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10-Minute Guide to Crabada: A Thorough Explanation of Crabada

Jun 18, 2022

Crabada is currently the most popular GameFi on Avalanche.

Crabada Features

  1. Avalance’s largest game-fi and the most gas-priced game on Avalance-chain, ranked 4th in TVL (total volume)
  2. Sales volume 2.6M in the last 24 hours
  3. New battle mode implemented (mid to late April), Low gas cost + TX speed expected pending subnet implementation
How much is the starting cost?Approx. $4000~$6000 (price varies depending on TUS price)
How long will it take to recover the original cost?Maintaining a high win rate (about 60%) while looting 24 hours a day will take about a month or less. If you only mine once every 4 hours (mining with a 30% win rate and losing all the games), it will take less than three months.

Game modes describe in detail below.

In this article:

  • How to get started with Crabada
  • How to play
  • Recommended Crabada (NFT)
  • Upcoming noteworthy updates
  • and more.

Please read to the end.

Crabada latest Information

Method of breeding can be readjusted in Cabrada [with consideration to $CRA utility]

[Crabada] Abolishment of Avalanche C-Chain’s idol game and marketplace core functions

[Crabada] Started migration to swimer network (subnet)

Official Launching of Swimmer network mainnet

How to start Crabada

There are five main steps to getting started with Crabada.

  1. Prepare an Avalance wallet.
  2. Purchase $TUS to buy NFTs
  3. Purchase the CRABADA of your choice
  4. Connect your Wallet to the site and transfer CRABADA
  5. Play and earn $TUS/$CRA

(1) Prepare an Avalance-compatible wallet

*First, you will need a MetaMask that is compatible with Avalanche.

Please refer to the following article to create one if you do not have one yet.

Related article How to add Avalanche (AVAX) chain to MetaMask .

(2) Buy $TUS to use to purchase NF

Exchange $AVAX for $CRA or $TUS at TraderJoe.

Go to TraderJoe (

*Make sure you have the correct address.

Follow the instructions and tutorial provided by TraderJoe below to trade.

(3) Purchase the CRABADA of your choice.

Go to the CRABADA Marketplace and click on “Connect Wallet.”

Purchase 3 CRABADA (crabs) with the $TUS you just purchased.

(4) Connect Wallet to the site and Transfer Crabada.

*Crabada must be transferred from the Marketplace to the game before being used for any of the game features. The reverse is also true.

Go to

Go to at the bottom of the screen.

*Bookmark it, and always make sure the URL is correct!

[Select Connect Wallet and sign in with your Metamask account

*Make sure you connect to Avalanche RPC.

Select “Inventory” to view available Crabada

Select [Transfer] and select the Crabada you wish to transfer to your game

Select [Transfer], and a pop-up window will appear saying, “Success!

(5) Play and earn $TUS/$CRA

Now you are ready to start the game. All that remains is actually to play the game and earn your reward.

From here on,

  • Game Overview
  • How to play the game
  • Which of the first three bodies do you want? Crab Faction Advantage Guide
  • Battle Mode (not yet implemented) parts list and next update
  • Roadmap

We will look at the following information.

Game Overview

CRABADA is a GameFi that primarily uses teams of three crabs (cravada) to earn the in-game currency TUS.

There are currently two modes of play as of 3/24.

Two game modes

  • Idle Game: Mining for rewards by staking three crabs (cravada)
  • Routing: Looting to get tips for looting idle game rewards.

Strictly speaking, there is another game mode in which you can earn rewards by lending crabs as mercenaries. This can be played without having all three crabs.

Idle game (Mining)

Duration Reward Win Percentage
4 hours 3.75 CRA
30~40% win rate
Reward 1/3 if you fail.

Check WP as it changes depending on the season.

Looting Mission (Looting)

Looting missions are a higher risk game mode than mining.

Therefore, a small reward pays regardless of the outcome of the mission.

Looters earn a small bounty of 0.3 CRA and 24.3 TUS for each looting mission they participate in.

A successful loot mission can take 65% of the mining crew’s reward, 2.4375 CRA, and 197.4375 TUS.

The mining side earns 100% when they win and 33% when they lose.
The looting side gets a 67% reward for winning and a sparrow’s eye for losing
and the looting mission is a gambling game!

How to play the game

Organizing Teams

[Select “Manage Teams” and add Crabadas to the available teams listed.

Select the [Add] button, select 3 Crabadas, and click [OK] to form a team

Mining Expedition

your Crabada team is ready, select it in the dashboard or explore it in the left panel to view mine.

View Mine

[Under the Active Mines tab, select Start Mining Expedition

Select the team you want to send on a Mining (Mining) Expedition, and it will automatically start.

Looting Mission (Looting Mission)

The actual playing procedure is as follows.

  • Select [Attack] under [Start Looting] to view the mines available for looting
  • Select the team you wish to use to loot the mine
  • Pass the CAPTCHA (this is where you have to be fast)
  • After passing the CAPTCHA challenge, confirm the transaction in MetaMask
  • Once the TX successfully completes, the looting begin

You must do a CAPTCHA and show that you are not a bot to play the game. The rules for doing so are listed here if you need to know.

CAPTCHA Guide (Anti-Bot)

  • To start a looting mission, you must complete the CAPTCHA before other players.
  • If you fail the CAPTCHA, you will not receive a transaction to loop.
  • Looting transactions are sent only to the first player who passes the CAPTCHA and confirms.
  • If you are the first player to pass the CAPTCHA successfully and the loot transaction is sent to you, but you choose to decline it, you can still resend the transaction by clicking the “Resend” button under Manage Team>[Team Selected].
  • Resend Window=10 minutes after passing the CAPTCHA.
  • If you do not resend (Resend) within 10 minutes of passing the CAPTCHA, your team will lock out of both mining and looting for 20 minutes.

For more information, visit WP.

Which of the first three? Crab Faction Advantage Guide

There are six different factions in CRABADA.

Each attribute has its characteristics and affinities that expect to become more critical in the future.

However, in conclusion.

*We haven’t even started the main game yet, so at the moment, any team is OK!

Let’s look at the elements of what we currently know.

How team faction representation is determined

The majority of the three clavadas determine a team’s faction.

  • ORE | ORE | ORE=> Factional Expression = ORE
  • ORE | ORE | LUX=> Factional Expression=ORE
  • ORE | Machine| LUX=>No Faction Representation

Impact of Faction Attributes on Gameplay

As indicated above, different factions have advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Significantly, if the factions are incompatible, the battle points (BP) will be reduced by 7%. (see image above)


  • If the team represented by LUX faces an ORE/FAERIE team = ORE/FAERIE team BP will be reduced by 7
  • If the ABYSS team faces the TRENCH/MACHINE team = the TRENCH/MACHINE team’s BP decreases by 7%.

If a team does not have a faction representative

Teams without faction representation will have their BP reduced by 3% when attacking or attacked by another group with faction representation. The image is a 3% disadvantage.

The faction advantage only applies to the team’s first three cravadas. It is not affected by the two clavadas from reinforcements.

Now that we have looked at factions, as I mentioned earlier.

We haven’t even started the full game yet, so as of now, any team will do!

*Take a look at this “Crab Faction Distribution Status” graph and play with whichever faction you prefer!

List of Battle Mode (not yet implemented) parts and next update

The first release of the Battle Game will be released on the SwimmerNetwork (subnet) in the third week of April (between April 18 and 22, 2022). The subnet (SwimmerNetwork) implementation has been postponed to early May.

*The information I am about to write is current as of 03/25/2022. Please check the GuildQB discord or my tweets for updates!

Bonus stats from body parts belonging to the same class will continue to apply.

Crabada Skills.

A complete set of pincer/claw and associated pincer skills will officially list within the next few weeks.

Even in the absence of base stats, eyes provide additional expected effects in buffs to the cravada itself or debuffs to the enemy.

Examples of buffs

  • Increased attack power
  • Immunity (prevents debuffs)
  • Invincibility (does not take damage)
  • Healing (restores HP)
  • Shield (adds a shield to HP)

Examples of debuffs

  • Reduced attacks (perhaps fewer attacks?)
  • Weakness (additional damage each turn)
  • Unhealable (prevents healing)
  • Poison (DOT damage effect)
  • Stunned (causes next turn to be skipped)

Faction (faction bonus)

As explained in the previous section on choosing a clavada, the damage varies depending on the faction.

Example: ORGANIC attacks Crabada from ORE or ABYSS, damage increases.

Level System

A system will be added to raise the ability level of the Crabada.

Even if I have a weak Crabada, will I be able to fight if I raise its level?

The following is a breakdown of how the Crabada Level System works.

How the Level System Works

  • Cravada levels can be upgraded with crystal shells (a new drop from Adventure Mode)
  • Upgrades at certain levels (levels 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.) require $TUS
  • Clavada level determines the upper limit of each clavada’s status
  • Clavada levels are limited by the player’s level, with the current hard cap at level 99

Leveling up does not permanently increase the status of a clavada.

Crabada level increases its status and helps define the status cap when the Crabada is fighting at full power.

An example of how levels affect Crabada is stats:

  • Level 1: HP = 100
  • Level 2: HP = 110
  • Level 3: HP = 130

Adding a Hunger System (Hunger System)

The hunger system has been introduced in the battle game, and the hunger level affects the level of efficiency of the Crabada.

As Cravada participates in the battle, the hunger bar gradually drains. For Cravada to fight at its optimum power, it must be fed.

How the Hunger System Works

  • Food can be created by combining five materials (new drops from special mining zones)
  • When a Cravada levels up, the hanger bar automatically returns to maximum
  • Food cannot be sold or given away in the first release of Battle Games

The hanger system.

[Example] If Crabada is level 12 and the Hunger Bar is only 20% full
Efficiency] Crabada fights at level 3 level efficiency (rounded up to the nearest whole number)
Calculation] 20% * 12 = 2.42.4 / rounded up to the nearest whole number = 3

Add a scalar system!

Discipleships (also widely known as the Scalar System) aims to introduce new players to the exciting Cravada Kingdom and invite them to participate in the thriving Cravada ecosystem.

Discipleships will be seamlessly integrated using a sub-account system.

A summary follows!

[Summary] Scalar System

  • The Scalar system is only available in battle games
  • Apprentice accounts (scalar accounts) access through the Marketplace
  • $CRAM used to create new apprentice accounts
  • Each apprentice account starts with nine default Crabada slots
  • The number of Crabada slots for an apprentice account can increase by spending $CRAM
  • Apprentices must transfer their Cravada to their apprentice account to play the game


Q4 2021

Idle Games (November 2021)

Players form teams of 3 Crabada and play in 2 game modes to earn CRA and TUS.

  • Marketplace (November 2021)
  • Breeding (November 2021)
  • Idle Game Mode: Mining Expedition (November 2021)
  • Idle Game Mode: Looting Mission (November 2021)
  • Battle Game Prototype (November 2021)

Mobile light version and staking (December 2021)

Mobile light version for the idle game and staking released.

  • Mobile light version
  • Staking (CRAM

Q1 2022

  • The initial release of the battle game (March 2022)
  • Cross-platform (mobile)
  • PVE Campaign
  • Main Quests
  • Daily Quests
  • Monthly Quests
  • Player Level
  • Cravada Level
  • Integrate L2/private chain

Q2 2022

Battle Game Content and Improvements

  • PVP-Matchmaking (ELO-based)
  • PVE-Tower map (bonus rewards)
  • Global ranking (campaign progress, ELO, player level)

Planned Cravada LAND sales

  • LAND Marketplace

Q4 2022

Battle Game Content and Improvements

  • PVP Tournaments
  • Additional map content

Crabada Details


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