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7 Blockchain Gaming Guilds in Japan!

May 17, 2022

With the rise of AxieInfinity, Play to Earn has garnered a great deal of attention. In developing countries such as Southeast Asia, some people play Axie to earn a living.

However, to earn money from BCG, there is often a need to purchase expensive NFTs. Therefore, they cannot buy with wages in developing countries.

This is where the “Blockchain Gaming Guild” comes in.

The guild receives a certain percentage of income by lending NFTs to those who cannot afford them. There are also various ways to enjoy the game, such as cooperating within the guild to complete games or jointly purchasing expensive NFTs.

Guilds have attracted so much attention that YGG, which has the most significant number of users globally, has raised $4.6M from Andreessen Horowitz and others.

And in Japan, various guilds have appeared this year.

GuildQB, which runs this media outlet, is one of them.

We have compiled a list of prominent domestic gaming guilds in this article. Please take a look!


Guild QB is one of the most prominent gaming guilds from Japan.

It aims to create an ecosystem where people with various characteristics such as game players, investors, and researchers can come together and create synergy.

GuildQB is already a tournament sponsor of AxieInfinity and a partner of Draco, with more partnerships to come.

GuildQB also has several professional gamers on its staff. We also operate ScholarsLab, a collection of gamers, know-how, and strategy information.

We are creating an environment where people can enjoy playing while learning, whether they are new to GameFi or have already had some experience with it.

GuildQB will continue to expand its ecosystem beyond the gaming guilds with scholarships, tool development, and future connections to the Metaverse.

Twitter (Japanese):
Twitter (English):

YGG Japan

YGG Japan aims to lead Japanese gamers beyond “Play to Earn” to a world of “Play and Earn.”

Japan is one of the world’s leading content powers, and through media such as manga, anime, and games, the country owns many IPs by global standards, and new IPs create every day.

Many development studios create world-class games. YGG Japan will provide an environment to deliver games using Japanese IP and original blockchain games to worldwide users.

Guilds, and the gaming community, are essential to enjoying blockchain games.

Therefore, we will expand the guild network by strengthening the scholarship system, guild management tools, and various game-related incentive programs to create more vibrant guilds.

We will scale up the blockchain game market in Japan through these activities and realize a new world where games are a part of daily life.


Yield Farming Lab (YFL)

Yield Farming Lab (YFL) is a community of volunteers aiming to be “the most friendly crypto asset community in Japan”!

We have regular online gatherings such as YFL-online art and offline conferences such as Crypto field. We also have offline salons such as Cryptofield, making us one of Japan’s largest crypto asset communities.

We have a place where we can discuss the most popular games on individual channels, which makes it easy to have discussions and help each other out if you have any problems.

Our main activity is not as a scalar, but we recommend it to those who want to learn and investigate the game system and Tokenomics well.
The location of the activity will be on Discord.

For people like this:
Those who want to learn the basics of crypto assets from now on. Also, if you’re going to study each game in more detail and specialize, this is the best place for you!

YFL Owner:

NFT Gamer Japan

NGJ (NFT Gamer Japan) is a Japanese Discord community dedicated to blockchain games.

NGJ operats as a “communication platform for blockchain games and NFT information in Japanese. Game players gather and interact with each other daily.



LGG (LCA GAME GUILD) is a Japanese game guild launched in 2019.

We have developed our tools for analyzing the GameFi market and diagnosing the economic zone for each game. We have been an early participant in games such as “Axie Infinity” and “STEPN,” where token economic zones worked. We have analyzed the common elements of hit titles while achieving high profitability.

We have published the results of our analysis in our media to ensure that users do not suffer financial losses from GameFi, and have received many instructions to do so.

The company has a professional gamer training institute and dominates the top ranks in the “JobTribes” world championships. By deploying its know-how to guild members and actively holding Discord/Twitter utilization courses, the company promotes the formation and healthy growth of a fan community attached to the game.

In addition, as part of our ESG investment, we offer scholarship opportunities to single mothers and have the support of Japanese politicians.


Japan Gaming Guild 

The Japan Gaming Guild (JGG) is a community of serious gamers and crypto asset enthusiasts. 

We cover many blockchain gaming topics and conduct occasional voice-chat gaming sessions of all genres. 

We have partnerships with several crypto-asset communities and aim to be an at-home guild where people can come and go as they please. 

We also offer a unique “scholarship matching” service that connects people who want to borrow and people who wish to borrow game NFTs, and many people have taken advantage of this service. 

Official website: 
Official Discord link:

Makai World 

Makai World started on January 26, 2022, with the concept of “sharing the latest information and risks of BCG and helping each other with all participants. It is a safe and enjoyable community for beginners to advanced users. 

More than 1,000 participants, mainly men and women in their 20s to 40s, are actively exchanging opinions on various BCG topics. 

The most popular BCGs in the community are BOMB CRYPTO and SPEED STAR, but we are always looking for new BCGs together with everyone. 

In addition, we regularly plan giveaways and radio broadcasts within Makai Warudo, and we are constantly upgrading the various possibilities that start with BCGs to create a community that you can enjoy together. 

For those interested in BCG, Makai World is a great place to interact with others. 


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