasks are listed below.

  • Occupy mining pool for 10 hours with staked FINA
  • Occupy mining pool for 20 hours with staked FINA

Additional $FINA bonuses will award for completing all Weekly Tasks.

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How to deposit and withdraw tokens

When you play GameFi, your biggest concern is how to go to work with the rewards you get.

Here is a detailed look at the withdrawal rules for NFT and $FINA.


BSC Wallet -> Game Wallet ・Available anytime
Game Wallet -> BSC Wallet ・Withdrawals are possible 24 hours after NFTs deposit into the game wallet

*If you see a high gas price (e.g., 0.4 BNB) at the withdrawal time, do not process the withdrawal. It will not be processed, and no refund will be made

Game Wallet -> Another Game Wallet ・Hero’s EXP total was reduced by 20%.


BSC Wallet -> Game Wallet ・Possible at any time
Game Wallet -> BSC Wallet ・1 FINA (non-refundable) processing fee per withdrawal transaction

See below for details:
It can take up to 4 hours to reflect.

Let’s look at the $FINA withdrawal restrictions in more detail.

FINA Withdrawal Restrictions

  • Once you have won $FINA in a game, you can only withdraw up to 70% of it for 15 days (see chart below).
  • Withdrawals prioritize by the $FINA deposited by the user over the $FINA won in the games.
  • All withdrawals are subject to a processing fee of 1 FINA.
  • A 72-hour withdrawal cool-down period applies if FINA has been earned at the time of the withdrawal request

FINA earned are processed in batches and may take up to 4 hours to appear in your BSC wallet.

In-game FINA cannot be transferred to other in-game accounts or withdrawn to a wallet address other than the one you registered with.

This has been not easy to explain, but here is the conclusion.

The most efficient way to withdraw FINA earned in-game is after 15 days.


FINA is a BEP-20 governance and utility token for the Defina Metaverse ecosystem.

The maximum supply of 100,000,000 (one hundred million) tokens.

FINA has multiple use cases and plays a vital role in gaming and community governance.

How to earn FINA

  • Win an Adventure
  • Win an Arena Battle
  • Get high ranks on the leaderboard
  • Complete missions in the Vricos Tower mode.
  • Play the in-game Mining Mode
  • Complete daily and weekly quests
  • Level up and strengthen your heroes and sell them in the Marketplace

There are many ways to earn FINA, such as

FINA Consumption Content

In the Defina metaverse ecosystem, $FINA uses as currency for the following.

  • You are buying Mystery Boxes and casting (minting) your heroes.
  • Buying and selling NFTs through the market
  • Purchase in-game assets
  • Enhancing your heroes
  • Steaking through the mining pool (staking increases the interest rate)

Although there is no bleed function, there are many ways to spend tokens, as in-game assets must be purchased to train heroes effectively.


The Defina team is adopting a governance system that will make $FINA Finance a decentralized, autonomous organization.

Therefore $FINA will be the governance token for the community to vote on proposals.

Recycling and burning of FINA tokens

1. mystery box sales + 3% secondary market transaction fee

FINA tokens used for mystery boxes and other NFT-related sales and marketplace transaction fees will allocate as follows

60% Gaming reward pool (PVP arena reward pool, mining reward pool)
30% Operations, Marketing, Community Events, Liquidity Pool, Gaming
development, B-round investments
10% Burn

We are in the process of gradually reducing the supply of tokens while also giving back to players.

2. in-game items purchased with Defina

All $FINA tokens spent in-game will be returned to the reward pool. In other words, the more you spend on stamina potions, breakthrough potions, and regeneration crystals (all of which are growth items), the more you contribute to the prosperity of the Defina economy.

3. FINA Processing and Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees first apply to transaction gas fees.

The remaining FINA is then added to the gaming compensation pool. A percentage of the withdrawal fees/taxes are burned to deflate the FINA in the long run. However, these mechanisms are subject to change.

About Heroes

Heroes are one of the (NFTs) that can be earned by casting Mystery Boxes or buying/trading from the Marketplace.

Hero Attributes

Each hero’s NFT has the following attributes.

・There are a total of 5 types of components (wind, water, fire, lightning, earth)

Hero Elements (5 classes)

Hero elements (wind, water, fire, lightning, and earth) are important in skill attacks.

Hero elements and skill attack elements become more powerful when they match.

These can be given any element by strengthening the hero.

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How to Strengthen a Hero and Types of Enhancements

There are three ways to enhance a hero

  • Level Up
  • Resonance
  • Rebirth

Leveling up is the usual way that we will explain Resonance and Rebirth.


Resonance is a system that allows a hero to add elements to their skill attacks by exchanging details from other heroes.

To perform Resonance, two heroes are required.

  • Primary Hero: Hero you want to strengthen
  • Secondary Hero: Hero you wish to use to enhance the Primary Hero

Resonance allows you to replace the elements of the primary hero with those of the secondary hero.

*The secondary hero’s element will have an empty slot.

Applicable skill types

Each hero has four skills: Basic Attack, Skill Attack, Hyper Skill, and Passive Skill.

Select the skill element and swap to the corresponding skill type when using Resonance.

For example, if you select an element for the secondary hero’s basic attack, after Resonance, it will switch to the primary hero’s basic attack. The secondary hero will lose the essential attack element.


Resonance consumes FINA according to the rarity of the main hero; the higher the monster, the more it consumes (SSS>SS>S>A).

Resonance consumption is also affected by the “Resonance Layer”; the higher the Resonance Layer, the more is consumed.

Resonance Layer

The resonance layer is initially 0 and increases by one layer each time a resonance performs. The maximum value of the coating is 5, after which the Resonance can still function, and the FINA cost does not increase.

Resonance layers decay over time, decreasing by one layer every 14 days, and performing a Resonance during this period resets the decay period.

*NFTs are not lost when a Resonance performs performed.


Rebirth can perform to randomly re-grant a hero’s parameters, central element, skill level, and skill elements.

Rebirth does not change you into another hero.

Items that can be acquired in the game


Shields are consumable items used to protect the mining pool in mining mode. A shield can be activated after securing a mining pool to protect it. Once the shield is activated, the team cannot be attacked by other groups while the shield is active.

Rebirth Crystal

The Rebirth Crystal is a consumable used to Rebirth a hero.
Rebirth requires a certain amount of Rebirth Crystals and FINA. Rebirth Crystals can be obtained in PVE Adventure Mode or purchased in FINA.

Experience Potion

Experience potions are consumables and are used to upgrade heroes. When a hero’s experience reaches the maximum level, the EXP potion will automatically pay back the experience.

Soul Fragment Redemption

Soul Fragment Redemption is a consumable that reduces a hero’s soul fragments.

Resonance Layer Redemption

Resonance Layer Redemption is a consumable that reduces a hero’s Resonance Layer.

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chests are time-limited consumables that drop when playing Adventure Mode. They contain various items such as resurrection crystals, breakthrough potions, stamina potions, and shields. You must wait a specific number of days before the treasure chest is unlocked. Higher-level treasure chests contain rarer rewards.
Mystery box consumables and name change cards do not drop.

Breakthrough Potion

Breakthrough Potion is a consumable that allows hero NFTs to level up once they reach a certain level.
They can be obtained by opening treasure chests, Vricos Tower missions, or purchasing them in the Marketplace.

Mystery Box Consumables

Mystery Box consumables are items that allow players to receive mystery boxes. Mystery Box tickets require ten mystery box pieces. Mystery Box tickets must be claimed in-game, and players will have to visit the official website to claim their Mystery Boxes in the chain.
They are only available via Mystic Chest.

Left: Mystery Box fragment Right: Mystery Box fragment Mystery Box Ticket.

Stamina Potion

Stamina Potion is a consumable that can increase a player’s stamina by 5 per session.

Name change card

This is consumable that allows the user to change their username only once. User IDs cannot be changed.

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Future Roadmap

Phase 3

  • ✅Marketplace launch Staking pool launch
  • ✅Fan art competition (English version only)
  • ✅Open Beta begins [3 game modes: Adventure, Arena, Mining].
  • ✅Designed new game modes [Tower Challenge, Squid Game
  • The official game launch [Adventure, Arena, Mining, Tower Challenge].

Phase 4

  • Phase 4 Squid Game Mode Update
  • Commander NFT sales
  • Weapon system design
  • Metaverse and land system design
  • Introduction of new heroes
  • Differina Land Sale
  • Special Events
  • Defina Merchant Store

Phase 5

  • Guild System Design
  • 1st Esports Official Competition
  • 1st Official Esports Team Competition
  • Introduction of NFT skin
  • Metaverse Land System Release

Phase 6

  • Community Governance
  • Ongoing game design and events

The roadmap above is a general guide for how the team will develop the project. It is subject to change based on market and community feedback and circumstances.

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Defina Details

Official website:

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